Fresh water is one of the most important things in life.

Benji & Ms. Zulu remind us in my last post, that all plants & animals need plenty of fresh water to live and grow.

SO, how can we keep it clean? Can we pollute less? How will life grow if it drinks poison?

There is one other side to this mini-mural. Looks to me like kids are sharing.

Here’s older kids, still sharing.

“Think Global, Act Local”

Pics Taken by Resa- May 26, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The Artist: Is unknown to me. I will update when I know.


36 thoughts on “Water

    1. Yes, we do need to safe guard it. Many don’t have any. I try to be conservative with my usage, but I constantly see how rich I am with water, and how much I waste. I just turn on the tap!

  1. Here in California the drought is over, but in a couple of years the, glut, the seven years of plenty (OK, we get Biblical here) are over. It’s a long-term problem, another case where government needs to be responsible and competent. Anyhow, I’m still filling up pails and barrels. We need water. Water is a wonderful thing and the artwork shows it.

    1. Yes, I am aware of the crazy water climate in California. Pails and barrels are good! Perhaps you could build yourself a small personal water tower? I know that sounds like something the government should do, but they probably won’t!
      At least the drought is over for now, and I am happy for that.
      This is an artwork with a message, for sure!

  2. The water got to me, I plan on sharing it if you don’t mind. I have a friend who was a newspaper editor that gave up his career to move to Kenya to help bring water and healthcare to rural areas. I think he will enjoy this. Thanks as always for great stuff.

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