Blue Wolf

I fell in love with this classic piece of alley art the second I laid eyes on it!

I shot from across the oddly busy alley, by a parked car. Parked cars offer a huge bit of protection from moving traffic.

The car also worked well for reflections. Note the woman’s face at the bottom of the reflection. This is from a mural I posted last year, & it’s on the side street. Cool, huh?

Then I shot strange angles from the side of the street the mural was painted on.

Pics taken by Resa – March 8, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

59 thoughts on “Blue Wolf

    1. Okay dudes! Now what? why do you cry? Because Shey is over here visiting?
      You know I love you, but Shey needs some freedom!
      I hope you are all social distancing! xoxox

  1. I love wolves and this is fantastical ! I hope you are careful dodging in and out of cars in the alley. Got to take care of my partner in crime! I kind of want to team this up with my Wolf poem but the poms a little dark for these gorgeous pastels. Great work Resa xoxo

    1. I love wolves, too! There’s a wolf mural I’ve been trying to get to for a year. Sigh! I need to get out to walk for hours and find art!
      I know, now is not the time. The artists aren’t even allowed to paint.
      Anyway, I get to walk to the store on Monday & risk my life for food. That should be exciting!
      If you take mucho care on the front lines, I’ll take care with the cars.

  2. Oh I do love wolves. It dates back to my time in Northern Manitoba when I went out at night to a nearby frozen lake, to look at the dancing Aurora borealis. I would hear the wolves and when I sent out my howl to the universe, they would respond. Ah, these were pivotal moments for me – embedded in my memory.

    1. Ahh, if northern Manitoba doesn’t awaken one’s inner wolf spirt, no where will.

      I grew up in Winnipeg. The mosquitos were the size of regular flies, and cavorted in clouds that could be a block by a block. I could walk through a cloud and not get one bite. (Breathed gently though my teeth)
      LOL the flies were the size of small bats, and bit!
      What happened to all those insects? It was annoying living with them, but it’s eerie that they are gone from the city scape.
      Were you in Churchill?

      1. I lived in Lynn Lake. We travelled up to The Pas or Cranberry Portage. Then took the ore train to Lynn Lake. It was a great place to grow up. My friends are scattered throughout Canada but we are still connected after many years and many adventures later.

    1. Thanks, Janet! Hope you slept well.
      My sleeps are iffy since isolating began. Day, night… don’t matter as much.
      Anyway, I can’t go out to find art, so will be relying on my stash of pics.
      Take care!

  3. What a coincidence young Resa. As I read your post, somewhere above me a song I rather like is playing. Like you, the singer, young Aurora, is ‘Running with the Wolves’.

  4. The blue sky really adds to this, I love the colours, care are good for something at the moment, even as inanimate objects. If you are still mural hunting, stay safe and take your own oxygen tank, I don’t trust people.

    1. You are wise not to trust. There’s a lot of assholes out there. People not distancing, coughing and spitting on food for a lark.
      No, I’ll have to rely on my stash of pics, and maybe reblogging some of my earlier captures.
      It’s enough that I risk my life just going out for food!
      Take care of you and your family, Ste j!

  5. Hi Resa, I really love this mural. As a kid of the 80’s this palette of 1980’s electric pinks and blues really calls to me….call of the wolves maybe? Thanks for sharing and I love your experiments with the angles and reflections. Stay safe and well!

    1. Yeah, the experiments are a very fun part. Every piece of street art has challenges, so experimentation is high up on the menu!
      You make me think of the pink, purple & blue eye shadow I wore in the 80’s!
      Lotsa fun! Take care, Tyeth!

    1. Wolves are so beautiful… heartbreaking in a way.. the way man regards them.
      There’s these wolves in the arctic that swim by the ice floes for days to find food, food that is harder and harder for wildlife to find.
      Oh… I guess man caused that, too!

    1. It is a very neat piece of street art.
      I’m over at AG working on the next PBH post, finally.
      Hey Thunder! I saw some pics of Leonard Cohen murals on a sky scraper in Montreal. Have you seen those?

      1. It is!
        Yes. It is a huge mural on Crescent street. I have to go and see it live – most times I have been in Montreal, it’s been far from it and when I realise I am near, I’m in my car and can’t stop. So I’ll have to trek out there – when this crazy has calmed down and capture it.

  6. Love at first sight for me too! [a bit of an understatement… you know my love for wolves! 😉 ] That is an amazing mural and I love the reflection!!!! Brilliantly captured!
    Love and many hugs!!!!! Woo Hoooooooooo!!!!!!!

  7. Beautifully photographed. The wolf has a powerful looking face.
    Against the softer pastel pink and turquoise it showcases his strength.
    Great mural artwork perfectly captured by you, Resa.
    I hope you’re staying safe … Be healthy … Be happy
    Isadora 😎

    1. Yes! That is the last day I went out to find art. It was a 3.5 hour walk. I took no transit. I wore a mask( I made it custom, to the shape of my face) and gloves and washed my coat & clothes when I got home.
      Things have worsened, but there seems to be some light for late May.
      I did get a few more pics, and I still have some older unpublished.

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