Skating with Uber 5000

The Toronto Maple Leafs are 2nd in their division. YAY!

Uber’s Chicks are getting in on the action.

This mural was on a south facing wall in Graffiti Alley.

Anyway, turn the corner of the building to the east side, and there is a full out skating mural, with all of Uber’s pals.

I originally viewed the unfinished mural and met Uber 5000. I did a meantime post titled ⭐️I Met Uber 5000 and He Took Me Up in His Scissor Lift ⭐️

Above is the lift on the day I went in it, massive thrill! There are black lights installed over the mural, which come on at night.

I still haven’t been back to that part of the city at night to see the mural in all of its glory. I’m there often in the daytime.

All in all, a very fun and wonderful work by Uber 5000.

Below: Uber 5000 at work.

There’s even a Zamboni Chick keeping the ice smooth.

The colours in the word “Toronto” must look amazing at night under the black lights.

🌟Many Thank you’s to Uber 5000 for this marvellous mural, and for making me feel like $1,000,000! 🌟

Pics taken by Resa – January 15 & Feb 25, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Uber 5000

59 thoughts on “Skating with Uber 5000

  1. This is an incredible photo journey, Resa. That is an incredible amount of art Uber 5000 has created. I’m afraid of heights but bravo for you climbing aboard. It must have been awesome to see the happenings below. I’m always astinished at the way these artists can create such a large piece of art. BTW … love the spray can belt. Now, that’s a hoot!!!
    Izzy 😎

    1. Yes, I want a spray can belt! Must get one. Of course I’d be a fake, but I would look cool!
      Going up in Uber’s lift was the thrill of a lifetime for me. I was so honoured and filled with happiness, thatI can’t describe it. He is a lovely person! ❦❦

      1. The spray can belt could be a new fashion trend. Empty cans would be a must, of course. I’d probably spray color all over while gesturing with my speaking hands. 🤪😃 I’m sure he’s become someone who you can call – friend. 😎

  2. Oh gosh! This is fabulous. Uber 5000 is amazing. I love all of this but the little yellow birds ( both genders) are so sweet , I love their expressions and apparel. They know how to dress for winter!

  3. All of the murals I havce seen and this is the first time I see The Toronto Maple Leafs mentioned.
    Being a hockey fanatic, I appreciate this mural. First the bad cat there overlooking everything.
    Uber 5000 didn’t miss a detail here. Zamboni, skaters, hockey sticks, he indcluded it all.
    Ready to lace up my skates.

    Can’t tell you enough how much I Iove this one Resa.

      1. Hey, I am setting a poem about art to post tomorrow. There will be a link to your blog, inviting people to drop by. By any chance do you know the link to the mural you said looked like me in a chair? Would love to link to that one.

        Yeah, I am a hockey nut. So, I loved this one.
        I will check out the other one.

        New York Rangers. I seem to always follow losers. LOL

        1. I have to laff a tad. Upon, yet, another look at the piece, I see the guy in the chair is set off from the rest.
          I am reminded that this art made me think of you, because it resembles your Gravatar, in an art rendered sense.
          Here, the relaxed guy in the relaxed chair is apart from the cluster of faces.
          As an artist…. a poet, you will always be apart… in your chair.

  4. You are so very lucky, Resa!! To “share the stage” with Uber 5000 must have been an extraordinary experience. Thank you for introducing his work to me. I just went on Uber 5000’s website! WOW!!
    You have the very best adventures. I love tagging along! Many hugs!!!

    1. Yes, yes, I know! GO JETS!! I feel the same way, but there are no Jets murals out here in Toronto!
      I saw that the TMLs are 2nd in their division, but the Jets are 1st in their division.
      Am I correct to think that the only way Jets vs Leafs happens is for the cup?

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