Kingsway Royal 1

It’s a nostalgic mural of the Kingsway Royal York area, in an underpass.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

Let me back up to the beginning. It starts with a park.

Artist: Emilia Jajus
Artist: Emilia Jajus

This mural is not quite 3 years old, and already the rain run-off has left its marks.

Artist: Emilia Jajus
Artist: Emilia Jajus

The park is at the entrance to the tunnel.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

When we enter the tunnel, there is a street with a theater,

Artist: Emilia Jajus

…a bakery…

… a bank & couple other businesses.

Artist: Emilia Jajus
Artist: Emilia Jajus

The rest of this side of the underpasses mural is after the planter, for the next post.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

Picstaken by Resa- June 3, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

31 thoughts on “Kingsway Royal 1

  1. This is beautiful wall art and your photos are perfect. I actually think that time and rain has made this even more amazing . The old theatre with hr antique (now) car out front is my favorite in this collection. This is gorgeous art and you have captured it perfectly as you always do . Hats off to Resa, and this artist. For capturing these scenes for us. 🤗♥️

    1. I adore the old theater and car piece. Perhaps it is my fave of this 4 part mural, but there is more great stuff to come! So happy you like it, Holly! 😀 ❤

    1. She’s roaming through the area, putting the past’s pieces together with her art. There are 3 more posts on this underpass, 3 more pieces.

    1. You’re welcome!! I got a notice that “Desi” is coming out in a few days! I’ll probably get the ebook, as I haven’t worked in a bit! xoxo

      1. Resa, you’re the best! It’s only available as an ebook right now anyway because it’s just a short novella. I might release the whole series later as a print book. xoxo

  2. This is wonderful. The kids play in the puddles, all the shops. the beautiful park…and I love the way he’s pointing at something in the water. The geese are beautiful. What a colorful and beautiful mural.

    1. I fell in love with it the second I saw it! The nostalgia factor is a wow! There’s 3 more parts to it.
      I probably started with the best part, but it all depends on how one thinks.

    1. I walk through alleys. I take public transport to places in the city that I haven’t been, and walk through the streets and alleys. I bump into artist while they are painting, and talk to them. They tell me places to go. Sometimes when I am in a vehicle on my way somewhere, I’ll spot some art. Then, I go back to find it when I have a day off. More often than not, if there is 1 piece of art, there will be more. Toronto is filled with public art. People are very proud of it!

      1. You go through quite a bit to share these treasures with us. Thank you so much for your efforts. They are appreciated. On.a different subject, you have posted anything else on the other blog. I haven’t seen any notifications.

        1. Not since Athena Graffiti Goddess. The Art Gowns take from 3 to 6 months each to make. After I finish an Art Gown, I get a crash/down feeling. I need several weeks to chill. Then I start another one. I will do some in between posts, such as reblogs that are in the gown theme… somehow. Sometimes I get to put one on a model, then that gets posted. I’m hoping to shoot Athena on a model.
          Right now I have been getting some of my Art Gown pics printed & mounted on canvas. I am in the process of painting over them with iridescent acrylics. I’m hoping to do a gallery show. Either way, eventually I will make a post of that.
          Thank you for asking!!!!

    1. It really is a very pretty city, especially with all of the public art, and so much nature. I only wish they would save more old architecture.

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