Whorls of My Mind

Okay, I’m way behind visiting blog pals! I dislike the reader, and prefer to visit your actual blogs. I need to try and catch up!

Charlotte Hoather’s Art Gown needs me to focus until I get a good start. After all, it will be the first Art Gown that I will be sending to someone to actually wear. She’s my fave soprano, and is the 1 person I know who actually needs gowns.

Drawings are done for the next Gowntoons instalment, on Art Gowns.

I need to work on the post, and AGM Holly’s input is critical. So, I need time for emails, critique and whatever else the 2 of us do.

Time – the most intoxicating perfume of all. With this time I’ll visit you from GLAM or from Art Gowns. I look forward to visiting!

When I return with my next GLAM post, I should be all cleared up….maybe.

Pics taken by Resa – August 2, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Unsigned, I think I know, but guessing is just guessing.

River Ghosts – Merril D. Smith

“In memory of my mother, Sylvia L. Schreiber … your laugh still echoes.”

Merril D. Smith’s mother passed away in the early days of Covid, in the days when there was no holding of hands, no kisses, no embraces and a veil of lonely shrouding all hearts.

Nonetheless, Merril does not pour a bucket of inconsolable tears into her poems, but rather flows with a river, a river that has many rocky climbs to solid land and ancient trees reaching over its waters. It is upon this river she reflects.

I was 10 poems into the book. Then, on one of my street art hunts, I came upon this mini-mural. There is a constant flowing of blue, with abstract flowers and leaves. I thought, this is like Merril’s book.

To me the blue ribbon is the river, with all its tributaries. Everything else, each flower and leaf is a poem, an insight, or a ghost washing the shore.

The author uses many styles of poetic writing, to effectively create messages. Combined with familial love & experiences, her knowledge of history and adoring appreciation of nature, this book is a rendering of heart.

Always sincere, never maudlin, Merril’s poems have swept me onto the river of ghosts.

With the author’s permission, I get to include 1 short poem or part of a longer poem, in my review. After much deliberation, I have chosen:

One poem titled – In Memoriam: Their Names is “Inspired by the plague graffiti found on the walls of Cambridgeshire church”. I found the impetus evoking and the poem shivering my eyes.

Click on the ghost pic below and go read a fabulous article about this graffiti from 1515.

I’m sure you are piqued by In Memoriam: Their Names. So, to read this coup de maître, and the rest of Merril’s masterpiece, click on my last ghost offering below. It will take you to her book on Amazon.

OR, if you are boycotting Amazon (like me), you can buy a PDF, Print or Kindle copy from “Nightingale & Sparrow”. Just click on their moniker below, and you will be on its page. (They take PayPal!)

Nina Simone

In Kensington Market, on Augusta Avenue.

Took me ages to get the few shots I did. The tourists were out in full force, and I had to wait on many walking by.

There was a sun issue as well. It was peeking over the top of the building, making streaks and blinding me. So I also waited for clouds to come.

The message:

Pics taken by Resa – August 2, 2022

Toronto Canada

The Artist:

Debris Darling

She’s a pretty face.

I can’t believe I hadn’t found this before, on one of my many trips to Kensington Market.

It’s obviously several years old, and I’ve been down the alley a few times.

Ah, but I hadn’t turned the corner in the alley, before.

Why? I figure all those black plastic rat traps put me off. However, now with Toronto’s new mushroomed rat problem, I have gotten used to seeing them run by, in the daytime.

I’m glad I found her. She’s a darling, and there is something satisfying about finding treasure in the trash.

Pics taken by Resa – August 2, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

As I exited the alley, I noticed the shop on the corner had 2 mandala wall hangings for sale. I immediately thought of Graham Stephan – Mandala Vihara