Fresh water is one of the most important things in life.

Benji & Ms. Zulu remind us in my last post, that all plants & animals need plenty of fresh water to live and grow.

SO, how can we keep it clean? Can we pollute less? How will life grow if it drinks poison?

There is one other side to this mini-mural. Looks to me like kids are sharing.

Here’s older kids, still sharing.

“Think Global, Act Local”

Pics Taken by Resa- May 26, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The Artist: Is unknown to me. I will update when I know.


Big Easy

Presenting …. The Big Easy in Ottawa.


Painted on a medium stucco, I was having a few challenges shooting this.


Of course, the stucco was nothing compared to the big asp semi-trailer truck that parked in front of the mural.


I captured enough before it was too, late.




♬ ♬ ♬ I’m sure the guitarist is singing to  Marina & Belén ♬ ♬ ♬


Pics taken by Resa, June 29, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artists are unknown to me




Nesting Ukrainian Dolls = Matryoshka

Mshka #1

I wondered why the dolls were all different sizes, and now I know.

Mshka #10

Each doll fits inside another, except the biggest, which houses the lot.

Mshka #3

The mural is old and flaked, but the colours remain vibrant.

Mshka #4

This mural is a beauty.

Mshka #2

Mshka #5

Mshka #9

Mshka #17


Mshka #7

Mshka #13

Pics taken by Resa, July 5, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me.

Mshka #14


Mshka #16


Mshka #12

Mshka #15

Canadian Black Drake

This Black Drake is obviously adored in Ottawa, Canada.

BlkD #1

First off, he is set amongst luscious red flowers ….

BlkD #3

…set at the foot of an important clock tower …

BlkD #2

…. and guarded by Highland Regiment.

BlkD #5

I also see Canada has imported an Alien to watch over the Black Drake.

BlkD #6

Pics taken by Resa, July 8, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

Dedicated to: Le Drake Noir

The artist:


BlkD #4

Storia Italiana

In Little Italy, Ottawa, find this low, long running mural.

Ital #5

Of course, it’s in a parking lot, so I shot around parked cars

Ital #1

The mural is about 4 ‘ high & 40 ‘ long.

Ital #14

I shot it in sections, & am presenting it left to right.

Ital #10

All panoramic shots look great blown up.


Ital #7

Ital #9

Ital #3

Ital #2

Ital #4

Pics taken by Resa, June 29, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artists:


Ital #13

Ital #6

Ital #8