112 thoughts on “Roman Face?

  1. Timothy Price

    It looks very much how I would imagine Flip Wilson’s “Roman Herman roaming the outskirts of Rome” in Toranto. It’s a very nicely done mural.

          1. Timothy Price

            My mom was a big fan of Flip Wilson and she had all his albums. I started listening to him in the mid-sixties. He’s always been one of my favorite comedians. He was on the edge without getting filthy like so many not funny comedians these days.

          1. Timothy Price

            He was a funny guy. I watched an clip from the Flip Wilson Show where he and George Carlin did the news. Really funny. George Carlin is another long-time favorite.

                  1. Timothy Price

                    One of the skits the Hippy Dippy weatherman says something like “¿qué pasa? or is it Qué in your pasa?” I’m always asking people “¿Qué pasa? K pasta?” and saying things like “K-so, like queso, blah blah… ¡Hasta luego! Pasta lumbego! ¡Hasta mañana! ¡Hasta lambada!” anything I can think of that sound similar to “pasa” and “mañana”

  2. Resa – you have the best way of presenting the murals in your posts by offering us subtle changes in perspective. You bring us close and then allow us to look from afar. You post reminded me of the Stoic emperor, Marcus Aurelius’s thought “Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” Sending many hugs your way.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca!
      I try to express the way I see the image upon arrival.
      I waste no time taking pics. I just go.
      Then when editing for presenting, I do the perspective.
      I also like starting with a wide or full shot, then zeroing on on the focus.
      Very large, busy murals need to be presented differently, again.

    1. Oh, now this is a very different idea/thought.
      It hadn’t come to my mind, at all. I went back and looked, then looked away and then I saw it. I see Elvis. Thank you for this unique interpretation.

            1. Oh… that would be a totally cool outfit! Instead of a sword, net or ax, PBH would have her trail of razor pointed & poison berries.
              Egads, metal breast plate(s) would be cool. xo

                    1. EF it. I’m keeping the last one (4 years old), until the poundemic is over. Then let’s see who laughs last! Lol… who knows what the wind knows. Might as well look cute in the meantime. xoxoxo

                    2. LOL! I made cookies at 1:00am Friday night; chocolate raisin. Norm looks even skinnier, and he ate over half.
                      Did you get the link I sent to the Cheetah interview? It’s published.

  3. Hi Resa, definitely Romanesque. The hair and the lines of the jaw and nose hint at it. This mural has a Roman look and I should know as my father was a Metal Detectorist (think of amateur treasure hunter 😁 ) and he and I found quite a few Roman coins on our searches. We filled around 3 five pound sized ice cream tubs full of the coins – which we donated to our local museum. Amazing images as always, thanks.

    1. You’re the second person to say that. The chin is the same. It does look like David.
      It also looks like others! It’s fab what people are suggesting. TJ said Elvis!
      I see it!

  4. The Whitechapel Whelk

    After years in the boxing ring, my wife tells me I now have a Roman nose. Roamin’ all over my face.

      1. I do recall when we first met asking Shirl if I was her dream come true. Her riposte, “Hardly”. A few buckets of a fine red wine later she changed her mind. Regards, TOF

          1. As you well know, young Resa, a bucket is typically a watertight, vertical cylinder or truncated cone or square, with an open top and a flat bottom, attached to a semi-circular carrying handle called the bail. It is within said bucket that the ‘helpless ones’…and I count myself as one of them…pour in a sufficiency of red plonk to near overflow. Then we quaff the lot. As to where the bucket came from I cannot say. I think it’s older than me. There you have it. Regards, The Boring Old Fool

            1. I adore history, and you sure laid out a bucket full in this comment.
              Suddenly!!!!! I have this vision, of the bucket as a hat! Of course you don’t put it on until all the wine is quaffed from said bucket!

              1. Hats are interesting. I have a Russian fake fur Winter Hunting Trapper Bomber Hat and look a complete idiot in it. The thing is I’ve never hunted, trapped or bombed anything in my life save for my garden catapult as a child. I took out the bathroom window of the house opposite us. Sadly the lady who was enjoying a warm bath at the time screamed in fear yet never realised that I was the cuplrit.

  5. It does look like an ancient Roman, with I looks like a laurel and slightly harsher lines than those of the Greeks. Could also be Mars [God of War, with a helmet]. Whoever it is, it’s a brilliant mural wonderfully captured! Hugs hugs and love! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Agree! I’m smitten with this face. I thought I saw a helmet and laurels. I adore taking pics of street art. Hopefully the vaccinations will speed up, and I’ll be able to roam larger distances in the city than I could last summer.
      I know of 2 giant walls, with tons of art I’d love to see. Norm could drive me out to them. However, I’d need to take public transport part of the way back, or it would be a 7 hour walk. 4 hours was my limit. (pre sprained ankle)

      1. Here’s to more walks, more murals and a healed ankle!!!! 4 hours is already too long!!!!! 🙄
        Love and many hugs and healing slobbery kisses from Hera!

  6. Definitely looks like an ancient Roman. I was going to say maybe even a Greek one but no… definitely has more of the Roman face – a little like David, as mentioned. No matter what, it is a beauty of a mural!

    1. Thank you Michel!

      Yes, we have many great and wonderful street artists in Toronto. I am happy to live here, and that is one of the reasons!
      Be well! ❤

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