You Spin Me Round

Okay, week 6 of isolating is upon me.

Like many, I am very cooped up at home, venturing out for necessities, only.

I’d prefer to run in the wind, wild and free.

But, we must flatten the curve!

Anyway, I’m determined to have some fun. So, while Covid spins us sadly around,

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I’m spinning the spin, until we win!

Pics taken by Resa – March 19, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists: Birdo & Ness

93 thoughts on “You Spin Me Round

    1. LOL! Yeah, Birdo is famous for his strange creatures. He’s an amazing artist, who does what he wants, although he could paint classically, if he wanted.
      We gotta stay positive! I know that’s easier said than done, but we gotta try!

      Big hugs and kisses to you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Yes, we gotta try!!!!!!
        big big big hugs and lots and lots of kisses to you
        …and tail wags of course!

  1. Timothy Price

    Great post, Resa. Are you familiar with the Columbian sculptor Fernando Botero? He made a series of fat lady bronzes that are wonderful sculptures. The women riding the wild pony are very much in the style of Botero’s bronzes. The post brought to mind the song Dizzy. Do you remember it? This video with the GoGo dancer makes one’s head spin.

      1. Timothy Price

        We saw several of Boteros bronzes in Spain and some in France. I’m trying to remember if we saw them in Italy, also. They are big, striking and beautiful. God may have created man first, but he perfected his art and created the perfect form when he made woman. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the art known as woman has lost his senses.

      1. The movie is quite good, typical Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore film. There’s quite a few good laughs, but Adam does several performances over the course of it, and they put me on my side, every time, absolutely hilarious!! The rest of the opening at the wedding after the Spin Me Round song is a riot!
        Definitely worth a watch when in the mood for a comedy!

    1. I do remember the song. This was the first time seeing this video. AWESOME!!! I Love the GoGo Dancer.

      That’s my Boogapony Holly with brown hair and split ends.

      When I was a kid, I wanted to be a GoGo Dancer when I grew up. There was this place, “The Hungry Eye”. It was a discotheque, on a 2nd floor, with 2 big windows with GoGo Dancers dancing in the windows. I could hear the music.
      I’d sit on the sidewalk and watch, mesmerized.

      I looked up Botero. I didn’t remember his name, but I knew the art when I saw it.
      I can see why you related his work to this artist. (Ness) So far all of her work is this type of woman. She does some fab things… like a bevy of beauties.

      Glad you liked the post, Tim!

      1. Timothy Price

        I like how Ness and Botero present the female figure. They make it large and beautiful. I know you are sensitive about big butts for your days as an artclass model, but anyone who truly loves art and life appreciates the art and beautiful variety of the female bottom.

  2. Resa, any kind of art with naked women catches my attention. This was very creative. The horse looks great. Perhaps, if the ladies walked instead or riding bareback, they may not be so how should I put this delicately……big butt.

  3. Siamese twins on a solo horse, its arse attached to a God knows what reptile. I shall, now doubt, have an induced nightmare…it’ll all be your fault! That said, I am taken with this piece of graffiti, especially so the enjoined hair of the twins. What a remarkable artist. My thanks that you made this known to me, young Resa

    1. IKR!
      ….and it’s on a garage door. I adore where art can flourish.
      Ohh, the nightmare thing. Sorry! I already had one about that horsadile.
      Well, sleep tight, TOF!

      1. That is a remarkably fine piece of art. ‘Tis one of those rare pieces that begs for a story, a myth, godesses, something Greek possibly…as you say, all on a garage door. Splendid stuff, young Resa.

    1. IKR! I adore it, too!
      I’m going to draw tonight. I have not been drawing much, as I seem to be using my time to wash my hands. 😀 Take care Gi! x

  4. Luv horses, Resa; and I get to see some with every walk around the neighbourhood – real ones, I mean – and they spin me round every time.. lol
    I love the horsereptile and the gorgeous voluptuous ladies; the colours spin me round… 😎

    1. Lucky you seeing horses every walk!
      You live in a paradise, from what I saw on your blog.
      I love where I live, too, but no paradise at the moment.

      1. True! I love our little corner of Oz; and I am so appreciative.
        However, I also enjoy seeing your way of life (in ‘normal’ times) and would love the vibrancy it has to offer.
        We shall both just have to live vicariously through each other’s eyes and experiences. Now what could be better…. 🙂

  5. Art gives us permission to run free. Location is only a construct, but humanity longs to express freedom within this environment. This is a learning moment for all of us! Thank you for taking care of yourself. Stay safe!! Hugs and more hugs. Happy Earth Day!.

  6. You can run free in your imagination with a good book, that is what I am doing, although following the perceptions of art from the 16th century is less enthralling than an action book, it still works. I would love to be horse riding now, although I have never been on a horse, I did ride a carabao in Asia. Stay safe and sane!

    1. SaNe? oKAy!

      OMG… you will read anything.
      Of course, I enjoy reading about fashion history, so, I’m not so far off from you!
      You, Chrissy and baby stay safe, too!

      1. I agree. When he sings I’m laughing hysterical. 🙂

        Even when he is depressed and sings the break up song. And right on the side of the stage that one guys says: ‘He’s losing his mind, but I’m ripping up all the benefits.” hahahahahah!!!

            1. LOL!!
              You really do know the movie.
              I just saw it, again, last week! So much fun.
              I go offside when the guy in the band, who looks like Boy George, sings “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, and Steve Buscemi is a riot! …. “Thanks a lot, pops!” (about not getting guitar lessons)

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