Elicsr’s Subtle Changes

Elicser has been a fave of mine for years.

Artist: Elicsr

Faces and their expressions are a forte of his.

Artist: Elicsr

Posted in 2015, I’ve walked by this piece for a couple of years, now, but something seemed different from last time, so I took pics.

Artist: Elicsr
Artist: Elicsr
Artist: Elicsr

I was seeing a ghost,

Artist: Elicsr

… of what he had done previously.

Pics taken by Resa: December 27 , 2017

Toronto, Canada

Below is the painting in the same spot, but posted October, 2015. You can see how it’s the same, but different! Click on the pic to view the entire post.

Artist: Elicser

The Artist:

30 thoughts on “Elicsr’s Subtle Changes

  1. Wow, a big difference in the two – only in the present version there is a sadness, or maybe a place where emotion was coming from that I didn’t notice before. You have a good memory Resa – all the best for a great 2018!!

    1. There are a few… not many … pieces in places that belong to an artist. In those cases, the artist can paint over it as much as they want. This is one of hose special places. 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Holly! I love finding and shooting the art! 😀 It will be -28C in the heat of the day tomorrow, so if I see some street art on my way about errands.. I probably shoot it. LOL! ❤

  2. The Count Gustaf

    I love this, and the 2018 version is great but i kinda feel as someone doing something creative, that we evolve right [obviously] and so does our outlook and perspective and the way we create our art. So if I’ve painted something four years ago and i look at it today I’ll feel like i need to update it etc, but it was complete 4 years ago and updating it is kinda like taking away from it. I dunno. But i love the way you present it on the blog

    1. Thank you, I hear what you’re saying! However, one never knows with street art. Someone(s) could have tagged the older piece into hideousness, so the artist painted over it all. Sometimes a piece stays for years, then one night some kids new to the alleys, who haven’t learned or earned street cred and respect go to town destructively. They destroyed all of the art in Kensington Market last spring. The artists are slowly renewing it with new art. I am so glad that I have been documenting the street art here and in Winnipeg for 5 almost years now. I don’t know where it will get me, but it is a major enjoyment in my life.

      1. The Count Gustaf

        Aaaah i get it now. And it’s pretty amazing that you’re doing this, because it’s something that i wouldn’t be aware that I’m interested in, unless you did this 🙂 🙂

  3. Carolee Croft

    Interesting the way they painted it over with a different configuration! I like the new one with the blue ghost figure. Sandwiches still seem to be an important theme, though 🙂

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