Purple Faze

I finally made my way to Graffiti Alley, as my ankle is mostly better.

We are in a Stay At Home Order, so there was not a lot of new art. We are allowed to go for walks. This was a 2.5 hour walk.

This piece of art is new!

It’s paint over paint, paint beside paint and paint to go with someone else’s paint.

So, I don’t know who did this when.

 The artist who painted the face, may or may not be who painted the words.

Graffiti Alley is a shrinking network of lanes and alleys in the Queen West area. It’s shrinking to make way for development.

I’ve had some great times here.

I found Gigi in another alley on the way home! Love you, Gi! You deserve to be part of all this sweet and gorgeous alley art!

Pics taken by Resa – May 10, 2021

Toronto, Canada

101 thoughts on “Purple Faze

    1. Thanks,Tim!
      I’m happy to just walk and find new art… or just look at the old art.
      I know! I texted Gi the pic after I found it.
      What a hoot!!!! (owls)

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  2. I am delighted that you are walking and that you ankle is in the recovery phase. How did you manage a 2.5 hour walk, Resa? WOW! I am glad that you have photos that record the many changes in Graffiti Alley. Cities are in constant transition, as are the artists who continue to paint and challenge us to be bold, to chose to live within a colourful existence. I found this quote by David Hockney this morning: “I prefer living in colour.” Sending hugs!!

    1. Rebecca!
      2.5 hours, yes, but I was walking slowly. Also, I had my ankle tensor in my purse, just in case!
      I need to get back to 4 hours at a brisk pace. Of course there is stopping to take pics.
      The quote is wonderful!
      I just know there will be lots of art this summer.
      Also, I have not been out of walking distance from my home since the first lock down. Normally (is there such a thing any more?) I would take TTC to another part of the city, explore there for a few hours then TTC home.
      I can hardly wait!!!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. The colors are fantastic. I can’t believe you’re losing space for more buildings and less art. The artwork is great and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the Gigi graffiti. Thank you. Love you so very much. I will try, once again, to reblog this, but I’m not holding my breath, since it never works anymore. Thank you so much.

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  5. Wow! It’s One Eye! Gorgeous wall art dear Resa , absolutely lovely! I love purple! You really captured a jewel little Alley Gypsy , a double whammy that Gigi was THERE! Big hugs, Meeces, love you to pieces!

    1. Dahling Meece,
      You spotted the 1-Eye!!!
      OMG, I see/saw it, but I didn’t get it.
      It’s your ability to see metaphors.

  6. What a great alley and so much to see! Thanks for sharing it. I’m happy to read that you’re doing better (2.5 hours is quite a walk). I also enjoyed your title. 🙂 Might be a purple phase as well as a faze. And glad you have an ankle tensor rather then an ankle taser. 🙂


    1. Thanks Janet! The ankle is coming along, and I look forward to my next looong walk…hopefully on Sunday!
      Lol! Well tensor or taser… I’ll just keep them in my purse! 😀

  7. Great to hear you’re back on your feet, and if any busybody officials asks what/why you are out for so long you can reply that you’re rehabilitating your ankle- Medical reasons! Great images as always, just unfortunate it seems as if multiple works have been layered on top of each other making identification difficult. Does that happen a lot in the world of Street Art, I know eventually some works get covered over years later but incidents of an artist quickly defacing another’s work so soon?

    1. LOL! Good grief, I hope there’s no one out there timing me!
      What a world we live in!
      Some works last longer than others, but nothing is sacred in Graffiti Alley. Although there was a Black Lives Matter paint fest there a year ago, and those images are holding up.
      I so need to walk! I’m turning into a beach ball! 😉

      1. Hi there, I only mention the “busybodies” because in the UK when the lockdowns started there were murmurs and talk of people “snitching” on each other if your neighbour went outdoors more than once a day or for longer than the allowed “1 hour of exercise” . It was tense for a while not knowing when, where or how long we could leave our homes for. Thankfully restrictions are beginning to be lifted here but not everyone has had their two vaccination jabs so there feels like a two tier system of those that have and those that haven’t.
        And I guess the lifespan of a piece of street art is dependent on how topical it is and how respected the artist is in the community.

