Joy & Peace to All – from: Drake, Sol, Lluvia & Resa

When Drake arrived from Belén Soto‘s in Vigo, Spain, to live with me, he was a punk duck, all cocky and figured he was going to make a successful  career as a chocolatier.

Then a very pretty young duck, her name is Sol, won a duck mating challenge. She bravely flew to Toronto, with her egg, against all weather odds.

Sol & her egg arrived in time for Christmas, or as ducks know it, Duckmas!

It was love at first sight for both Drake & Sol. Drake borrowed the money for the engagement ring, from me. Sol accepted his proposal, and they chose a June wedding date.

It was a lush wedding. Sol was the most beautiful bride, ever! I designed her gown. Now, I’ve designed some gorgeous gowns, but this is my piece de resistance.

Although Lluvia had not hatched, she was the Flower Girl

However, Lluvia hatched shortly after, and the young duck family celebrated their first Duckmas together. It was here they announced a new egg, a boy egg.

The family still watches over the boy egg. As we all know, it can take days, weeks or years for a ceramic egg to hatch.

We also wish everyone a 💥 Very Happy New Year 💥 where you reach for the stars and find some.

Photo of Paige in Mystic Lake © Stephanie Tudin

Sol wants all to know that the Art Gown Mystic Lake © Resa McConaghy – was dedicated to her mom, Belén Soto.

Ceramic Ducks © Belén Soto

The story of Drake & Sol © Belén Soto & Resa

Duck outfits and staging by: Resa


73 thoughts on “Joy & Peace to All – from: Drake, Sol, Lluvia & Resa

    1. Love and hugs back at you! I really enjoyed your video on the new Lady Budd post! Thank you for everything you post and write. Looking forward to all your new posts in 2019!

  1. Timothy Price

    Merry Duckmas! From all our wild ducks. Merry Pterodactylmas from the Herons. Merry Cranemas from the Cranes. Merry Cowmas from the cattle. Merry Castormas from the beavers. Merry Crowmas from the crows. Merry Catmas from our kitty clan. And finally Merry Christmas from me.

    1. OMG!! So many wonderful “””mas wishes from the animal kingdom where you live.
      The Duck family is very moved by all the wonderful wishes.
      Of course they wanted to know if they could visit where you live, and get to meet all of your animal friends.
      I said … maybe when the new egg is hatched, and his wings are strong enough. Lluvia is just learning to fly over high rises.
      Timothy, thank you for this fabulous comment! It means a lot to me, and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Resa ❦

  2. Oh Resa…how wonderful. I love the duck story and hope you are getting a new addition for Duckmas this year. The gown is so beautiful, especially shown as it is. Absolutely beautiful. Fabulous post and Quack. Much love to you and yours…kisses on the fuzzy ones. ❤

    1. TheDuck family grows! We hope the egg will hatch, soon. However, as stated no one really knows when a ceramic egg will hatch.
      However, I do believe Belén knows what Drake & Sol will name the duckling.
      I’m just as excited , as you are! x

    1. Thank you, Lonely!
      The Duck Family has been in my life for 4 years now.
      Some think me a quack. Well, I say Quack Off! xoxoxo
      Merry Christmas, and I hope you won’t be lonely, dear Lonely! ❦❦❦

  3. A beautiful Christmas tale, certainly by any duck standards it is romantic and sweet. I’m sure the wedding was amazing , how lucky to have a Resa Original wedding gown. May they live happy ever after and you too dear friend. Have the happiest of Christmas ‘ and joyful New Year. The best ever. Hugs and 💕 Holly.

  4. Awww ! What a lovely family you have. Everyone at home here in Graz would like to wish you dear Resa, Jeep, Johnny, Drake, Sol and Lluvia, a very Merry Christmas. Now listen here cats and ducks…….. look after mom on Christmas day and don’t hide her wine. Okay ? xoxoxo ❤

    1. Not to worry! Everyone bought me wine. I won’t have to leave the apartment until New Years Eve. Hope you, Natascha, Samantha, Murli and Sonic are having a wonderful day. Resa xoxoxo ❤

    1. Happy Holiday warmth to you, too, Brenda! I’m sure you are having a wonderful day with your family. Understandably, not everyone has a ceramic duck family. However, my ducks are to be enjoyed by all!… and you my dear are a fabulous writer!

