Mall Mural – Green Hills, Australia

Carolyn Page has sent us an Australian nature mural & a joyful study of its nature, just in time for the Vernal Equinox.

Photo © Carolyn Page

Carolyn says, ” It is above a travelator and smacks of all things Australian.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“I’d love to highlight a few of the images such as our delightful Kookaburra; an Auzzie Icon.”

Public Domain
Photo © Carolyn Page

“Our beautiful Parrots, of which there are many and varied with beautiful colours; include this beauty.”

Susan Flashman @

“Our Wattle Trees in bloom look glorious lining our major highways during late winter to early spring.”

Public Domain

“The wall art image doesn’t show their true high yellow colour, but, I was so pleased to see them highlighted as Australiana.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“They are the little round bubble-like images below the Koala.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“Then there’s the Banksia; a native plant so attractive in flower:”

Public Domain

“Australia just isn’t Oz without the Eucalyptus Tree’s Gumnuts acclaimed within author, Illustrator and cartoonist, Mae Gibbs’ children books, including ‘Meet Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’, her lovable bush characters.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“Once again the wall art composition doesn’t highlight their true essence. However, the Eucalyptus Tree’s Gumnuts are, once again, iconic to Australia:”

Public Domain

“This little fellow is hard to see in the wall art, however, he is there hiding as usual. The Australian Possum is a nocturnal creature, though; he can be heard (if not seen) during the day scampering amongst the trees.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“(Not to be confused with the Opossum, the Possum lives in trees and keeps very much to himself. He can be ‘tamed’ to a degree with enticing titbits to eat.)”

Public Domain

“Next is a little Golden Bell Frog frog.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“He too is almost hiding. You can just see him in the lower right hand corner!”

Public Domain
Photo © Carolyn Page

“And last, but not least, is our cuddly Koala. He really is the cutest thing!”

Photo: RickyD @

⭐️  Thank you Carolyn! ⭐️

Visit Carolyn’s blog  ABC of Spirit Talk and discover more about her!

Check out ABC’s sidebar for Animal Reflections.

“Here is an impression of our ‘future’ Mall Indoor/Outdoor Garden Restaurant Area. I’m so impressed… :)It seems Green Hill will be double celebrating the arrival of spring this year!”

61 thoughts on “Mall Mural – Green Hills, Australia

    1. You’d love Australia, Georgiann; I think our natural beauty of flora and fauna would be just up your alley. I can imagine you playing with Koalas and Wombats… Hahaaaa… 🙂

  1. It’s wonderful to see a little of Australia upon your blog, Resa; it makes my little heart sing! 🙂
    Thank You for allowing something ‘a little different’ from your norm to be showcased.
    And it looks gorgeous.. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! 😀 It is a wonderful work of public in mural form. I am proud and happy to present it on my blog. I’m also happy you like the way it looks. 😀 I think there should be art in all malls. 😀 Feel free to weigh in on any of the comments. Don’t wait for me! xoxoxo

    1. “Love the soft colors and the way the artist worked in the nature of the land.”
      Frank, that is precisely why I couldn’t resist snapping a pic. It arrived at the Mall only very recently. I was so taken with it my first thought was Resa. I’m so pleased she thought it worthy of a post… 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Holly! It’s always exciting to get street art or murals from anywhere in the world. I’m thrilled you love this art form, and I love yours!!! ❤

      1. I am always excited by the beautiful wall art, more so by your gorgeous gowns, you are so talented Resa.
        This particular wall art just blew me away, I love exotic art, anything oriental with its delicate beauty so when I saw this I was stunned at how lovely it is…and on a wall!
        Thank you for sharing it ❤

        1. Hi Holly,
          You are so right about the beautiful wall art, and Resa’s gorgeous gowns; they are incredible!
          The artwork does look oriental; it is so soft, I just couldn’t resist it. 🙂

    1. {{{HUGS}}}
      You are so sweet, Charlie. I know how enthralled you are by art of all ilks. 😀 Soon, there will be another Street Poetry post. The temperature is hovering around 0C – 32 F. Once we hit +5C, it will be time, as I can stay outside quite awhile at that point. Hope you like the poems I wrote as comments on your blog! xo

    1. They are, Carolee, so sweet. I’ve seen the Koala in the wild/bush, and even in the outer fringes of suburbia scrambling between trees where they live eating the eucalyptus leaves. The Possum, on the other hand, lives anywhere there are trees, almost. He can be heard scrambling across roofs in the evening when he’s active. Nature is so fascinating! 🙂

  2. A fantastic mural – there’s so much to take in from it!! I had not heard of Wattle Trees before so YES glad they were included. I assume they’re only in Australia? We have cherry blossoms over here! I’m so glad for nature’s liveliness in spring, by the way. Great collaboration, Resa and Carolyn! ❤ 🙂

    1. Hi Christy.. 🙂
      The Wattle Tree is native to Australia, though it is now grown in many countries; even considered a weed in some countries because it ‘multiplies’ quickly and easily. However, Christy, it is iconic to Oz and lines many of our highways. It looks gorgeous.
      Yes, we also have the Cherry Blossoms here, too; they are quite spectacular!
      Happy Spring to you. Of course we are entering Autumn, which is so welcome after a very hot summer here in The Hunter Valley… ❤

        1. I’m sure you wouldn’t regret this bucket list destination, Anarette! We have a great many things you’d find of interest… and we’d welcome you with open arms.. 🙂

    1. Oh Sidran, I completely understand your point. 🙂 I believe the artist concentrated on flora and fauna; those things that are completely natural to Australia, so to speak.
      I’ve been advised there is an artwork being commissioned at present that will be of an Aboriginal nature, perhaps an Aboriginal face! I’m hoping it will be inspirational enough to be accepted by Resa for this fabulous blog of hers… 🙂

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