I ♥ Banksy – because of “My Month With Banksy: October 2013 In NYC” by Jacqueline Hadel – Plato

What is that?

It’s “MY MONTH WITH BANKSY: OCTOBER 2013 IN NYC” by: Jacqueline Hadel. If you’re a fan or lover, it’s a must buy  Here On Amazon

Artist: Banksy (unofficial)
Artist: Banksy

After reading Jacqueline’s book, I did some research. Banksy had been (unofficially)  in Toronto in 2010. Sadly only 1 of 7 pieces remains, and it’s in this gated private parking.

Banksy #1b

As I peered through the chain link, I saw the Banksy had been covered in plexiglass, and bordered with steel and rivets.

Banksy #2

Also noticeable was that someone had attempted to pry the metal border away. (lower right)

Banksy #6b

The plastic has been tagged, cleaned, tagged with scratchiti , and then more paint. Nonetheless, it survives!

Banksy #4b

The other 6 Banksy’s were tagged to death, torn down, painted over…one (on the back of a sign) just disappeared.

Banksy #5b

Aww, the gate was unlocked, so I just went in for a few shots of the Banksy w/ Jacqueline’s book.

Banksy #10

The book is like a diary, going day by day through her month with Banksy.

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Thanks, Jacqueline, it’s a very fabulous book!

Banksy #7

Pics taken by Resa, on May 4, 2014

Toronto, Canada

18 thoughts on “I ♥ Banksy – because of “My Month With Banksy: October 2013 In NYC” by Jacqueline Hadel – Plato

  1. I needed to google Banksy; I didn’t know of him. My goodness, this man was/is absolutely devout about his philosophies. There’s no doubt about his artistic ability. I love his artwork; it’s strikingly good, Resa. Don’t blame you for opening that gate for a better view.! Such ‘flow’ in his figures…

    1. Well, it’s not the first gate that swung open when I “accidentally” 🙂 pushed it a little, however, I always check for a doghouse beforehand. 🙂 Yes, Banksy is quite amazing!
      I hope he comes back to Toronto!

  2. How awesome of you – taking photos of her Banksy book with an actual Banksy. I would be very honored. You are a consummate inspiration!

    Love you! xxoo

  3. Wow, a real Banksy in person. It’s much smaller than the first image led me to believe. Very clever how you put the book in the “spot of interest.” I think Banksy would very much approve of that move!

    1. Thank you, Ann!
      You are such a doll to point that out. I was having the time of my life at that site!
      Someone shared it on Facebook, but I don’t know who. It’s gotten 22 shares.
      I fantasize it was him! 😎

        1. A girl can dream! I thought maybe Jacqueline shared it, but apparently not.
          So, I get to continue dreaming!!!!
          Your Polish graf is great. I’m looking forward to more!

    1. I was lucky to get theses shots! Thank you to the person who put it under heavy duty plexiglass w/steel trim and rivets behind a mesh fence!

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