Pieces of Face

This lady has a fab make-up artist!

She lives across the lane, and up a bit from Major Tomisina.

Too, narrow for cars, it’s also almost too, narrow to shoot in. However, she’s got good angles.

Pics taken by Resa – February 3, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

50 thoughts on “Pieces of Face

    1. It really is a great little piece. Glad you like it!
      I’m getting taken out for dinner tonight, so I have to put my face on. No worries, I’ll be by to torment you tomorrow!

  1. Pieces of a face is the perfect title, Resa.. The artist drew a fractured face (wonder if there was a subliminal message there) and the pieces all came together to form a wonderful work of art.

    How are yuo Resa?
    Missed you. .

    1. It is really a fun piece of work. I lean to thinking there’s a subliminal message and that she’s not just another pretty face.
      I missed you, too!
      More importantly is How are you?
      I’m going to check your blog for any update. I checked several days ago, but there were no new posts, yet!

    1. I can’t believe you guys live without street art. That’s crazy making.
      Do you have a garage or wall you can paint.
      Print TOF (in black) on it as big as you can, then splash different colours of paint on it.
      You’ll be famous … in your neighbourhood!

      1. Our garden walls have some nearly surreal wrought iron cut outs that are rather splendid; the garden itself has many strange stone ‘things’ we’ve collected, like the freaky night-watchman the local cats avoid, but artwork none. A great pity our town has never embraced graffiti. Over in Ramsgate, a town on the coast a few miles away they do embrace street art, as does Folkestone in the other direction. What’s interesting is that both towns have a large gay community. I’m of the opinion they live for art while the heterosexuals for the main part do not. A shame. There is one work on the sea front in Ramsgate painted by no less than a gal by the name of ‘Steeden’…a rare name…although not a relation I’m aware of. I really must take my phone with me next time I’m over there a post some photos on the blog. We ‘Steeden’s’ are of gypsy origins from my heritage research, and this area plus the east coast traditionally had many a gypsy working on the farms come harvest time. My favourite I discovered was one Eliza Mean…what a wonderful name…a great, great ‘something’ grandmother of mine born in the mid-1700 hundreds. She had 14 children most of whom died before reaching adolescence. But did she paint walls? No one knows!

    1. It’s pretty great, for sure! It’s a funny thing with wall art. I’ll be out there shooting, and think this or that is my fave. Then when I get home and look at the pics there’s always one or two that weren’t my faves, and they become my faves. xoxo

        1. 😀 ….not complaining, but aching to get out for more. -18C was too, cold today. I might be able to do 1 mural on Sunday, but the forecast is colder and colder.

    1. I really like this one. The colours are very alluring.. and the eyes and lips.
      Oh, to be a piece of wall art, one day!
      Happy Valentine’s Dale! 🌹❤️💖❤️💗❤️💓❤️💞❤️💝❤️🌹

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