Off to the Theater in Paths of Color

Marina Kanavaki’s Paths of Color [turquoise, blue & green] is on leggings!

POC #1
Photo © Norman Orenstein

I bought my pair from her Society6 Shop They are perfect to wear to the theater to see the last act of A Frank Angle‘s production of “Dance: The Musical”

POC #6
Photo © Norman Orenstein

What to wear them with was the question? Above, I tried Marina’s art leggings with a tank & silk shirt tied up at my midriff. Below, I tried them with a tank, lace bolero & belt on my hips.

POC #8

Cute, but not dressy enough for the theater.

POC #2
Photo © Norman Orenstein

Paired with a jacket I designed & made worked perfect. I accessorized with turquoise & green. Note the Leaf Pin that Belén Soto‘s creation Drake Noir brought as a gift for me from Spain.

POC #3
Photo © Norman Orenstein

I feel like an Art Goddess! I’m dressed in Marina’s Art Towards A Happy Day  with my art (clothing design & styling) & Ceramic by Belén Soto. I’m looking at Street Art & headed to the theater.

POC #4
Photo © Norman Orenstein

Hey, why not join Marina & I at the Theater OR just click on the Society6 logo below, land in Marina’s page & do some shopping!


OMG! I better hurry  the curtain goes up at 9:30 p.m, September 22.

POC #7
Photo © Norman Orenstein

66 thoughts on “Off to the Theater in Paths of Color

  1. Frank, thanks for the marvelous! I couldn’t have felt so fab if I didn’t have these art leggings by Marina.
    I sure hope some followers will come see ⭐ the show ⭐ because they just might enjoy it! ⭐

  2. “Well, she looked at me
    You know what I mean
    And the way she looked was way beyond compare
    So how could I dance with another (Ooh)
    When I saw her standing there”
    (Lennon / McCartney)


  3. At last ! I did sleep ! Wow. Love the leggings …… moving up …… enhanced by your lovely jacket and brooch ……. back down to your leggings ……. so colourful ! This is a post worth waiting for dear Resa as you wear your OOTD so well. Big hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

  4. Oh-my-oh-my-oh-my!!!!!!!!!!! Super-gorgeous Art-Goddess!!!! I love all three versions and Belén’s pin is soooo beautiful!!!
    My dear Resa, what a privilege having you as a model and what makes me even happier is THE smile: YOUR smile! Thank you sweetie. I am overjoyed! 🙂 hugs and love and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Dear Marina,
      I fell in luv with these leggings when I saw them in your S6 shop. When they came in the mail, I tried them on immediately, and was inspired by how the art worked on the legs.
      Also, the quality of the product is very good! 🙂
      It was fun doing this post, and I am so happy you like how I have presented your beautiful art.
      That you are overjoyed makes my day!!!
      🙂 Love & hugs to you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. The leggings are beautiful!!, Marina is a great artist and you, the best model to wear it.
    I love your wonderful jacket, is really great and in this case is perfect for an evening of “art …and theater”.
    Thank you very much for mention me, Drake and I are very proud to see you like his gift 🙂 🙂
    A big hug for both.

    1. Thank you Belén!
      Drake’s leaf pin was perfect to go with this outfit! You should be proud! Your work is wonderful. 🙂 🙂
      Drake does well in his new home. He has made a few friends, but the cats & Drake are still unsure about each other. Everyone protects him from the cats.
      Hugs & kisses to you, and HELLO to all Drake’s friends in Vigo.

      1. I am very proud to have a good friend in Toronto, a charming “adoptive mother” to adventurous ducks 🙂
        Drake’s relationship with cats is never easy, he grew up among dogs … and they told him many stories, he has to learn that everything is not true.
        Do you have cats? how are they called? …
        Hugs and kisses from Vigo

        PS for Drake
        Be good with cats !!!

