Hey, Let’s Paint a Mural & then Put Trash & Charity Bins & a Billboard In Front of it!

I’ve always been a fan of EGR Art. It goes back to my earliest days in the alleys.

This is a wonderful community mural.

The artist did a great job despite the heavily pitted brick.

If I don’t post this now, I might never. I’m drowning in street art over here!

Moving left to right, at this point of the post.

Pics taken by Resa – December 30, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

🦄 Cumpleaños de Aquileana 💜

🎂 Happy birthday, dear Aquileana! 🎂

We’ve shared many posts, and all are very special to me.

Other than the opening shot, I’m moving left to right.

I’ve been saving this mural for a special occasion. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, and thanking you for all the spectacular posts we’ve done together is a perfect time.

Of course, I was hoping to find some Scorpio themed street art with a Scorpion in it, but no such luck.

However, this First Nations inspired art is filled with the mystic,

much like Greek Mythology and the Tarot,

… and much like you.


Pics taken by Resa – October 27, 2016

Winnipeg, Canada

The Artist: Cash Akoza

The Band Played On

Although this mural s only 2 months old, it has been fouled with throw-ups.

Fortunately the t-ups are along the bottom, & I was still able to capture the best parts.

I’m working this mural right to left.

Below is a Pano shot, which shows some of the damage at the bottom. Any further back, and trees get in the way.

Pics taken by Resa – August 22, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The artists: Jieun, Giova & Pablo West

Although somewhat obscured by trees, below is a far shot that shows the full extent of the fouling


Vintage Toronto Music Scene

Oscar Peterson anchors this 22 story high mural in downtown Toronto.

This mural features the entertainers (Canadian & American) and the venues that were popular in Toronto’s yester-years.

It was impossible for me to capture images that are 22 stories high, but I made a stab at it. To the left, and above Oscar, we have B.B. King, who played a lot at The Colonial (a long gone fave spot for blues and jazz)

Shirley Matthews, an Ontario Performer, was a popular fixture at Club Bluenote.

Gordon Lightfoot was playing at Steeles Tavern when America discovered him. He moved on to Toronto’s prestigious Massey Hall after that!

By the 11th -12th story, Muddy Waters is looking somewhat muddy.

Jackie Shane, American in hiding for many years, has made a comeback to Toronto. We welcome her!

Above her is Dianne Brooks, Glenn Gould and Ronnie Hawkins. Besides my camera not having a telescopic lens, there were bare tree branches. By the blurry top,  it was all branches.

Pics take by Resa – November 18 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Adrian Hayles

Here is Adrian Hayles’ artist rendering, before the fact.

Here’s the best of my far away captures. Pfft! Hey, there’s a side 2! That’s the next post!

Aboriginal Original

It begins with the glint in an eagle’s eye.

Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote

Then we are taken through a First Nation’s experience, via this fabulous mural

Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote

A stunning Thunderbird, and other symbols mark the path!

Artist: Phillip Cote

I’m thinking this is a nicotine plant.

Artist: Phillip Cote

This wolf, and all of the animals depicted are A+

Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Philip Cote

A beaver, Canada Geese and a Heron. (Or is it a Whooping Crane?)

Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote

The Eagle

Artist: Phillip Cote

A Raven

Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote

A Brown Bear

Artist: Phillip Cote

A Buffalo

Artist: Phillip Cote

Pics taken by Resa June 10, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Phillip Cote

I managed to take the entire mural from across the street. I left the photo file large, so if you click on, it blows up beautifully.

Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote
Artist: Phillip Cote

SATH – Visual Communicator


Artist: Sath

“The wall with the judge was painted in the village of Son Servera, and it talks about the freedom of speech. A Spanish rapper was condemned to jail just for the lyrics of his songs… ridiculous.”

Artist: Sath

The wall “Congreso De Los Imputados” is about politics.

Artist: Sath

“At the entrance of the Spanish parliament (congreso de los diputados): I changed the word diputados for imputados, (that means imputed). There are 2 lions, so I painted 1 of them (changing the ball for a prisoner ball), to criticize the government and the corruption.”

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

“I also attached the image of the last wall with my project “Som-Riu”. This week I’m gonna start another “Som-Riu” project in another village.”

SOM – RIU is a participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities. Learn more! Visit a previous GLaM post: SOM – RIU. 


Artist: Sath

Sath’s sense of humor is precious, whatever he decides to say with it.

“By the way, this wall painting is the new Spanish gastrobar Broken Eggs by the Galician Chef Jacobo Astray, in Ekkamai. Great selection of wines, craft beers, amazing food and service. All for affordable prices! Buen provecho!”

The CANVAS below is titled: UNI-CORN

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

For the live painting shows, I paint in front of the public during music festivals. They can get tickets to win the painting with a raffle at the end”.

Sath paints B.B.King

I asked Sath about the above shot.

 “The organization in that case was called “renou col-lectiu” that in Catalan language means “collective noise”.

All art © SATH

All photos © via SATH

Sath hails from Mallorca (Spain). He uses spray & acrylic paint to create colorful pieces, slightly surreal.  He uses figurative elements, & impossible situations or actions, but he never neglects the message.

Check out Sath’s Website!

Follow Sath on FaceBook!

Sath sent me a FaceBook link to a short sweet video of himself painting the wall below. I can’t seem to embed the video. It’s not on YouTube, but if you click on the pic below, it will take you to the video. If you do not have a FB account (like me) just click on “Not Now”. You will be able to view it!