The Cat’s Meow

Direct to you, from an alley in “Cabbagetown”, Toronto,  I proudly present “CAT’S MEOW”

Meow #1

Okay, it’s a cat’s meow alley off Parliament near Gerrard (Cat’s tail signed: Tokyo).

Meow #2

As you see from 1 of the pics in the slideshow, there is a side piece involving birds. I’ll cover that later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This sly blue face (featured in above slideshow) is right at the Parliament St. entrance to the alley. Gorgeous, or what?

Meow #10

Meow #11

Meow #8

Pic taken by Resa, on May 20, 2014

Toronto, Canada

10 thoughts on “The Cat’s Meow

    1. “lol” Cat’s rule! I literally burst out laughing in the alley when I saw this one. 🙂
      Yeah, I think taking these pics is the only real hobby I’ve ever had.

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