Bret the Hitman Hart

I ❤️ Bret Hart!

I’m the short one with the bangs. We worked together on a movie directed by Eric Stoltz .

Never knew what to make of this wall art.

Now, I’m thinking, maybe he got into the ring w/Bret?

Okay, so I’m trying to use up my superfluous pics of street art.

Wandering into the alleys of my life at the same time.

Pics taken by Resa – May 6, 2020

The Artist:

140 thoughts on “Bret the Hitman Hart

  1. And in the blue corner it’s….The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be… RESA! (Sorry Bret I had to steal your entrance announcement for Resa ;D ) Wow this photo must have been taken a little while ago as you both look like “Babyfaces” (a Babyface is the name given to the “Good Guys” in wrestling).
    The murals are interesting too and remind me of the cover art for Queen’s “The Miracle” album. The cover had the faces of all four band members superimposed so each face shared an eye with the member next to it yet the faces were still recognisable individually.
    And I notice you had hold of Bret in a very tight bearhug….I guess you kinda liked him huh 😉

    1. Yes… awhile ago, but seems like yesterday.
      Now that you mention it, I do remember that Queen album cover. I do see a semblance, yet, somehow Queen makes more sense.
      I ADORED Bret. The bearhug was, and still is a joy!

    2. Oh and I forgot to mention, I met Eric Stoltz! Well sort of…I was an extra in the 1990’s movie “Memphis Belle” which was filmed on an old Royal Airforce Base in Lincolnshire England near to where I once lived. I wasn’t technically old enough to have applied to be an extra but I was tall and had a “military Flat-top” hairstyle so they let me into the production. I was in the scene where they had a dance in the hangar in front of the bomber before their final mission, and Harry Connick Jr was nearby too. I only saw them in passing but I was close!

      1. Well, that sounds like fun. Did you enjoy being an extra? I always enjoy the extras, in the movies I design costumes for. I take personal pride in helping them pick out outfits.
        Covid has put a big damper on the industry, for me anyway. When this whole thing blows over, I want to have some kind of art show.
        First, the art supply stores need to reopen. We are still in lockdown here, since early December.

        1. Hi there, I was in my element! I am a big aviation fan, especially military aviation as my uncle was an RAF Firefighter at the base where Memphis Belle was filmed so I got to see his old workplace again (I had attended the last ever airshow held there too). So being around real vintage planes and then add in the glitz of the cameras, lights, actors and catering trucks it was an event I’ll never forget. Only problem is in the movie you just get to see the back of my head!

    1. Janet,
      The 4 eyes are dizzying. It’s quite interesting what artists will take the time to paint.
      Also, it’s on the side of a house, so the owner must have a good sense of humour!
      Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing that I’ve lived long enough that there is a younger me.

  2. Splendid stuff, young Resa. At school eons gone I had my first pair of glasses. The other kids called me ‘four eyes’…if only I had four eyes like these. Perhaps not. I’ve not considered that winking would mean ‘choice’, then again I’d have gained employment for life with a travelling fair. Regards, TOF

    1. OR, you could wink at several people at the same time!
      A travelling fair… you mean a freak show? Hmm, you might have fit in nicely with all those eyes.
      Then again, as it’s probably not politically correct anymore, you’d have lost your job and be having a hard time writing books with 4 double vision eyes.
      Way I see it, TOF, you lucked out!

  3. Awww, Resa, the alleys of your life I hope is a new series I look forward to! Such a sweet smile you have in the picture, gorgeous girl!
    Interesting mural. I love the clouds!

    1. Huh! The clouds, yes! I’m so hypnotized by the eyes, that I forget to look at the picture, as a whole. I hadn’t thought about it, but perhaps from time to time I will post something from my alleys. I hope there is a big flourish of alley art this spring and summer!

    1. Lol! I’m trying to thin out all the stuff I’ve gathered up over the years. The alleys are full to the point of clutter. It seems no matter how much I get rid of, more stuff moves in.
      I started in commercials and rock videos in my 30’s. I moved to film at about 39. I’m in my 40’s in this pic. Thank you dear Shey! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. I love “alleys of my life.” It could be a song!
    You look so cute in that photo! I had to look up Bret the Hitman Hart. I had no idea who he is. 😀
    That street art is so strange, but also so compelling. It makes one want to keep looking and wondering.

    1. Merril!
      Bret is not the only pro wrestler I’ve worked with. These guys build up these nasty personalities for the ring, but then are sweethearts in real life… well the ones I worked with, anyway.
      That mural could make someone (like me) sea sick. Still, it is fascinating that it ever got painted. Who thinks of these things? Artists!

        1. LOL! It was the year of SARS. There was no work around, but Degrassi wanted me. I did 8 episodes. Interestingly enough, Aubrey Graham was in the cast. Shortly after I left, he became Drake with a new Rap career.
          Now look at him fly!!!! 😀

                  1. Did you see what ‘Oron said about me beating up Bret Hart? He called me a menace! He was commenting on your comment. I called him the menace! Threatened to beat him up!

