59 thoughts on “Cat on Fire

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          1. That’s why I refer to them as puppy-dogs; hahaaaa… They will always be puppies in my eyes, too.
            Sadly, K gets sneezes and sniffles when around kitties, so I have to be happy to read about them, watch videos, and see an occasional sight of the neighbourhood kitties! But, I make up for that by having three gorgeous puppy-dogs… 😉 😉

    1. It’s true! The streets and alleys of Toronto are an art gallery. I love it, and if I want to see the art, I’ve got to get off my buns and walk around. Art and exercise all at once.

        1. True, but I can take it! I’m good to -5C. Colder than that it’s 1/2 hour walks, only.
          The only thing stopping me from going out to see my beloved street art is ice on the walks. I don’t want to break any bones. So, I work on an Art Gown.

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