        1. Respect is everything.
          The artists call it Street Cred here. No Street Cred, you’re getting tagged.
          The jab situation here is not so good.
          No one is getting second shots until all have 1.
          1 hour of exercise! What about all of the hairdressers sneaking into clients homes, making $$$ under the table.
          SO MUCH CHEATING… everywhere. No wonder it’s so bad.
          I don’t believe there is a time limit here when going for a walk.
          I’m in the alleys 90% of the time, and I wear 3 masks, and sometimes a shield as well.
          I’m usually the only person in the alley.

          1. Sounds like you are fairly well covered up then, which is good to know. The situation in the UK is sort of improving but could have been handled better. There are now test events for Covid secure venues to examine how safe theatres and live music events are going to be but you have to be fully vaccinated etc. The latest development is that as from Monday 17th citizens can hug another person as long as it is a quick hug and not done face to face – ? Huh? It’s all crazy so best concentrate on the art …its more relaxing.

            1. Like you, I’m dizzy form the Covid rules!
              Art…all of it: painting, poetry, music, dancing, sculpture, story telling, sabre making, film and all are more relaxing!

  8. A great artistic journey you took, Resa! I’m very impressed with what you saw and photographed. It’s a shame when gentrification/”upscale” development threatens creative street expression like this. 😦 (Love your “Purple Faze” title, too!)

    1. Thanks Dave!
      This is one of my better titles.
      I adore street art. Between the Pandemic stay at home orders, and my ankle, I haven’t been able to wander far from home. However, there’s LOTS of art out there, and I’m chomping at the bit to get at it.
      I’m going to take more panoramic shots of some of the alleys.
      I feel a good summer approaching!

    1. Yes, the street of art! There are many in Toronto!
      I always enjoy my journeys into the streets of art!
      I’m happy you see how this fits perfectly! ❦😘💜

    1. Lots of fun, now that I can walk around!
      I’m like you, I think, in a way. I just want to take pictures of things of interest to me.
      That would be street art for me, and other things for you!

      Take care! xoxo

  9. Oh, Resa this is a brilliant mural. I love the way it’s been painted and the surrounding art. Great find! …and I’m very happy to hear that the ankle is behaving!
    Mouah, dahling!

    1. Yeah… the ankle, finally I can walk. Good thing as I am approaching a shape similar to a Beach Ball. (no emoji)
      It was a joy to find this. I’m looking forward to a lot of great finds in the coming months!
      Wonder what shape I’ll become then?
      Mouah to you too, dahling!

      1. Resa the Shifter! But you know, all shapes are gorgeous Resa! 😘
        I’m also looking forward to those finds, dahling!
        Hugs and 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
        And slobbery ones from Hera!

        1. True, I’ve always been a bit shifty!

    1. Hmm…. Furry Moon Boots….hmmmmm
      Will my feet sweat and shrink?
      Perhaps what I need is a Furry Moon Body Wrap. Landsakes, between the virus and my ankle, I’m looking like a moon…no fur!

      It’s a fun piece of art, but not as much fun as you!

      1. Indeed, my Toronto graffiti would be the best in the land! Giant hamsters and the like. And all the Torontonians would be like, “What’s with all the bloody hamsters all of a sudden?!”

        And no Moon Boots? Okay, how about a glass slipper? Kind of like Cinderella. But make it a furry glass slipper!

