Watercolors by Eunice Miller

Eunice Miller is blooming as an artist!

Artist: Eunice Miller

After driving big rigs for many years, at 50, Eunice has done a 180. I was always thrilled to hear one of her tales about being on the road.

Artist: Eunice Miller

Now I’m thrilled to see another work of art from her.

Artist: Eunice Miller

Her painting skills have evolved quickly, and her eye is wonderful.

Artist: Eunice Miller
Artist: Eunice Miller
Artist: Eunice Miller

I am extremely smitten with this painting! Wow, Eunice!

Artist: Eunice Miller


Eunice is a very interesting person. You can learn more about her on her blog: Living and Lovin

As well as painting, she takes a mean photo! Check out some of her photos and paintings, or book a private painting class at: Folsom Mill Studio

There is a cool bio on Eunice’s  Shopping Site where you can buy everything from a-z with her art on it! OR: you can purchase a print from SOCIETY 6 by clicking on the S6 Logo!


95 thoughts on “Watercolors by Eunice Miller

  1. nutsfortreasure

    Thanks so much RESA you are so delightful and kind. I listened to a podcast today of an Artist I adore he stated what I already knew, this was sitting inside of me just biding it’s time to surface though I worked hard and 4 years back you can see the struggle as I did all I could to get out of my own way 🙂

    Once I figured out the water ratio for my emotional connection to this dreamy medium then it was as simple of just painting while happy and engaged in the process 100% I do love love love to express myself with Watercolor then make some available on cards and other products since only one can ever have one of my originals nowadays me 🙂

    Thanks again.

    1. Amazing, and you are welcome , Eunice! Please keep checking back here for more up to date comments. I know there will be many more! 😀 ❤ ❤
      I really see that watercolors are an extension of you. 🌹🌹

        1. I feel the same way! Without this venue, I would never have discovered my love for painted art. I mean, I’ve always loved designing clothes (sewing, embroidery, macrame, beadwork, etc), and music,and sculpture….. and now painting!!! XOXO

      1. Eunice, years ago you asked if I would like to go on a road trip with you! 😀 It was a missed opportunity. However, your art is a more exciting adventure. 😀 & 💗 in COLOR!

  2. That’s some great work, I love the idea of doing a 180 and taking up something completely different, it is an inspiring tale, really impressive.

  3. Every time I come here I’m blown away by the gorgeous artwork. Everything
    Beautiful from your gown designs to wall art to watercolors. These are so gorgeous. I could fill my entire house with these. Kudos to this fine artist. Thanks for sharing them Resa ♥️

    1. Thank you, Holly! I discovered my love of art about 5 years ago. I worked so hard at my career, I was blind to certain beauty!
      YES, Kudos to Eunice. I’m fortunate to have her work grace my blog! ❤

        1. I’ve been designing costumes for TV and movies for many years. However, it’s an applied craft. You bring ideas to life for someone else’s vision. The days are hideously long hours, and I was always too, tired to look at anything but a Call Sheet & Shooting Schedule. I never actually felt like an artist until I began Art Gowns, where it just comes from my mind and spirit alone, and the only directions come from my cat, Jeep. LOL! I discovered Street Art first. That made me want to do my own art. However, all I could really do was shop and sew. So, I began there.
          You’ve reminded me, I need to update my website for work. Now that I’m an artist, I’m <3taking a new approach!

          1. I felt you had to be in the design industry Resa, you work is so perfect, so beautiful. It takes a special eye for this kind of creativity and exceptional eye/hand coordination. And now you have added photography to your arts, you quite the special woman, I admire you Resa, you’re the tops! ❤

            1. This is the website (not a blog) that I need to revamp! https://resamcconaghy.com/ Thank you for you lovely compliments!
              I just read the plagiarized post. Makes me sick. My photos have been stolen. I’d go nutty if someone stole my Art Gowns. However, I have so much back up and witnesses proving it would not be a problem. Yet, if someone in Russia…or somewhere not playing by our laws, it could be a moot point!

              1. I had previously noticed that this poet was taking credit for a phrase honed by Homer! I called her out privately and she said she would take it down and she did, now this.
                Aiiiiiie! I love your website, I have been there before, so many gorgeous gowns and Aquileana and Christy sketches, I adore the girl on the ladder under the chandeliers, that dress is unreal. There is so much money in designing wedding gowns now, are you ever asked to do that?
                Yes, if someone stole from you from another country it would be terrible, here we are not talking words!

