Egg of Birdo

There was this crazy ugly egg on Queen W. It somehow advertised a condo.

Artist: Birdo

The art supply store is right beside the egg.

Artist: Birdo

I bumped into Birdo in the store. He was buying spray paint, and told me he was painting the egg.

Artist: Birdo

I grabbed a couple of pics, then decided to come back when it was completed.

Artist: Birdo

Looks like the egg is hatching!

Artist: Birdo

Best egg, ever!!!

Artist: Birdo
Artist: Birdo

Pics taken by Resa – September 30 & November 22, 2017

Toronto, Canada

49 thoughts on “Egg of Birdo

  1. nannus

    I think it does not show an egg, but an armadillo. When threatened, they can coil up like this. If you google for armadillo and then look at the pictures, you will see pictures showing that.

  2. It reminded me of Alien. Don’t go too close, Resa, something will burst out of the thing! Very cool, though. Nice to observe from a distance of several miles to avoid potential Ripley issues.

    1. For sure!!! It is very ALIEN(ish)! If you were here, I would make you walk right up close to it with me! However, you are not…. so next time I’m there (this week) I intend to touch it!
      If you don’t hear from me again, give my regards to Holly and tell Steve the hamster I love him!

    1. The artists are fascinating. I’ve met quite a few now, and I always adore it. Hopefully the street art will continue, and therefore so will my blog! 😀

    1. Hey!
      The temperature went up to 0C today. I was able to walk to the art store for an eraser, more HB pencils, and paint for my new Art Gown.
      That’s where the Egg is, beside the art store. It was wearing a snow hat. I broke out laughing. No alien egg could survive being hideous in a snow hat. We are all reduced to looking like goofs in our winter gear.
      So my guy saw the unfinished boogapony outfit sketch. He asked, so I told him about the outfit. He wanted to know if I had one, and if so could I put it on. FCOL, I walk around in my red & black lumberjack shirt all the time. I might as well have gotten a haircut.

        1. So,
          NO ONE EVER TAGGED IT!!!!
          Interestingly enough, the BIA (a Toronto thing) came by and blacked it out.
          Then the taggers came. It’s now covered in tags which the BIA has done nothing about.
          Now that you are back, I will paint the other words you sent. However, I need above 0C. to paint it. As we have had & will have many sub-zero’s for the next month, I’m not sure when that will be. I’ll keep you posted! xo

  3. Carolee Croft

    What a beautiful armadillo! And how exciting to run into the artist. Speaking of street art advertising strange things, I have one from BC which I find hilarious and I will send you. Also more stuff from Sao Paulo is heading your way… xoxo

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