Chief Lady Bird & Aura

Chief Lady Bird, is an Anishinaabe (Potawatomi and Chippewa) artist from Rama First Nation,

Artists: Chief Lady Bird & Auralast
Artists: Chief Lady Bird & Aura

And Aura who is Haudenosaunee (Oneida)

Artists: Chief Lady Bird & Aura

….Paint outstanding First Nations & Indigenous inspired art together.

Artists: Chief Lady Bird & Aura
Artists: Chief Lady Bird & Aura

I had to keep waiting for the clouds to cover the sun, and it was worth the wait to get rid of the nasty shadows.

Artists: Chief Lady Bird & Aura

Pics taken by Resa – March 11, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

These 2 artists are members of Unceded Voices an Anti-colonial street artist convergence. Worth a look at, for sure!!!

30 thoughts on “Chief Lady Bird & Aura

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    1. I love this, too! Now to find the other 3 murals that I did not find. OHHH, but you should see the floral mural I found… oh and an Indian Bazaar type work and a Chinese Zodiac one (saving that for someone special) I’m about 300 works of art behind in posting, and I have 3 submissions. YAY!!

  2. You did an excellent job of featuring these two artists, Resa. I like seeing the close-ups and the whole picture, and like knowing about your trick for avoiding shadows. And Lady Bird and Aura are working in amazing synchronicity, for it looks like the work of one very talented and gifted person.

    1. Oh, thank you, Jet! LOL! I can’t believe I had a photography tip!
      i agree that CLB & Aura work in a unison. 😀 I am also heartened to see our First Nations coming out, claiming their rightful place &showing us their beauty and message. We imported, and their subsequent generations of Canadians, have done poorly in this regard.

    1. Yes, and I am thrilled to find First Nations inspired street art! There must be some in Edmxonton! I can hardly wait to see what you find when the good weather arrives! xxxx

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