Butterfly Eyes

So, I found another painted alley.

I haven’t finished the last alley, or the one before that and a couple of others.

I figure I’ll just go back to posting those other alleys, soon.

This alley was painted as a tribute to Barry Luksenberg, who performed under the name “Feel Good”. At 24, he was killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling across Vietnam with a friend.

He and his crew “512” were based out of the St. Clair West neighbourhood, which hosts this lane.

This lane has been officially named by the city, as Feel Good Lane.

Pics taken by Resa – December 28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

49 thoughts on “Butterfly Eyes

    1. I agree. It’s a gorgeous alley.
      I’m fortunately cursed with not being able to go anywhere without finding street art!
      So many artists, and concepts are worth seeing in the streets and alleys.

    1. It is a fab tribute. The alley does an interesting zig-zag. In the middle of the zig-zag is a children’s park (a very tiny one). The paintings around the park are definitely more naive, yet still wonderful.
      I found some beautiful boxes today.
      There seems to be not enough time to post all of the art I find.

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    1. It is beautiful! There’s a lot of fab art in this alley, as in many alleys. Th re’s 2 alleys with a butterfly theme. I need to get to both of them. 🦋

    1. It’s a painted city! Most of the art in the rain yards here is hard core graffiti. There are 2 areas along the tracks now that have been painted by artists. It’s quite wonderful.

          1. Thanks for sharing that post!! I did a post on some of the graffiti I have sen come through our rail yards. I titled it “Writing the Trains”. I caught some pretty good ones – but not as good as your murals!!

    1. There’s lots more art in this tribute alley. 😀 Yes, I’m finding oodles of street art. I’m way behind in posting, but I have only so much time. Nonetheless, I will post on! My favourite part is walking and finding the art.
      I put my phone on airplane mode.I can take pics, but no one can get ahold of me. It’s my most peaceful time. I think we are all allowed “me” time. 😀 xoxoxoxo

    1. It’s a real beauty!
      Hey, is Echo Of Love your most recent poem?
      I like your new theme/layout. I just want to make sure I’m not missing something.

    1. I’ll post more of the alley as time goes by. There’s lots of lovely art in it, including some sweet, naive pieces around a children’s park.
      I’ll make a post about the park, and the art around it.

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