  10. Resa, I am sorry you had a bum ankle. Love the purple art work. Seeing the title, I have been humming Jimi Henrdix’ “Purple Haze” as I scroll through. Sorry for being an old head banger with my music, although I do like all kinds. Keith

    1. Well, at least I don’t have an ankle bum. I’d never get my walking shoes on! 😉
      Love Purple Haze, and I was singing it, too!
      I’m a headbanger, too! Like you, I enjoy all kinds of music. ❦

      1. Resa, I knew there was another reason to like you. “Purple Haze” spawned the name of a misunderstood song lyric website called


        People heard “kiss this guy’ rather than the lyric “kiss the sky.” Elton John (“hold me closer Tony Danza” vs. “Tiny Dancer”) and John Fogerty (“there’s a bathroom on the right” vs. “bad moon on the rise”) are featured heavily with their slurring of lyrics.

        Now, about that ankle bum….Keith

        1. Hahaha!
          Cheech Marin used the line “scuse me while I kiss this guy”, in the movie “Born In East LA”
          Hilarious movie!
          I’ll check out the site, for sure.
          I wonder if it has the song “Guantanamera” there?
          It’s lyrics are very misunderstood! My fave is “One ton of metal, Deliver one ton of metal, one ton of mehehehehtal, deliver one ton of metal”!

          Yes…. the ankle bum… I’ve order a large pack of Charmin!

              1. Too funny. The “Twist and Shout” and “La Bamba” blend at the start was good as well. As for “Purple Haze,” I can’t picture Jimi wearing those rolled up jean cuffs and Chuck Taylors. Keith

  11. You’re just getting better and you walked for two and a half hours? Girlfriend you are cray-cray. But I have to say this Purple Faze is amazing! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ah… cray-cray…cool!
      Cray-cray IS cool? ⚡️💥
      I’m trying to build up to a 4 hour walk. That’s where I was at pre-pandemic times, before I began channeling a beach ball. A 4 hour roll is not an option!
      So happy you like the art. 😀

  12. Good to hear your ankle is getting better. And a two and a half hour walk? You are Wonder Woman, Resa!

    As for the “development” that is squeezing out this fantastic place, isn’t development supposed to mean progress? Because taking away places like this sure doesn’t feel like progress.

    1. Aww, thank you, but 2.5 hours is only a medium walk. I was at 4 hours prior to the virus and lockdowns, sprained ankle and channeling a beach ball!
      As I said to Dale, a 4 hour roll is not an option.
      Perhaps the fact that much great street art is in the worst places mixed in with graffiti and tags, is what entices me. Those are the places that get torn down for condos.
      Still, there’s many great residential alleys with fab garage doors.
      There are also some amazing underpasses with art. One near me is getting painted. YAYAY!!!
      Although it will probably take all summer, I’m planning to enjoy watching the artists paint, and taking progress pics!

      1. Four hours???!!!

        You go girl!

        You’ve got a point about the location of some of this art. What a shame that we deem it progress when these places are torn apart.

        Here’s to your adventurous spirit.

  13. I love “Purple Faze,” but that whole alley is amazing. Wow! I didn’t remember you had hurt your ankle, but I’m glad you’re better and able to walk. Wonderful photos!

    1. Thanks Merril!
      I’m still strengthening the ankle, and leg muscles. I carry tensor bandages in my purse, just in case.
      It’s a fab alley, and there’s more alleys like this. Think I’ll be taking more panoramic shots in the future!

  14. An alley full of graffiti sounds wonderful. We have a similar area here. I love going to see what’s new until some of my old favorites disappear. Every changing artistic expression though.

    1. I just finished listening to Rebecca’s podcast with you!
      It’s fab! You sound great and your writing is smooth and exciting.

      Ahh… you are fortunate to have a graffiti alley where you live. Every city should have one!

                1. No…there is the one site! I looked and see that she hasn’t moderated my comment, yet!
                  I commented before Mary Jo. Maybe Rebecca missed it.

  15. Ouch… So sorry to read of your ‘ankle injury’. How’d it happen?
    Not being able to walk must have been incredibly hard. I can liken it to me not being able to dance!
    Anyway, your purple gal is gorgeous!

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