Charlie Zero – Poet

Charlie Zero embraces Beat Poetry, & bytes 21st century’s tech.


Resa @ GLaM 0 reviews Charlie Zero’s new book @ Robot Dreams Inside A Plastic Soul!

CZ #1
Photo manipulation of Resa © Norman Orenstein

CZ has a message, & does not stray. Nor, does he shy away from vocabulary. This means you might want to have a dictionary handy, but don’t utilize it until you finish reading the poem at hand. IMHO, just read the poem & let your mind turn words into images. Good chance you will come to the same message/conclusion/advice or question that Charlie did.

CZ #12b

After the fact, I found it fun to search the words I didn’t know, only to find that in context of his work, I did know.

Obviously & ultimately, it’s not just the words Charlie uses, but the way he employs them.

Yet, Charlie can take the simplest of words and forms to create: the amusing, { “Colonel beef-fruit”} the didactic {“…multiply in zeroes.”} and the unnerving {“3, 2, 1 …boom!}”

CZ #12


CZero #15

At this point my fave chapter is “Advanced Mushrooms [The Kodak Man]”

CZero #14

In this chapter I found CZ”s current & topical messages revealed themselves most easily. This is especially evident in the poem “Mozart: The Orange Apocalypse”


CZ’s book of poetry is a like an artistic experiment, that has unlocked the DNA of words.

CZ #13

GLaM 0 signing out, & Resa heading back down to earth. Thanks for the great read, Charlie Zero!

CZ #7
Photo of Resa © Norman Orenstein

Click on the pick to go to Charlie’s Book Release Post.


All you need to buy  This Robot Dreams Inside A Plastic Soul is a PayPal account & $10.00. Shipping is on the house!

The above pic is from the back of the book. Click below to read it.


17 thoughts on “Charlie Zero – Poet

  1. First off, I’d like to thank you a million for doing the book review.

    You described my poetry very well, and you captured everything within the art form perfect and very surrealistic. 🙂

    Again thank you so much. Bless you my friend.

    ~Charlie Zero the Poet

    1. Your welcome, Charlie! 😀 It’s been a pleasure, and a lot of interesting fun. Best of fortune with your first book, & every other book you write! (Looking forward to the next one!) _Resa

      1. Probably ! A definite Barbarella ! But I think you would have a problem buying a set of tights and heels if you were a three legged alien 😉 lol xoxo ❤ #<

  2. Ah, Resa, what a great review [you know I’m a big fan of Charlie] and I love the pictures/art you chose. My copy is on the way and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 My best wishes to Charlie for his brilliant artistic contribution and love & hugs to the sweet sweet girl with the golden heart: YOU! 🙂 xxxxxx

    1. Aww, Marina, you say the nicest things! I also, wish Charlie the best. His poetry is unique, one of a kind. Oh, and I’ll just take all those hugs & love ❤ xxxxxxx 😀

  3. You should do more reviews, you are really good! The photo of you is very eye catching as well. The books sounds very trippy and equally intriguing.

    1. TY Ste j! I look nothing like the photo! LOL… I’ve always wanted to be an alien on Star Trek… the old Star Trek with William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy. Ah, the good old outer space days.

      1. You shall always look like tha photo to me now. I could see you as a glittered up alien in silver tin foil being all saucy with Kirk. TV has certainly come on since those days lol.

    1. LOL!!! The pic of me is not real! Norm made it. 😀 Besides, I look like an alien. … Oh … Star Trek… Well, if I can be a creature on the old Star Trek… I’m in! 😀

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