O Hálito

O hálito’ means the breath in Portuguese.

The artists address the environmental disasters being perpetuated by humanity.  “The Breath” is a nod to the Amazon Forest fires that, inasmuch as I can, tell rage to this day.

These fires are created to maintain society’s greed for growth. They may irreversibly damage the world’s lungs.

Pics taken by Resa – December 30, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s) – Anya Mielniczek

 w/ Oriah Scott

82 thoughts on “O Hálito

    1. Agree! Sad, and I’m glad the artists are trying to say something. It is in an alley, and much of the world won’t see it. It’s a beautiful work.

    1. Egads! Now, I add that to pictures of the Amazon burning.
      It’s crazy. In 2016, a small city/large town in northern Canada burned down.
      88,000 people fled.
      Buildings destroyed: 3,244
      Burned area: 589,552 hectares (1,456,810 acres).
      Then they tried building back, but a flood came, and the people fled again.
      Glad there’s no global warming!

      1. Timothy Price

        A similar thing happened to our beloved Dixon Apple orchards north of us that had operated for 75 years. They had famous apples they had bread that were wonderful. In 2011 there were major forest fires in the Jemez, followed by destructive floods from the fire baked forest floor that wiped out the the buildings and most of the orchard. The orchards were on lands leased from the state, and the state refused to help the owners of the trees rebuild, so they took some trees and cuttings and moved to Wisconsin, and reestablished Dixon Apple Farm in Wisconsin. They got their first crop of apples in 2019 and brought a semi truckload down to Albuquerque. They sold out in about an hour.

      1. Timothy Price

        The first time a saw the world fire map several years ago I was amazed how much of our earth can be on fire at any given time.

  1. Wow! Another wonderful painting! I am always asking myself, how one is able to do a amazing face expression, on such big pictures. Thank you for sharing, Resa! I hope the weather at your site is fine, and you enjoy the time. Michael

    1. I know, how do they paint such big faces outside on walls?
      I’ve seen artists do it. I thought maybe they use projection, but NO!
      It’s done freehand. They might have a photo, or drawing they made for reference.
      They use ladders and scissor lifts, depending how large it is.
      The artists are amazing!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, Michael!
      The weather is getting better here.
      Hope all is well where you are. Stay safe!

      1. Thats great, Resa! Thank you for the information. What efforts, and what great en joyment for all passing by. Here we are awaiting selftests, and vaccination, means all is OK, like the last half year. 🙂 Have a good week! Michael

    1. It is a sad commentary. Yet, the art is gorgeous.
      The artists lure us in with beauty, then hit us over the head with reality. It’s like before and after a Thunder storm!

        1. Agree! Last year saw more messaging in street art, than for a long time.
          Between BLM, Covid, Environmental issues and more, there has definitely been an uptick in political art.

            1. I know!
              I suppose if no one cared one whit, but many do.
              Hey, even the AGMs are in on it. The last bad guy was Etamilc Egnahc, climate change backwards.

    1. It is very meaningful, to be sure.
      We are living in a stressful moment.
      So, my new pandemic Gravatar says; I can’t live in the past, but I can’t live in the future, yet.

    1. Oprah! Lol! I’d like to see her enjoying the alleys of Toronto. Lol!!
      You are right, Frank! It is a strong and beautiful face & powerful message.
      Take care, you Snowbird, you!

  2. Resa – another profound message that ignites our courage to take on the challenge of “climate change” aka Etamilc! It is easy to forget the peril our world faces if we do not experience the fallout within our area. This from https://unstats.un.org/unsd/envstats/climatechange.cshtml: “Climate change remains one of the most important challenges facing humanity. It affects every country and disrupts national economies and affects lives, costing people, communities and countries significantly today and in the future. In addition, there is also a significant inequity between countries’ emissions and impacts, meaning that often those who contribute to climate change the least, suffer from it the most. People are experiencing the growing impacts of climate change, which include changing weather patterns, rising sea level, and more extreme weather events.”

    We are in this together and we MUST contribute to the solution, however small those actions may be. Thank you again, Resa, for bring this important message forward.

    1. Thank you for the link, Rebecca!
      I was there, and there is no doubt that we are in trouble.
      Yes, Etamilc! I wish I could solve the world’s troubles as easily as I do in my Gowntoons!
      It’s going to take a lot of plastic mesh bags, but build an Art Gown out of them …I WILL!!!

    1. I know, and agree.. might be.
      I met this artist, when she was painting Frida Kahlo on a wall. She is very young, talented and idealistic.
      It’s up to the youth, but how do they pierce the crust of monetary greed’s actions?

  3. This is a stunningly beautiful wall art Resa and as you interpret a message about our state of being and what is going on in our world. It was a breath of fresh air when the very first thing our new president did was to resign the Paris Climate accord. There are those who still put greed before our very existence and the survival of generations. Thank you for posting this beautiful art. xoxoxo

    1. Dear Holly,
      Since I first saw this art, I adored it. Anya does wonderful faces. It wasn’t until I went to post it that I did some research, & found out the message behind it.
      I’m glad the USA is back in the accord.
      Greed will always ef us over.
      We all know the rich get richer, and the rest of us are ……. just that, the rest.
      This is why the arts are critical.
      I can’t afford to go to the ballet, opera or even rock concerts these days (well those days pre Covid), but I can walk for free, and see all this art for free.
      I can make Art Gowns out of trash, draw and create Gowntoons, almost for free.
      Thank goodness for art, and for art with messages.

      1. So true Resa, I am grateful for the artist who are compelled to leave there works on the side of an old building to make the world a beautiful place. And you are the special and rare artist you makes us shine and sparkle with your magic fingers and the cast aways from second hand stores …Suzanne. Love you dear Resa. You are beautiful!xoxo

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