Locked Down, Again

I’ve never started a post with a reflection, before. Yet, it works for me here.

I can only go where I can walk. So, I have been going down some seedier, more neglected alleys. This beat up piece grabbed me.

The red eyeball looks like a tag.

She’ still a beauty.

It’s not just the art, it’s the entire performance of junk penning it in.

I’ve got lots of street art saved/hoarded, so should be posting new stuff for awhile.

Also, there’s a lot of early posts, that only 3 or 4 people got to see. Could always do a few of the best.

I got a commission to draw a pencil portrait of Frankenstein. Why not? I’m perfect for the job, as I draw a female super hero (Princess Blue Holly), a Torch Singer in Gowns, (Rene Rosso), Art Gowns Models in gowns, and a 1960’s Go-Go Dancer in cool mini dresses (Boogapony Holly).

It’s not quite finished, and I took this today. Today is almost as dark as night. Perfect for Frankenstein!

Pics taken by Resa – November 9, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artists:

79 thoughts on “Locked Down, Again

  1. Timothy Price

    Nice reflecting in the first photo. This is a wonderful neglected piece. Too bad the propane bottles cover up part to the piece. That’s a cool crow thinking of the DIME Roadhouse. Excellent Frankenstein.

    1. Right… the crow is thinking. I thought he was just blowing bubbles. I also wondered what the Dime Roadhouse is?
      Can’t see the forest for the trees!
      Thanks about the Frankenstein! Lol. I never, ever, never thought I would draw Frankenstein.

        1. LOL! What the heck is a Dime roadhouse?
          You are right about doing something well, that we have never done before. It’s quite satisfying! Thanks, Tim!

  2. I like your Frankenstein portrait. And the red eye of that lady seems to glow…
    I’m rather annoyed at the moment because I just read that Munich closes the municipal libraries again, despite the well working hygienic concept in their brances all over the city… Some Corona decisions are reasonable and important to save life, but some are unreasoning and incomprehensible…
    Stay safe, dear Resa!

    1. Lol! Thank you! The last thing I ever thought I would draw is Frankenstein.
      I agree about what THEY choose to shut down, and leave open.
      We are living in a crazy time! You be safe, too!!!

  3. Oh, I can feel your emotions in this, it is beautiful in its essence. We are not locked down, nor is there any mitigation going on. We are left abandoned, at the mercy of those who care only for themselves, putting us all at risk under the first amendment. A president who golfs while we die. Any way, forgive the rant, dear one. This is a moving post. Your sketch of Frankenstein is really amazing, I just love it ,you are an awesome artist. Take care out there in the alleys, be safe, Sending love xoxoxo

    1. My dear Holly,
      What would I do without you? You’ve come to know me so very well.
      Yes, I did embrace this alley art, as it said what I feel. As you know, it’s not just the art, it’s that beauty all penned in by all the ugly. It’s a statement that the art on its own doesn’t make.
      LOLOL Frankenstein… who knew? Not me, but I’m quite happy wth it. I just want to the guy to pick it up, so I can get back to the important work of drawing gowns, and our special characters.
      He’ll be picking it up curb side, downstairs. I’ve never even met this person.
      At least Trudeau speaks to the country about the virus and the economy 5 days a week. He’s under a microscope with the virus. He is still young, and was unprepared for all this. Still, he means well, and has done a pretty good job sending $ aid out. Not perfect, but good.
      Okay, I hope all is well….. as it can be for this time.
      Sending love!!!

        1. Agree!
          It’s an unhappy time for the world right now.
          People are into the blame game. I’d like to know how many of those who are bad mouthing Trudeau DO NOT wear masks, and have taken CERB money.
          It could be a lot worse. We could have a PM who golfs while people die.

  4. I was thinking of you today as I walked past a building holding a brilliant mural. The building is scheduled for demolition sometime in the future. But in the meantime, the mural remains ever resolute in the face of this challenge. Thank you for capturing murals that are in long forgotten alleys. Murals hold our stories and symbols of who we are. That red eye is very interesting. Sending hugs and more hug. Wish I could join you on your travels in person, but virtual is the next best thing.

    1. Virtual is pretty good right now! It would be very difficult to live thorough this pandemic, and lock downs without our blog community.
      Much different from Twitter or Instagram and other platforms, we really do get to know one another in a more personal way.
      Blogging has been a huge lifeline for me into the world, where we land in each others homes for sweet visits. {{{hugs}}}

      1. Yes – and I’m going back for more. . You may remember this mural – I sent you photos of it several years ago. (Time really does zoom zoom) What I most appreciate about mural artists is there generosity in sharing their creative talents knowing that their artwork will be open to the elements and to the possibility of an evolving city landscape. I LOVE this blog, Resa. Thank you.

        1. Oh, you mean the mural that’s on my sidebar? It’s linked to your post, and is one of my guest murals?
          I’m very happy you love this blog. That means a lot to me. It’s art, at its most ephemeral.

