My Kingdom for a Horse

This painting took my breath. I couldn’t stop taking pics.

The blue eye is hypnotic. You don’t see the blue until you are quite close to it.

What a beauty!

It’s not always the size that matters.

Pics taken by Resa – December 30, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s)


58 thoughts on “My Kingdom for a Horse

    1. It is a wonderful find! Lol! I didn’t zoom in, as I find it lowers the quality of the pic. I actually walked onto the property. I’m shameless when I want a shot. I climb fences, use fire escapes, wander onto property. Unless I see a guard dog, I’m going in! I’m harmless, and if someone asks me to leave, I will be glad to accommodate.

  1. Gorgeous. I love the mane and blue eyes (I know the other one is blue too :)) This is a special find, no doubt about it. Wonderful. I adore horses, their power, strength and personalities. I was always around them and they are incredible friends.

    1. I haven’t had the honour of being around horses a lot. However, I adore them. I went by this horse on my way somewhere. I was on a streetcar. I went back about 3 days later. I couldn’t sleep,
      due Jeep needing love every 1/2 hour, Johnny crying for food on the other 1/2 hour and the haunting of the horse.

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    1. This is a gifted artist. I did photograph the name: Kat Michaud. This artist is new to me.
      I’m almost embarrassed about the volume of pics I took. Anyway, free storage on Photos Google!

        1. I have so much art to show! Yet, I’m going on an art safari tomorrow. It will be above freezing, so I gotta make a break for it.
          Hmm, think I’ll do a boogapony in front of at least 1 piece.

  3. 🎼🎵 She saw a horse. WHERE ? There on the wall, right there. A little horse that trots on, going clip-clippity-clop on the wall, oh yeah ! 🎵 xoxoxo ❤

    1. All good wishes for you, too, Isadora!
      The horse is a paint of regal beauty. So glad you got to see it! Guess I’ll be seeing you at Frank’s “Beatles” concert this weekend! 🥰🎵

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