                1. Must be nice to be Homer!!! Glad you called her out, but obviously she’s a creative Kleptomaniac.
                  It sounds more like you went to Art Gowns blog. None of those gowns are on my website for work. I always cherish your visits there. Your comments are special!
                  Anyway, on my website, (there are no comments there) I was thinking of putting some Art Gowns on my homepage. Right now it’s a slideshow of a TV series I did with Kim Cattrall. There are clips from shows I’ve designed, my resume, etc.
                  Anyway, I’m older now, and need to reinvent myself for this ageist business I’m in.
                  I’ve yet to find someone who could afford to hire me to make a wedding gown. At the prices I would need to charge, they could buy a Vera Wang.
                  I have now 5 Art Gowns that I made well enough to sell….. I could set up a Shopify site for them. However, one would have to be in Toronto for fittings, etc. Although, it could work. 😀 Thanks Holly!!!

                  1. Yes, I went to the Kim Catrall side show and was referred off to the blog….I had a friend who sent all her measurements to her seamstress in Chicago and she made her dress from them. Sent it to her, she had it marked for any alterations, sent back. bingo, wedding dress, beautiful.

                    1. That is interesting! Did the seamstress make good $. it does sound like the friend and seamstress knew each other.
                      So, I suppose measurements could be sent here, and my seamstress could make it happen.
                      Perhaps I should put my gowns on Shopify. Nine bucks a month to try!
                      If I try the free 2 week thing I’ll let you know asap, as I would value your feedback! ❤

                    2. They did know each other. I think it would be worth a try. If you do I really want to hear howit goes. Do you have any something like David’s Bridal Shop up there. A bridal shop with off the rack gowns starting as low as 99$ on up to more expensive gowns. I wonder wher they get there gowns. Let me know what happens ♥️

  4. Wow is the word, Resa. I’m a lover of Monet; his later paintings in particular. When I opened this post my little eyes popped at the beautiful header. It reminded me of his work.
    As I continued down the page my enthusiasm grew. This is just up my alley; I love the delicate colours and touch; well done to Eunice! 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s very Monet-like at times. I love the Impressionistic values, as I have bad eyes, and it suits my sight. 😀 I adore Eunice’s work. It’s a sweet place! 😀 xoxoxx

      1. Loving your conversation with Holly and can only second her comments. You have too much talent not to ‘give it a go’! You never know until then… !!!

        Bad eyes – How the heck do you manage such intricate needlework with your beautiful Art Gowns? I can only guess you must use magnifying glasses.

        1. Extreme myopia!!! I take my glasses off for close up. It’s out of control, though, and I’m having eye surgery in the late summer, apparently! ❤ xoxoxo

              1. Gosh; you won’t know yourself afterwards…
                You probably have developed some shoulder/neck probs by having to be so close to your needlework/book / ‘whatever’… Lots of benefits to come.. 🙂

    2. nutsfortreasure

      Thanks driving that truck of mine and it being so big I never folowed artists, art galleries and the like no time either all work and no play 🙂 Not sure about the masters but I can assure you I know so many artists all of which are amazing the only thing is they are still alive. Try hard to support your locals it is a hard life trucking is too so I guess I was made for a challenge. Your kind words mean a lot thank you again.

    3. nutsfortreasure

      Thank you I had never stepped into an art gallery before 4 years ago except to see a famous glass artist on display in Boston but I never stopped to look at the paintings 🙂

  5. Its hard to have a fave when it’s all so great, but I am especially smitten with the leaves. Always something new for me to appreciate, and feel a sense of wonder at the talent involved on your page. 🙂

    1. nutsfortreasure

      Thank you Daniel as I live in New England and am surrounded by the most amazing colors in Fall I had to try and capture them best I could 🙂

  6. These are all very lovely, Eunice! The last two are my favorites, although I love the brighter splashes of colors in the others, too! Reesa. thanks for sharing her beautiful work here! I will check out her blog as well. 🙂

    1. nutsfortreasure

      Thank you I love that others see what I never planned this trip God has the wheel I just use my own water 🙂

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