Black Panther

Or, Beth’s Cat, Olive?

I read in a comment – “People always think she’s in a costume all year round because she’s a black cat, but she is going to be a black panther for Halloween.”

When I asked Beth about Olive dressing as a Black Panther for Hallowe’en, she replied Olive didn’t have any outfits.

So, I assume Olive actually morphs into a Black Panther. Cool huh?

I know it’s almost Christmas, but I’ve been a bit scared to post this!

Pics taken by Resa – August 26, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

Unknown at this time

51 thoughts on “Black Panther

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    1. MEOWWW!!! Purrrrrrr!
      This is really a gorgeous painting! Why, it’s almost as sweet as the Hera mural I found!
      Okay, give Hera a couple of sloppy licks for me! One good lick deserves another! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. It is a lovely find! xoxoxo
      Finally had some sun today, so I got a couple hours in on the new Art Gown.
      Also, did first try on spirit Art Gowns Models riding on spirit owls. Lol! Nothing like good challenges. xoxoxoxo
      Hey, in ep.4 I’m going to draw ‘Oron as an umbrella. After all, he’ll be back in Manchester!

        1. I can see it now, the yellow basketball board head, a stick shaft (much like the scarecrow) one curved foot, a smart blazer with ascot and a Rennie hat (he’ really wants one), all topped off with with an open umbrella cap and a decorative ferrule!

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