53 thoughts on “Toest & Betty 13

        1. I’ll take you up on that! I’ll do a guest post! Then you get a perma-link on my side bar! Like you need it, but hey, it’s a sharing thing.
          Will remind you when the time is nigh…. and thank you!

            1. “Resa, the Slayer”; a new and exciting adventure story about a viking woman who fell into a worm hole and found herself in the 21st century.
              As there are no local wars, longboats or helmets available, she hunts street art in the hideously over painted alleys of Toronto.
              When confronted wth the perma-link of a warrior poet, she takes him back into another time through the worm hole.
              Neither understand where and why they are, but they seek out art and poetry to quench their thirsts.

    1. I’m very enamoured by the odd proportions. I like to draw like that, sometimes. As I’ve learned with my fashion sketching, it doesn’t have to be an exact portrait to be pleasing.

    1. I wish I could click on your name, or something in your Gravatar that would take me to your blog.
      Anyway, thank you for dropping by, and on a rare day when I visit the Reader, perhaps you will have posted, and I can visit you! 😀

    1. It’s so ridiculously cold here, Charlie. There’s no colour, only dirty city snow and uber cold temps.
      Having sweet colourful pics in the middle of all this is a blessing!
      Thank you for you lovely comment, my sweet friend! 😀

      1. I wish it snowed here in L.A. I mean there’s other far places by the mountains where it does snow. But that’s the mountains. One day, I hope it snows here in L.A. Damn, must be really cold there compare to the weather here in L.A. Here it goes warm or really windy cold or raining cold. The weather can’t make up its mind.

        You are welcome, Resa. You’re super sweet and incredibly a wonderful person. 🙂

        1. It is – 35 here today. It took me 1.5 hours to layer up… long johns, ski pants, sweaters, boots, parka, mitts that look like parkas for the hands, ear muffs, scarves, hood up.
          I went 3 blocks, did an errand, then went home. I had to hang on to a traffic sign at one point, the wind was so harsh. Snow is one thing Winter up here is another.
          Having said that, yeah, it would be very cool if it snowed in LA! Could you imagine?
          Sweet Charlie, best back at ya!!! 😀

          1. Oh…my…it sure is cold as how you are describe it. Drink lots of tea or hot coco. 🙂

            If the day ever came when it snows here in L.A. then everyone would be out making snowman and playing snowball fights. hahahahaha!!! That would be fun. 🙂

  1. Gray Dawster

    As always there is something really unique to view here and once again I have enjoyed my visit, yes I know, it’s been such a long time since I was last here 😦 Okay enough of that, I am here now and am wishing you an awesome start to your week my dear Resa, just watch out for any cobwebs if tripping into my realm, I’ve not had much of a chance to pick up all the bones from the last skeleton party… lol

    I will (YES I WILL THIS TIME) be back this week to check out your next postings and try catching up on all the ones I have missed out on. Until then, have a wicked Monday and be good, just like me 😉 lol

    Andro xx 🙂

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