UP Magic – Three

This is the last post of the Nick Sweetman mural.

It’s the other side, and it’s much shorter than across the road.

Here’s the entrance to the underpass. I’m walking south, now, on the east side of the street.

OMG, look at that terrifyingly cute otter! (I think it’s an otter) Again, even though a cloudy day, the sun burns into the underpass.

The very adorable otter with its native spirit depiction.

After all that excitement, there is an owl.

What a beauty!

Okay, next we have, an Ibis? At first, when I was in the underpass, I got very excited to see an ostrich and its chick. I see now, I was completely off track.

OMG, this chick is sooo cute, it could be a Chicklet!

What’s that big furry thing in the foreground?

Wow, it’s a fox. Hope he doesn’t turn around and see all those birds!

Pics taken by Resa – November 12, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Click on pic on see Nick’s IG site

What made across the street a longer post, is the wall beyond the underpass.

60 thoughts on “UP Magic – Three

    1. It was so great seeing this, and watching Nick paint for a bit! ROCK… hmm, yes, yes, I think we here, in Toronto, should begin to paint every rock in the city. 😉😘xoxoxo

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    1. It is the mural that keeps on giving! Nick did another mural in an underpass in north Toronto, all different animals. I hope to get there one day. I also hope you get a neat mural like this, with so much adored wildlife!

  2. And the third and final part is here and every bit as wonderful as the two before it. Fox is my favourite and the owl. Even though each animal and insect has been truly beautiful there’s a lot to be said too for all the plants and background colours that surround them. Again, kudos to Nick and thanks to you for documenting the art x

    1. I agree with you! Nick has done a fantastic job of making this drab underpass a place of beauty. Now that it’s all posted, I’ll send him the links! I hope he thinks I did it justice. Also, I want to buy his paint splattered pants. Lol! x

  3. The mural is really wonderful, I am very impressed with all this fauna, it is so realistic, the expressions, the eyes … I love Nick’s art, he is a graffiti star, thank you very much for bringing it to your blog, his drawings have moved me so much, it is amazing the works of art that you can find on the street …
    Ducks, swans, herons … maybe you should go back and show it to Drake, it’s a mural of those that he likes !!

    1. Yes! Drake saw the mural, and he really loves it. He just does not understand why chocolate was not represented. He expected to see at least 1 Cacao Tree.
      He was moping about, but he became happy again when I told him there would be many chocolate treats at Christmas. Sol was very happy as well. Lluvia wants to know if she’s old enough for chocolate this Christmas? I said I would ask you.
      (I still laugh when I look at the security camera from the wedding cake incident) LOL!!! xo

      1. I think that this Christmas perhaps Sol could eat a little white chocolate, Drake always says: “white chocolate is good for children, it’s not exciting and it doesn’t get fat … well, it fattens very little … it’s pure energy for youth!!”
        I also keep laughing when I remember the wedding cake scene … and the subsequent explanations 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Hugs and kisses!!

    1. Owls are fabulous. I must admit, I have never seen one for real in the wild. I saw some taxidermy owls once. They were stunning, but the whole taxidermy thing upset me, a lot.

        1. I know!!
          Thursday, I’m visiting a lady costume designer friend in the hospital. There is an alley of #Women Paint TO, nearby. I’m looking at combining those pics with some thoughts about her, as she was my main inspiration for becoming a designer in film.
          Does that sound, like, too, sappy?

  4. Wow! Incredible artwork. I especially like the otter (probably because I’ve been spending time with our river otters in the early mornings lately). I’m here from Dale’s Advent Calendar.

    1. I agree with that. Even if/or he deviates from reality, it’s perfect.
      So happy you got to see the entire series!
      Lonely! I escaped into an alley today, and found a trove of art, all by female street artists. I have so much art to post, but will do one of the pieces next.

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