    1. OMG! How did I miss this comment?
      I kind of like the trash in this instance. I feel an apropos message.
      Thanks about the drawing! The guy who commissioned it is thrilled!

  5. Ooh Frankenstein eh?? She got some of her inspiration for the story from staying in my home town. Great pics, love the one where you see the woman’s face as a reflection. And wonderful drawing of Frankenstein. It’s quite touching actually. And you rant. RANT all you like. xxxxxxxxx

      Okay… enough for now, and now that Mr. Frankenstein is done,( I am honoured that you find it touching, I’ll bet Mary saw saw him…… EEEEEEE) I can back to draw ep. 3 of the Chicago Adventure.

      You’ve already seen your Art Gown in pencil…it’s a series of pencil drawings. I can’t say why in an open comment. I don’t want to spill the beans.

      1. I do find him kind of touching and also in the book it’s people’s reactions to him that make the mostner of him and this captures that well, not just that he doesn’t look right and can’t quite get that but that he feels tortured because of it. I am looking forward to all the adventures xxxxxxxxx

    1. Janet!
      I thought that this beautiful art, and the way it is trapped behind all that trash was a poignant statement on its own.
      Thanks about the Frank compliment! Who knew I could draw something like that?
      Take Care! Hi to Big B!

  6. Hello Resa, there are many hidden gems down many alleyways, just take care when going down them exploring!
    And Frankenstein’s monster is fantastic, classic Karloff. The recipient will love this sketch.
    p.s. when you said you’d drawn the monster I thought for a second you might have drawn the David Prowse version of the monster from the Hammer Horror films.

    1. I am always careful in alleys. That’s why I avoid the seedier ones. However, as I am trapped in my hood, I have expanded my search. No alley is off limits now!
      OH, I don’t know that Frankenstein. (Thanks for the compliment)Once this drawing is delivered, I’ll check Prowse’s out. I don’t want to over think it, and if I see another Frankenstein, I might just do that.
      Cheers, and stay well!

    1. Thank you and thank, you, Daniel!
      To me, it’s not just the beautiful art, it’s the way it is held prisoner by all that junk. It’s a metaphor for our time of the virus.
      Be well, you and you beloved!

  7. Impressing and intriguing mural you found in that alley, Resa.
    Super drawing from your hands as well. You are an artist of many trades , dear friend!
    Keep healthy ❤

  8. Loooove your Frankenstein!!!!!!!!!!
    That alley mural looks much much better as a whole, junk, gas bottles, no smoking, reflection on the car etc… Love the bird on the door!
    Happy December!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Who knew I could draw a Frankenstein? I’m happy I did it, and I hope the guy who commissioned it, likes it. I really want to get back to drawing Art Gowns. I’ve got a list of drawings a mile long!
      Happy December!!!!!!

      1. I did!!!! (…know you can draw anything you like!)
        A mile long list sounds good to me!!!!!! 😉😉😉😉😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
        Happy creative December!!!!

        1. Yeah, same to you! Our brushes are swords, our pens are our arrows, the paint is tomorrow and our words can heal sorrow.

    1. I adore reflections of murals in cars.
      Well, I drew a Fanken… I’m happy with it, but boy, I sure want to get back to drawing Art Gowns. {{{hugs}}}

  9. I love the photo where you can see the mural image and the reflection (and the Dime Roadhouse). They look like they’re looking at each other–I think the reflection is trapped and she’s going to be driven away. . .

    I like your Frankenstein’s Monster. He looks pensive.

    1. Ahhh, I like that. She’s inside the car, waiting for the big escape! What a great take, Merril!
      Well, did my best with Frankenstein. Now, it’s back to Art Gowns!

  10. Starting with a reflection is good, it creates intrigue and also poses the question if you see the reflection first, is the other now the mirror image? I love all the other stuff in the alley, it makes the image a bit melancholy, it adds a lot unintentionally.

    1. Thank you! I find the art is not the entire story. All the trash with it makes it a message.
      Thanks about the drawing! I never thought I would draw Frankenstein!

  11. It’s all about the timing, Resa, and with all that’s going on, you finding this mural seems appropriate. A lot going on in the big picture. And your Frankenstein is perfect, but then again, all your drawings are! Stay safe in those alleys, dear friend. 🧡💙💜

  12. Wow. For this whole post.
    I love the reflection and can understand your pull to it.
    It’s a fantastic mural as you said, penned in by the junk,
    And dahlink! Your Frankenstein’s monster is AH-MAY-ZING!

    1. Thanks Thunder! I was quite happy to find this.
      As for Frankenstein, it must be all the practice I’m getting drawing Art Gowns. Goodness knows that’s all I draw… Oh and 3 bad guys, so far.

  13. Cool. Wish we could see what is behind the bottles. What is with the red eye? The crow looks happy. Your Frankenstein is amazing; will you do something to his scalp ?

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