I ♥ Banksy – because of “My Month With Banksy: October 2013 In NYC” by Jacqueline Hadel – Plato

What is that?

It’s “MY MONTH WITH BANKSY: OCTOBER 2013 IN NYC” by: Jacqueline Hadel. If you’re a fan or lover, it’s a must buy  Here On Amazon

Artist: Banksy (unofficial)
Artist: Banksy

After reading Jacqueline’s book, I did some research. Banksy had been (unofficially)  in Toronto in 2010. Sadly only 1 of 7 pieces remains, and it’s in this gated private parking.

Banksy #1b

As I peered through the chain link, I saw the Banksy had been covered in plexiglass, and bordered with steel and rivets.

Banksy #2

Also noticeable was that someone had attempted to pry the metal border away. (lower right)

Banksy #6b

The plastic has been tagged, cleaned, tagged with scratchiti , and then more paint. Nonetheless, it survives!

Banksy #4b

The other 6 Banksy’s were tagged to death, torn down, painted over…one (on the back of a sign) just disappeared.

Banksy #5b

Aww, the gate was unlocked, so I just went in for a few shots of the Banksy w/ Jacqueline’s book.

Banksy #10

The book is like a diary, going day by day through her month with Banksy.

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Thanks, Jacqueline, it’s a very fabulous book!

Banksy #7

Pics taken by Resa, on May 4, 2014

Toronto, Canada

22 thoughts on “I ♥ Banksy – because of “My Month With Banksy: October 2013 In NYC” by Jacqueline Hadel – Plato

  1. I needed to google Banksy; I didn’t know of him. My goodness, this man was/is absolutely devout about his philosophies. There’s no doubt about his artistic ability. I love his artwork; it’s strikingly good, Resa. Don’t blame you for opening that gate for a better view.! Such ‘flow’ in his figures…

    1. Well, it’s not the first gate that swung open when I “accidentally” 🙂 pushed it a little, however, I always check for a doghouse beforehand. 🙂 Yes, Banksy is quite amazing!
      I hope he comes back to Toronto!

  2. How awesome of you – taking photos of her Banksy book with an actual Banksy. I would be very honored. You are a consummate inspiration!

    Love you! xxoo

  3. Wow, a real Banksy in person. It’s much smaller than the first image led me to believe. Very clever how you put the book in the “spot of interest.” I think Banksy would very much approve of that move!

    1. Thank you, Ann!
      You are such a doll to point that out. I was having the time of my life at that site!
      Someone shared it on Facebook, but I don’t know who. It’s gotten 22 shares.
      I fantasize it was him! 😎

        1. A girl can dream! I thought maybe Jacqueline shared it, but apparently not.
          So, I get to continue dreaming!!!!
          Your Polish graf is great. I’m looking forward to more!

    1. I was lucky to get theses shots! Thank you to the person who put it under heavy duty plexiglass w/steel trim and rivets behind a mesh fence!

    1. There is a slim, but active contingent of …… erm …. social commentary artists… (taggers) who deem their defacing a purposeful statement…… of sorts.
      There is a point where street artists gain enough cred that they won’t be tagged. However, when your street art makes you RICH $, you are up for tag grabs, again.
      The pieces that were stolen, (doors gone, pieces of wall removed) were taken by people who want to make money off of Bnaksy’s work.

  4. Yes! Yes! yes! That was the one. (Are you sure the door was unlocked? Me? I might have jumped over the fence. 😉)
    Same situation in France. The parinting was overtagged. The plastic was scratched… etc. My -little- faith in humanity has taken severe blows recently…
    Again, thanks for sharing and sending the link back again.

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