This Winter Feels Like a Frozen Hell

This is not the prettiest street art I have ever found.

I’ve put off posting it, for a couple of years.

Today it seems to express, in a way, my wonder at what we all did wrong to deserve this uber arctic torture.

-35 in this afternoon, and I had to hang onto a street sign for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, who knows where the wind would have taken me. The wind is blowing through my home at night. (nothing can stop it)

Pics taken by Resa – June 26, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artis is unknown to me.


82 thoughts on “This Winter Feels Like a Frozen Hell

    1. Yeah, street art warms the mind! That helps.
      The spike in the head is what I used to call the “Spike of Ice”
      After 5 minutes outside, totally dressed for the weather, my 3rd eye would be penetrated with a pain. That was the icy spike.
      My body is shivering, Frank! The wind pierces my home. A very cool 65F with the furnace raging.
      Is the arctic surge just missing you?
      Chicago and Winnipeg are worse. …. -60 at night.
      This is the coldest since I’ve lived in Toronto, over 30 years.
      However, I grew up in Winnipeg. There were many colder nights there.
      It’s like an episode of Twilight Zone.

  1. I had two fleece blankets and a quilt on last night and was shivering so hard that I made myself get up and put on socks and my robe, so I could sleep. Insane. You poor thing, hanging on a sign. Blah. Tomorrow it’s going to be in the 20s so I’m happy about that. The street art is great and you’re right, this is the perfect time to post it. I hope things clear up for you soon. Love to the wee ones. ❤

    1. If only Emmy would come inside!
      Then you guys could snug up under the pile of quilts and blankies.
      I’m exhausted from all the ill will and hell the extreme cold has brought.
      Jeep won’t leave my side , and Johnny just cries into the dark all night. I’m sure they sense the danger, as does Em.
      It’s only words, but sending warmth … heat .. warmth to you, for Em! xx

    1. I had to go out and pay our parking bill today, 2 blocks away.
      The Effin parking bill corporation does not care how cold I am, how helpless we are in the face of nature’s rage, and they will punish me if I don’t comply with their schedule.
      This is when I had to hang onto a parking sign, so I wouldn’t be carried away into oncoming traffic, which was driving slightly sideways.

      1. Sometimes I think there is no heart left in this world of corporate greed. I’m sorry you had to endure that. It makes us feel helpless when we have to risk life and limb to pay an effing bill. It has been heartwarming to see local groceries and neighbors come to the aide of some of these Federal workers sonvevthe govt shut down. Stay well stay safe stay inside 💕💞

        1. I love that many have pulled together in the face of the US government shutdown.
          That is what is great about America.
          Holly, you live in the greatest country on earth. May it remain so!
          … and you know, there are good times, bad times and in between times, yet, still America remains a shiny example.
          You have an estranged supreme leader.
          I’m going positive here.
          Out of lies, rises truth.
          My cousins to the south, I adore you, and always have.

  2. nannus

    I hope that crazy weather will not stay so long. I pity you people. I have never experienced such temperatures. Where I am, it is just -1 °C, tropical in comparison. My daughter is in Brazil, with 29 (plus).

    1. Dear Nannus,
      Arrghh! Thank you! Wish it would be -1C here, and it will be….. one day in the future.
      Thank you for your continued times visiting my blog. I look forward to when your blog is active, again. Best to your daughter in Brazil!

    1. Yeah, +30C is very uncomfortable, especially if it’s humid.
      I agree, the weather has become more extreme, and different. There used to be a lot more snow in the winter, but not so cold. Crazy as it seems, Sunday and Monday will up at around +6C.

  3. Timothy Price

    I had six cats on me this morning, but it was a toasty 17º F (-8.3º C) outside this morning. You need a lot of cats and several dogs to keep warm at -35. We had sunshine and 62º F (16.7º C) this afternoon. That is a very interesting depiction of the crucifixion. Very apt for Hell freezing over in Toronto.

    1. Ah, 6 cats! I’d like 6 cats. Of course Johnny is so big now, he counts for 2. When he was a kitten, he had the biggest head of all the kittens. I’d never seen such a big head on a kitten. I called him Baby Big Head (still do sometimes) Turns out his body was programmed to catch up to his head.

      Yeah, the art is definitely apt for Hell freezing over! Craziest thing, Sunday and Monday will be 6C (42F)

  4. Maybe it is a sailor from the Erebus or the Terror…..lost up in the Arctic…:) cold here too, but at least I don’t have to go outside, except tomorrow to go draw some model…:)

    1. You have to draw outside? Interesting. I’m sure it’s every bit as cold in Montreal, as it is here. Hope your fingers don’t get frostbite. Take care!

      1. Nope, just meant I have to go to the school and a fair walk to do…hate to take the bus, or no bus lines that go direct…no the studio is actually very warm, for the nude model..:)

    1. Moving to Vancouver has crossed our minds.
      So has moving to Miami, and some other places.
      However, there are issues with living outside Canada.
      I got to stay inside today! YAY!

