Native Visions

Found this in a small underpass.

The colours are gorgeous. Here’s the east side.

It is very different from any other native street art I have found.

There are a lot of faces on the west side.

The faces are in organic things, like tree trunks.

I have turtle love.

Pics taken by Resa – January 7, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

185 thoughts on “Native Visions

    1. IKR! I just love walking for hours, and finding what I can find! Oh.. I can hardly wait for restrictions to be eased! I heard about a giant fence on a street about 40 minutes north (by TTC). Then I could walk back part way.
      There are 30 murals on it. Runs almost a mile!!

  1. Wow, they really brighten up (I imagine) what must be otherwise quite a dark space.
    I just love the hidden faces. They remind me of a wallpaper I had many years past. Every time I looked at it I could see ‘little faces’ in the trees. This was really the knots in the tree trunks, and the dappled light filtering through the curtained windows… Hahah.. so cute! As are these, Resa; so cute!

    1. It is a totally enchanting underpass!
      The colours, the rendition and feeling.
      Your old wall paper sounds lovely, just like your tree knot dappled imagination!

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    1. Thank you, TOF! Yes, it is gorgeous.
      I took the pics in January, before confinement.
      I’m dying to get out for a decent art search walk. Looks like 2 more weeks before that happens.
      Okay, my creativity is scattered, but it’s still here! Chipping away at my projects.
      How are you holding out?

    1. I’ve been there twice. There is even a bench in the underpass, so one can sit and enjoy.
      It is beautiful!
      Hey, have you guys heard of a band called “Daft Punk”?
      If so, do you have a fave song?

      1. Good thinking adding a bench there!!!! 😉
        Yes, we have. Good band and lots of songs… off hand, Veridis Quo – Technologic – Revolution 909… there’s another French band [even better imho] Air. If you haven’t heard them, I know you’ll enjoy. Oannes might be doing a Daft Punk / Air / etc podcast…. 😉

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  4. Hello Resa, this is like a massive version of Where’s Wally or in this case Find-A–Face. It’s fantastic but I have to say on first view of the full width west side picture it looked as if there was a head/face with wide eyes and gasping mouth poking out above the river with two arms. Then I realised there were four “arms” so it turned into an Octopus then upon a final look I realised it was a fallen tree with four branches, the bark just appeared to have a face. I love optical illusions! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m in love the tropical ambiance of this art. The intricate and deep illusion of an Amazon forest is awesome. A fabulous artist and amazing photographer. Thank you Resa. I wouldn’t mind being a jeweled snake 🐍 slithering among those beautiful leaves. xoxo

    1. I love this too. It really is different. Ah, a jewelled snake would look great!
      You are already a jewel, though. Maybe you could just smatter yourself about reading your emerald poetry by the brook and under the trees! xoxox

        1. Okay! I’ll do it with you!
          ❦ 🐢🐍🦋🦄🌴🐲🏜💎🔮❦
          Art Gowns: The Forest Collection…. Oh and I want to do … The Floral Collection!
          First to deal with Evilomlap!

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        1. Thank you, Holly! You are so sweet! It really is a vibrant, beautiful and unique piece! Love, love, love you!
          I heard about a wall, runs about a mile, and there are 30 murals on it!
          I can hardly wait for restrictions to be eased! xoxo

            1. Back at ya! 🦋🦄💎🔮
              I won’t go there until it’s safe to ride the TTC, again.
              They’ve kept it running for essential workers, but the rest of us are only allowed to go out for food once a week.

                    1. Love and hugs back at ya!
                      I don’t think we will feel totally free until a treatment and a vaccine are found.
                      I’m okay with partly free, so I can go on my walks, wearing a mask!

                    1. Lol! Yes, the ears will bleed.
                      Hahahaha RR sings and ears bleed.
                      Okay, just kidding…it will be the battle cry!
                      EIEEEE… is that it? OR?

                    2. I don’t blame her!
                      There’s no music nights! I’m having a hard time drawing to canned music! I’ve been so spoiled.
                      Anyway, the new Art Gown is in the beginning of the thick, so that is coming along.
                      I know I’ll get my drawing mojo back up and running! Getting used to the new abnormal, and now I’ve got glass or something in one of my big toes. It’s driving me nuts. It’s like I have Tovid! xoxo

                    3. No! You have glass in your toe? I feel your pain.
                      Shivers! Google Healthline and they will guide you though the removal with sanitized tweezers and a sharp needle, alcohol and antibiotic ointment. Oh I’m really feeling your pain, I’m a big old empath! xoxoxo

                    4. It’s 50% better today… I think. I think it was a tiny piece and it got crushed from walking on it. I got some out. Will try again after soaking my foot, today!