                    1. He really is a trouble maker.
                      Marmite and pita…. that should insure that he shows up. If we add pot noodles and humus, he’s putty in our boxing gloves.
                      POW! 🥊💥🥊

                    2. Well, as you know, the AGM’s will be going to Manchester. Hmm, I was going to put pigeons on him…. think I’ll work in some bandages, as well!! Great thinking! This is too, funny! It can be part of the story line.

    1. Yeah, great memories, thank you!
      I’ve been thinning out the junk, and finding some stuff that is not junk, like this and the Star Trek posters I sent you.
      The mural is dizzying. It was difficult to take pics of it. I usually over shoot, to make sure I got enough good pics. This one I shot quickly, with only a couple extra shots. xo

      1. Oh yes, the Star Trek Juan Ortiz poster pics… just wonderful. Is it okay to make a small ‘information’ post of them? Not all the images due to copyright, only a few, and of course I would link to Ortiz’s websites, credit the journal they appear in, and credit you too for the scans. I didn’t even know about these posters until you sent me them – they are amazingly cool 😎

        1. I’m okay with that, as it seems you understand the copyrights. You must have to consider the copyrights in a lot in your posts.
          No need to credit me, please. Just say a friend turned you on to these wonderful posters. I feel best this way.
          Resa xoxo

  5. What I like most about photography, Resa, is that it stops time, crystallizing moments that can be recalled with clarity. In our existence we more forward, but with photography we can go back in time and relive the moment. What adventures you have had, Resa – so glad that I’m now a part of those adventures going forward. By the way, that is an extraordinary mural with an extraordinary message that reminds us to pause and reflect, take a second look so as not to miss all the good stuff in life.

    1. I agree about photography freezing time. However, I also think that there are too, many pics these days. There are/ will be so many moments…moment to moment, moment upon moment to look back upon, selfie upon selfie, that the experience may become muted.
      I think back on photos from my youth, and further back, my grandparents. They had 1 wedding photo.
      1 shot of aunt Wanda (she just passed at almost 100) on Baba’s knees in the 1920’s.
      My mom on the farm holding a cat. My mom at 14, a proper Sears portrait.
      These are precious.
      I’ve been paring my thousands of pics down to just enough to be impactful.
      Still a lot of paring to do.

      The mural is insane! Yet, all art is valid. I like your interpretation. You have amazing thoughts, and are an intelligent, thoughtful person.
      No wonder you are the Art Director! xo

      1. I agree, Resa – there are too many photos, made possible by the technology at our fingertips. I have been going through old family photos that were made using the cameras back in the early 1900’s. When I digitalize them, they come through with brilliant detail as if the digital photos was the original. When I digitalized the photos from the early 2,000’s – these photos come through slightly fuzzy. I was reading that in 2018, studies showed that 94million selfies were added to the web every single day. Your word “muted” is the perfect description. What I most enjoy about your posts are that your photographs have a story that speaks to us and gives us a thought to consider and upon which to reflect. Many many hugs!!! I LOVE being your Art Director.

        1. OMG!!! 94 million selfies in 2018!!!!!
          That’s numbing.
          You are the best Art Director, ever!
          The Picasso post is ready. I’m just waiting for Charlotte to submit her song. {{{hugs}}}

        2. OMG!!! 94 million selfies in 2018!!!!!
          That’s numbing.
          You are the best Art Director, ever!
          The Picasso post is ready. I’m just waiting for Charlotte to submit her song. {{{hugs}}}

  6. You are absolutely adorable! And this art is definitely something to make you stop and look twice, think you’re seeing double.. or that it’s the end of the TV for the night so they blur things…

    1. Not sure what’s going on, but the owner of the house it’s painted on must have a good sense of humour. Imagine coming home to that every day?
      Anyway, it was dizzying to take pics of it, and to make the post!
      I’ve got the Picasso-esque post ready to go. Just waiting for Charlotte (Lala) to send me a song.
      As the AGMs will be going to Manchester UK for their next show, they will need travelling outfits. Of course they will travel in gowns…travelling gowns. Lol, not sure what that looks like, yet.
      Let me work on it!
      ⚡️ xo 💥

    1. Thank you. I think we were all pretty cute when we were young.
      Agree! I don’t know the artist, but shooting it made me dizzy. It took me months to be able to look at the pics and make a post! 😀

    1. I know, those eyes are dizzying!
      Let’s say friend to a few, acquaintance of many.
      I’ve work in the business for many years, and have been fortunate to meet a lot of stars.

  7. You look ecstatic in the pic and I can see you mural hunting with the same passion. May you light up more alleys! The mural is woozy and wonderful,

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