Gimmie Shelter – It’s Just a Kiss Away

I’ve always enjoyed the Rolling Stones.  I was saddened to hear of their tour’s cancellation, due to Mick needing a valve procedure.

The musicians below me jammed a lot to the Rolling Stones a few nights ago. It put me in a purist pencil & paper mood. When they went into a 20 minute jam on Gimmie Shelter, I went scribble crazy.

You can find Gimmie Shelter and Kiss Away in the hair. Ran the sketch through a couple of filters for this post.

Mick begins singing at about 2:25… the backup female vocals are AAAA+++++

Sending healing vibes out into the universe, for Mick!

Scribble Art © Resa

69 thoughts on “Gimmie Shelter – It’s Just a Kiss Away

      1. They were also coming to Miami! I didn’t have plans to go, but… No I didn’t read Keith’s auto, I’m sure it’s quite wild. Mick was a very level headed guy, smart too.

        1. M & K are very different! It’s amazing that they stayed together. The Rolling Stones are bigger than any one person in the band.
          Keith’s Auto is really great. It is not just informative… but what a hoot! Makes ya laugh!

        2. Resa, awesome sketch & link to Gimmie Shelter! Lisa Fischer, back up vocals, has an incredible, powerful voice! I read about her & she was backup singer to top singers, including Tina Turner & Dionne Warwick! She’s 57 and on a solo world wide tour! There’s a 2013 Documentary “20 Feet From Stardom” that won an Oscar. Stories of back up singers, Lisa Fischer, Darlene Love, Merry Clayton & Judith Hill. I forgot how much I liked The Rolling Stones. Mick seems to be healing well from the heart valve surgery. Happy Werkend & Sketching! 📚🎶 Christine

          1. I’ve actually seen that documentary! I kept thinking of that documentary when she was singing. I couldn’t remember who it was about, but I must have had a latent memory. Happy Sunday and week ahead!

    1. Yeah, at first the news was just saying they cancelled the tour, as Mick needed medical attention. Several days later the heart valve reality surfaced. Sounds like it’s NOT open heart, but the type where they go up through an artery! Anyway, I was quite passionate when I scribbled this one out! xo

    1. Thank you, Timothy!
      It is a fab performance, all in all.
      I’m going to use your previous suggestion…. in a way. I don’t have any headphones, but … I will listen to an opera soprano, as loud as I can, and draw!

  1. Really fun to see your RS artwork Resa (I can’t call it scribbles, your work is too fine for that). It has been 35 years since I saw the RS live in concert, so I loved seeing this clip and how these intrepid rock stars are still rockin’. Absolutely incredible musicians. Thanks for the tribute.

    1. True, Jet!
      I can’t think of any rock band that has out lasted the Stones. I’m wishing the best for Mick. I believe he & the guys are itching to get back on tour.
      Re: my scribble art. Thank you. It has come a long way since the first time I tried, when it turned out looking like David Bowie in a scribble art gown. LOL! I have thrown many away.

  2. Nawfal

    Resa, my friend, LOVE the artwork! You have a unique talent and I appreciate living a Uniqified (just made that word up) art life.

  3. I’ve read that Mick is now in good health after the op earlier this week, Resa, and expects to be back to touring asap. Good news! I hope you get to see him/the band.
    The Stones toured Oz in 1966 – Yep, all those years ago I was in the audience! My girlfriend and I were in about the tenth row. We could see them playing and Mick doing the ‘Chicken’ across the stage, but, it was really hard to hear them – the screaming was horrendously loud – girls feinting – oppressive heat – Wow; what a fantastic time we had… Hahah… 🙂
    Love your scribbles… xoxoxo

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, amazing what counted as a fun time years ago.
      I thinks screaming wildly at rock concerts was a thing back in the 60’s.
      Good news about Mick. He’s a tough old bird, probably due to all the “Chicken” 😀
      Yeah, I enjoy the scribble art! It’s a great release and relief. It’s like dancing, in a way. One does it to music, but instead of a partner and/or a dance floor, there’s a pad of paper and a pencil.

      1. There is a definite connection. To me, you have a different way of creating when you listen to different styles of music. It seems the music brings out memories that intertwine with what you are creating in the moment. This is a very interesting research project – and you know how much I love to research.

        1. Yes, I do know how you love to research.
          I will be cranking up some Charlotte Hoather soprano music next time I do scribble art….see what happens.

  4. I am really enjoying your sketches. The expressions are fantastic full of personality. Then there is the stones. You might remember or may be not which is cool Jason and I as the “Hardy Boys” were known to investigate while listening to the Stones, and Zeppelin and …. 😉

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