UP Magic – Two

I exit the underpass, leave the blue and red birds behind, and look back.

After the exit, is a couple of turtles.

The pic above was taken from across the road. The one below is from right at the head. (he’s so cute!)

Then there’s the swan. Le Gasp!

Followed by a green egret. (I think it’s an egret)



I just couldn’t get enough of these birds. The above & below pics were taken from across the road.

Hey! Look! Nick is in the upper left corner of the shot below.

He was working on the fishes, and would be done in 2 more days.

Shots of Nick are taken with his permission.

There are several symbols throughout the mural. @nelly_onehundred  painted the symbols. Below is a sun.

A mosquito is an insect, not a symbol.

Then I can see the end of this side of the underpass.

However, first I must capture this butterfly.

Then there’s a bee.

Bee and flower love. SAVE THE BEES!

Pics taken by Resa – November 12, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Nick Sweetman

click on pic & visit his IG

Turtle paw

Fish symbol

Detail of Egret’s tail


57 thoughts on “UP Magic – Two

  1. Timothy Price

    Beautiful. The turtle has a wonderful expression. All those colorful critters reminds me of summer down here. Although we do see the Great Blue Heron most evenings.

    1. Oh dear…it’s a Great Blue Heron, not an Egret. I am so bad at animal identification. Well, I have friends like you to help me out! Thank goodness you weren’t around for some of my earlier animal identification follies. Sigh!

  2. Pingback: UP Magic – Two — Graffiti Lux and Murals, Great I found some reblog of street art. Follow it back to the source for more beauty. – My Life on the Chicago # 36 Bus

    1. Heron, and here I thought it was an egret! However, Swan and Heron is much catchier for a pub. LOL I should edit that. I’m teaching people that a heron is an egret. Sending love!!! xoxoxox ❤

  3. Oh, be still Heart! This is so stunningly beautiful it’s breathtaking. The Heron, The Swan, the Butterfly and Bee, I really feel like I walked into a dream. Thank you Resa, this is so remarkable! I left a comment last night from my iphone but everytime I try to post it it kicks me out of WP. This happens to me on several blogs, your’s is one. I can’t explain it. So, I am late, but totally enthralled with this collection. ❤

    1. No worries! Hey maybe I’m in Spam?
      Well, whatever, I decided to kick my IPhone out of a major part of my life. Ha!
      Calls, texts, taking pics and necessary browsing, only. NO blogging, No Twitter (which I actually dislike immensely and use less and less) No Email (let me just sit comfortably at my laptop!) I was going ping, ping ding etc., notifications insane.
      I am the master of my IPhone. ❤
      I feel so powerful, in control! ❦❦❦

      1. I definitely prefer to be able my PC! Unfortunately I’ve gotten into the habit of browsing before getting up in the morning. 40 lashes with a wet wet noodle 🍜! I need to detox. Good for you , I need help. ♥️😔

        1. Wait!!!! I’ll eat that noodle.
          You sound like my N, except he won’t admit he needs help. No matter what time I wake up, there he is, laying down with that IPhone, its glow on his face.
          Yet, I’m the one with the problem. Apparently I’m not utilizing the phone to its full potential. xo

  4. Carolee Croft

    Such beautiful animals, birds, fish, and insects. It’s nice that no category got left out, and they each got a beautiful portrayal. The turtle is so cute! xoxo

  5. Did you rmember me when you posted this. I recently asked you if you ever caught anyone in the creativer process. How cool.
    I love the details in the turtle. (That was a turtle, right?)

    Some of the guys/gals are so good, they should be compensated for their efforts. After all the arer beautfying the city

    1. Yes, I remember. I did leave a message & link about that. I know we can’t keep up with all comments, but I am surprised how well you do…. and I appreciate it.

    1. I’m just thankful the mosquito is an “artquito”! Could you image if they were that size in real life?
      If they were, then we would be in a 1960’s B-Movie! 😀

      1. I am thinking of the street artists, how generously they share their gift. To give people the world like this, to brighten their day – isn’t it wonderful? Such a difference they make.

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