        1. Drake still hides from “Jeep & Johnny Depp”. (I did not name Johnny….long story) They are very frisky cats, but Johnny is a “scaredy-cat” If he ever saw a dog he would probably drop dead from fear.
          Drake is small, so Johnny is unsure, but not aggressive. Jeep is Johnny’s mom, and a very tiny cat. She wants to play with Drake, but cats have a funny way of playing. 🙂 🙂
          Much love & many hugs from Toronto!
          Drake wants to know if he can eat the cat’s food?
          If not, can he have some chocolate cake?

          1. Drake will end up being a good friend of Jeep & Depp,
            Moreover, he is a specialist in go undetected … he can remain perfectly still for hours 🙂
            Drake !!! … do not do the trick of the cat food, we all know that you want the cake … you must control your weight !!!

    1. Oh Amy!
      I wish someone in the fashion industry would want a model like me. A person over 40, with hips & who insists on wearing her glasses is not likely to be chosen over someone in their teens who is starving themselves.
      Wouldn’t fashion beauty be a great world, if beauty was all ages & all types.
      If I had the money, I could show the world true beauty for all with fashion.
      Dove tried it with their skin products, and I applaud them. I still use their products.
      ❤ You are the sweetest! {{Hugs}}

  6. Now you have given me the itch to go shopping. Where can I get those leggings and jacket like you have? Oh, Honey, it’s been so long since I dressed sexy. *sighs* You inspire me!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I have many years experience in the film industry dressing all ages and types. I could make you, and any woman or man look and feel gorgeous.
      It is not about a streamlined idea of commercial beauty. It is about individual gorgeousness!
      Your cats & flowers make you fabulous, and I would work that into dressing & photographing you.
      OMG, You are so beautiful, Amy! I’ve never really seen you, but I know this.
      Marina has many wonderful things to buy, and I love supporting our WP family.
      Here’s her shop on Society6
      Much Love ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. I will reply more in depth later, Resa. You can see a pic of me on the header at the bottom of Petals. On a rock by the water …. there you shall see me. It’s there. I just recentlhy put it there. (smile) Now you will know what I look like. LOL Must go for now …. be back later …. Love you!!! Amy ❤

      2. I just checked out your site and Marina’s site. I am wowed over, Resa. I had no idea you were into what you are! How I would LOVE for you to do a makeover for me. I wish! You look SO good and me, different is who I am, yet my life has taken me on a path that I rarely am out of jeans or tee. I used to get so dressed up all the time and loved to combine colors/fabrics most people would not. LOL You just may have launched me into my second adolescence. LOL I can’t wait to peruse both of these sites …. kid in a candy shop here. THANK YOU!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Mostrando el maravilloso arte de Marina Kanavaki, … y “una bonita creación de Cerámica Belén Soto”
    Gracias querida Resa!!
    Showing the wonderful art of Marina Kanavaki … and “a nice creation of Ceramica Belén Soto”
    Thank you dear Resa !!

    1. I’m going to wear them a lot this upcoming summer. Right now I’m layering over long johns…. it’s so attractive…. not!
      I have bought a few things from S6 now, and the quality has all been very good.

  8. oh! wow! May I say in full complimentary that you are stunning and hot gorgeously beautiful. Stylish and the leggings fit you so well. I love your black coat…your glasses and the beauty radiating your smile is perfect.

    I love, love love love this so much. 🙂

    1. Ohh, Charlie! This comment is like a poem! I am so flattered, but then how could I not look gorgeous in artwork by Marina! Truth is I did feel very beautiful on that day, and you have embraced the beauty flowing out from in. Love you so much! Resa ❤ 🙂

        1. Thank you! I am so very complimented. . It really is nice to be appreciated. Gorgeous to you, too, Charlie! ❤
          I so look forward to your next poem! Resa xx

            1. You are unbelievably sweet! Perhaps I can make you happy? Let’s do a collaboration one day. I don’t just take pics of graf & murals. I do art gowns & I have pics of me in another of Marina’s creations… Poppies! Hey maybe there is a 3 collaboration here!

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