  7. Hyperion

    This was a real gem of a mural Resa. You have a fantastic eye for detail and a wonderfully unique art form. I would find myself in trouble for loitering if I found that on my way somewhere. Thankfully, You allow loitering and I can take it all in without worry.

    1. Aww, thank you! Yes, it is a brilliant work of art! They allow loitering in the underpass! They put a bench there, although, I’ve never seen anyone using it.
      Crazy, but I believe many people don’t see street art. Sometimes I’ll be taking pics of the art, and someone notices. They wonder what I’m taking pics of…. a wall? Then they look and do double and triple takes. A big asp mural, and they never notice it.
      You can loiter here all you want!

      1. Hyperion

        I actually find that amazing how people can be so into their thoughts they don’t notice their surroundings. I’m always scanning everything and seeing the beauty of small and simple things and overwhelmed by grand vistas. It’s the INFJ life. I suppose that is why I admire the beauty you share with all the many talents you have. I’m that guy you have to ask to move so you can get picture. 😍

        1. LOL…well I would have no compunctions asking you to move!
          Unless you’re over 7 ft tall, carrying a bat and acting like you are the owner of said mural.
          Just trying to be funny in this unfunny time!
          I’ll be by soon. I’m very slow blogging these days, but some of that is because I am making headway with my new Art Gown. 🥰🥰

          1. Hyperion

            Can’t wait to see your new art gown 😍. I’m always reminded of the grand gowns of past era’s with a mythical magical twist. You will be happy to know, I’m a mere 6 foot tall and don’t own any baseball bats. Although I did recently discuss investing in bear spray to enforce social distancing and to discourage bad people from taking my wallet. We like bear spray over guns or other weapons. With bear spray a person will live a very spicy life for a day or two and they can rethink their life decisions. With guns, not so much.

  8. You’re right, Resa, the colors are gorgeous and the artwork clever with faces in the tree trunks. What talent, skill, and thoughtfulness it took of the artist to beautify the underpass. Another wonderful find and beautiful photos. xo

    1. Thank you, Lauren! It is a beautiful piece!
      I’m heading over to your blog, as soon as I catch up on mine! It seems like I’ve turned my blogging into bogging! LOL! xo

  9. Resa, luv! OMG! These are exquisite! I think what the artist is portraying is the actual essence and spirit of Mother! That is my interpretation as I perused these phenomenal pieces of art. Thank you SO much for taking the time from your sewing to publish this post. Much love to you! xo

    1. Your thoughts sound right to me.
      It is a phenomenal piece of art.
      So, the new Art Gown is finally coming along. When this whole C-19 stay at home thing happened, my creative energy was thrown off.
      It’s come back, somewhat, and the Zen of hand sewing is soothing.
      I really need to get out for some walks. Soon, I hope. They are looking a relaxing things up here around May 12. Love back to you! xo

      1. You have piqued my curiosity. Are you not allowed to be outside in Toronto, Resa? OMG! I would have lost it if I have not been going for my walks and getting out to the forest. The air is SO fresh and clean and is SO good for you. I’m shocked to hear you haven’t been out. Love!! xo

        1. We are only allowed out to go to the grocery store, pharmacy or some hardware stores, if we have “urgent” home repairs. We are supposed to keep that to once a week at the most. We may only shop singly. Couples and families not allowed.
          You can go for a walk in your neighbourhood for exercise, or a bike ride. Again, better if we exercise at home, or in your yard, if you have one.
          There is a beach on Lake Ontario across the footbridge from me. There is a bike path there, but it is now overcrowded.
          No sitting around the beach with friends. You’ll get a $500.00 ticket.
          So, yes, basically we are isolating. Of course medical workers, and other front liners are allowed to go to work.
          It’s going to be at least 2 more weeks before I will be allowed to go for a decent walk to look for art.
          I’ll have to go out on Wednesday. It is emotionally draining to see most everything closed, Covid signs everywhere, people lined up 2 m apart waiting to get into the store for food, almost everyone wearing face masks, coming home means disrobing in the hallway(all clothing into the washer & me into the shower. All products I bought are then washed down, or left in my “special corner in the hallway” for days until the virus is not active anymore.