  5. Zeke keeps looking at me in disgust. He doesn’t understand that no matter how warmly I dress,I’ll not last long out there.
    Went for coffee with a girlfriend. We walk to the bakery/coffee shop. Bloody hell it was cold.
    Meanwhile, I agree this isn’t the prettiest street art but it’s still cool!

    1. So, Zeke is part Husky? Lol! All the dogs around here are wearing coats and boots.
      It’s starting to warm up here. It’s only -16C Tonight, and the windchill will only be -21. Yay.
      We could be melting on Sunday and Monday. Yay…ICE!!

  6. You are freezing, and down here in Oz we have been sweltering with heat wave conditions over 40C almost every other day! Finally, today, the temp plummeted to the high 20s; such a relief. However, next week it’s to be back in the mid to high 30s. I’m really ‘over it’, as I’m sure you guys are up north.
    Please take care of yourself; rug up and keep as warm as poss.
    The artwork is just a little ‘austere’. Probably sums up the weather!

    1. The 20’s are perfect!
      I’m thriving in +5C – +28C.
      Yeah, the artwork is very austere, but it does depict the hell frozen over mood.
      I’m so rugged up, that I’m wearing a rug! 😀

    1. Sue!
      Not sure when it was painted. Guessing from the style of the street art, and that it is in a 50′ lane with no exit or parking, sun & winds minimized, that it as at least 6 years old. I feel like saying 10. ❤

  7. Sorry to hear about the terrible winter weather you are having to endure Resa. It sounds as if records are being broken. You chose a very appropriate mural to represent your pain. 😉 Take care and try and stay warm my friend, its almost over.

    1. Staying warm, unless I go outside! It’s warming up (if you can call it that) slowly! Sunday and Monday are threatening to be around 0 with rain. Then it plunges down again, but not as bad. Of course then there will be lots of nice ice on the walks. 😀

    1. Greetings to Carolee and all residents of Hoth.
      Uch, can you believe it? Apparently this Arctic blast is now headed your way. It was really, really, really sick (and I don’t mean that in the good way) for about a week. It’s relenting a bit now. Winter will be half over in 12 days, and 2/3 over in 19 days, but who’s keeping track? xoxo

        1. XOXO It was above 0 today! It’s going back down tomorrow, but I got supplies today, and the new Art Gown is in the exciting area… meaning it’s about 2/3 done!
          WEAR YOUR PARKA!!! ❤

  8. Hi Resa. I’m glad you are still alive after that photo session!!!
    You will have to put all your duvets blankets and clothes on and install hot tea and some supplies at your side at night. It sounds terrible with the wind!!
    All the best ❤❤❤

    1. There’s nothing like a Winnipeg winter! Oh, I’m in Toronto? Fooled me!
      I don’t have a duvet, but I have an authentic Hudson’s Bay blanket, some nice thick crocheted blankets my mom made and 2 cats. ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. It is good to hear that you can keep warm, Resa. I don’t know if the duvet originated from Europe? – It does apparently! 😊
        From the Viking Age up on Norway’s north coast.
        A Hudson’s Bay blanket sounds exotic to me somehow. I read a book once where the action took place at Hudson Bay. There are many mosquitoes and huge tides 😎 but wool is a superior material!!!
        Best wishes xx

  9. BRRrrrrr …. I got cold just redaing about the cold temps in the comments.
    It’s been cold here in Florida too. Don’t laugh – 40 at night 50 during the day.
    I had my cold, cold winter in New York. I want my hot, humid need to swim temps back.
    Yes …. the mural is great.
    Isadora 😎

    1. It’s warmed up a bit, but will get colder in a couple of days. However, the deep plunge could happen again and again before winter is over.
      I saw a program on why we are getting all these “escaped” arctic fronts. Of course it has to do with global warming and climate change.

  10. Risking life and limb to share these beauties with us.

    Now, this one had a religious feel to it. With that person in the center. His hands are nailed on a stained glass background. Unlike some of these murals which are beautiful or cute or fun, this one may have a much deeper meaning. wonder what the artist was thinking.

    1. Who knows what the artist is thinking? I can guess. Makes me think of The Ballad of John and Yoko, in a way
      “Christ you know it ain’t easy
      You know how hard it can be
      The way things are going
      They’re going to crucify me”

      In a modern street art way.

        1. Thank you! Creativity is not my problem. Monetizing it is. Designing costumes for films & TV is more of an applied arts situation. I enjoy it, but it’s not like creating one’s own work.

      1. You’re right. It doesn’t matter the temperature – all that matters is the soul of art. 🙂

        My 3rd book is coming along wonderful.

        Next month I’ll be releasing my 2nd book, I just have to open a lulu account and start assembling all my works and then a book is born. 🙂 Can’t wait for you to read it. 🙂

  11. OK my dear it’s freezing over here on the west coast too – we had snow yesterday which is VERY rare here! So I get what you’re feeling brrrrr ~ and I’ll have the flashlight ready as strong winds at the moment.. ackkkk! Sending big cozy hugs your way xo

  12. Wow. I like it. Is it a random face, or someone well known in your city – government, church or anything else? 😉 Very interesting, it looks like an image from the early medieval parchments, except from the collar – they didn’t have collars at that time 🙂

    Hope the weather has improved xx

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