Face to Face to Face

This mural on Rideau St. is 7 years-old and faded.

Face #1

The mural in it’s entirety is not as exciting as each individual face.

Face #4

Face #22

Face #2

Face #9

Face #19


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Face #5

Face #6

Pics taken by Resa, July 3, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist:

Face #28

Face #16

Face #14

Face #21

27 thoughts on “Face to Face to Face

  1. I’m struck by the neatness of the artist; his straight lines encapsulating his art, and then, the lines of the faces. There seems a real focus behind him; a purpose to put his vision, with paint, upon the wall….
    Good one, Resa… 🙂

    1. It is a good one! Like I say, each face is better than the mural as a whole, but I really like it! xoxo Hey! I just got an email saying Tomorrow’s End has just shipped. I’ll let you know when it arrives! 😀

  2. They are quite some characters, aren’t they dear (reset) Resa ? lol. I am using Dragon 12 voice to typing program and your name has been reset so it says 😉 Big hug my friend. Ralph xoxox ❤ ##

  3. Helloe hello hello, what’s this? A SECRET blog which has been hidden from me about artistic vandalism? Awesome! I bought my sister a book called Graffiti Brazil long ago. Mega, it was.

    1. Very happy to see you here on this SECRET blog. I’m logged in here more often than my Art Gown blog, so I’ll be visiting Professional Moron more often for doses for absurdity & great laughs.
      LOL! Artistic vandalism… ..well okay! Does Brazil have great street art? Sounds interesting.

  4. Are there any blank walls left in Canada? Hehe. There is so much diversity here, not only of the people but also their expressions. It is a truly global mural and I find it easy to conjure a story for each one.

    1. They are pretty great! Oh, I saw a fab documentary on the Puffin 2 nights ago. It was done on a rocky island off of Newfoundland.
      The Puffin creates a lot of emotion in me, and I totally could not stop thinking about you and your Puffins on Saltee!

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