          Love back to you, dear Amy! xoxo

          1. Resa! I feel so badly for you. I would never be able to live in a city and to know what you are going through tugs strongly at my heart. If I did not have my parks I do and to be able to walk about as I do, I would not be able to keep it together. I am so so grateful I am able to go where I go.
            This world is so surreal that I in no way can relate. I shake my head as shock waves still course through me when I see people walking with masks on their faces. I do not wear a mask. I do not strip at the door. Yes I keep my distance away from people and I am very aware from what direction the wind is blowing from. I refuse to go into fear and I refuse with my whole being to even for one nano second believe I will not remain strong and healthy. My husband does the shopping and the errands and for this I am SO grateful. Yes he does wear a mask that he has made. I go nowhere except my parks.
            I received a huge shock when I saw the sign on my GP’s door that her office is closed until further notice. I never was notified and boy did I feel angry that the very person I am supposed to depend on has withdrawn. Believe you me, I have no trust in this doctor any longer!
            I will keep you in my heart and prayers and hope that this isolation and some of the insanity disappears soon. Stay strong and keep busy ….. I can by no means imagine what it must be like to be housebound for so long. Sending my love to you and big (((HUGS)))!! xo

    1. It’s like Thunder, it’s so fab!
      I agree, it is sensational. I took these the second time I went there. The first time someone had plastered racist propaganda over some of it. Broke my heart.
      However, the artist, or someone cleaned it up. Happiness!

  10. Ooo… Resa you find the most gorgeous murals. These are particularly beautiful. I love the colors and the style. The black lines remind me of “continuous line drawing” which I rarely see. These are a treasure. Thanks so much for doing the closeups and for posting everything. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Thank you, Teagan! It truly is a gorgeous piece of art.
      It’s a joy to find and post these works of street art! I can hardly wait to be able to go scouting again.
      Be well, Pyjamas of Cats!

    1. Beautiful comment, Charlie!
      I’m lucky to live in a city that embraces street art, big time!
      😀 Hey! Have you ever heard of a band “Daft Punk”?

        1. Not really, but I found a piece of art of Frida Kahlo, and Daft Punk is across her chest.
          I can’t figure why. There is no restaurant or club there… just this image.
          I listened to some of their music, but mmmm.. not my bag. Perhaps they have a great song, or a song about her? I just can’t figure it.
          Do you have a song of theirs you like?

                    1. Okay! Well, don’t spill the beans on the answers right away. I think people need time.
                      Well, I sur do, LOL!
                      I’m still looking at your words! 😀

                    2. Here’s an example of what I told the first reader.

                      (Mere pi amide) right?

                      Everything will be in lowercase expect for 2 phrase that will stand out as capital first letter.

                      ‘Mere pi amide’?

                      sometimes I visualize what it would be like to be in a movie based on what Empire motive did the snake band endured during the collapse of clay animation and the hideous Media that allows its business to run amok.

  11. Resa, I found this art so rich and full of hidden gems… What a find… I am always in awe of these artists whose talents often are not always fully appreciated.. Oh and I saw I am somehow not following you … Strange as I have not unsubscribed… So hence the refollow…
    Anyhow Resa… I love the fluid lines and the eyes and faces… So much to see..
    Thank you for sharing these amazing finds of art… That we would never know exists without your snap-shots of them…
    Much love and stay blessed my friend 🙂 🙏💖

    1. Sue!
      This is a very rich tapestry of colours! I adore this piece!
      No worries about the Follow thing. It happens to me, too. I think it’s one of those WP glitches.
      I have to refollow time to time.
      Sometimes it says I’m not following someone, if I load a different post, the follow lights up. Go figure! 😀 xoxo

  12. I was admiring this earlier this afternoon on Holly’s b log. It is magnificent. I think it would have to be one of my favorites that you have post. It had a little pyschadelic feel to it, especially aroujnd the moose.
    Loved it.

    1. It is a bit of a psychedelic feel, native style.
      Sorry for the late reply, and sluggish visits. I’ve been sewing, ya know!! 😀

  13. I love that the faces are incorporated in nature! After all, nature makes us happy so this makes sense! PS I think nature is loving that we’re all in home isolation lately ~ She is doing amazing!

  14. Woodsy

    What a beautiful thing… to capture street masterpieces like this and share them, so that streets across the world might be inspired to create their own.

    What a beautiful site you have here.

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