      1. Thanks, Resa. I’m afraid my book might not get published after all. The contract the publisher offered was outrageous, and they wouldn’t even discuss changes with me. Writers are meant to have no bargaining power whatsoever, apparently.

  5. Merry Duckmas and Christmas to you, dear Resa.
    I do hope Santa has some special surprises for you; you deserve lots and lots of surprises; your posts bring so much joy!
    From all of us – ❤️❤️ woof woof woof
    To all of you – ❤️❤️ quack quack quack quack – meow meow

    1. Yay! Surprises!
      Purr, purr , purr … the cats have been teaching the ducks to purr. So far, the ducks have come up with …prquack, prquack, prquack.

      Many woofs to the puppies & you & yours! xoxoxoxo ❦❦❦❦🐶🦆

  6. I like love stories with a happy ending ❤ Drake and Sol is a modern love story, an online marriage agency, a lot of electronic mail … but love can not be defeated by long distances, and they managed to reach their star 😉
    Strange behavior of the ceramic eggs … I think this happens when the duck is going to be a boy and black, things of nature …
    Beautiful post and beautiful Christmas story, it is very nice to share a Christmas story with you, dear Resa.
    Happy holidays for all my family in Toronto, enjoy a magical night !!!
    Dear Sol, thank you for remembering what we talked about Mom's Artgown, I love you !!!! 😉 😉

    1. Yes, our Drake, Sol and Lluvia are a tender modern day love story.
      One day there will be a little black duck brother for Lluvia. In the meantime, Drake wants to know, now that things have settled in, can he take professional Chocolatier Classes?
      I said I’d help him with the tuition. He would attend 4 nights a week. He has hopes for a specialty shop around the corner on Roncesvalles Avenue.
      Hugs and love from us all! xo

      1. I always knew that Drake was going to fly high … with less chocolates in his stomach he would fly higher still.
        I am so happy that he fulfills his dream of being the best Master Chololatier of Canada 😉 … I can also help with tuition … and with the mysterious disappearance of chocolate supplies at school, as Drake says .. “those things, sometimes … they happen”
        I am so happy with all this good news, I like to see our family so happy and with new projects under the wing.
        Kisses and hugs for all of you !!!!

        1. Drake should be starting classes on January 14.
          He’s beside himself with joy. I told him that a very good Chocolatier would only taste the chocolates, and not eat them. I told him it is the same for Vintners, and wine critics.
          He refuses to believe me.
          Anyway, I look forward to sampling some of his creations.
          Lluvia sends many, many kisses. Sol sends hugs and kisses and many thank you’s for helping with Drake’s tuition.
          Sol is very excited about when Drake finishes his studies. She says when the $$$ starts rolling in, she will redecorate the nest. She is looking at many plant catalogues.
          LOVE from all in Toronto!

          1. When Drake lived with me, he made a sensational three chocolate cake, maybe you can taste it when he makes it … but he insisted on savoring three or four pieces first … the great chocolatiers always do 🙂
            Much Love for all the family!!!

  7. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Desde Toronto, mi adorable familia de patos quiere desear a todos sus amigos unas Felices Fiestas, la suya es una bonita historia de amor con final feliz … un verdadero Cuento de Navidad!!
    Este ha sido mi primer regalo del día y creo que el mas especial.
    Muchas gracias Resa McConaghy
    From Toronto, my adorable family of ducks wants to send their wish of a Happy Holidays to all their friends, theirs is a beautiful love story with a happy ending … a true Christmas Story !!
    This has been my first gift of the day and I think the most special.
    Thank you very much Resa McConaghy.

  8. Thank you for the charming Love Story, Resa and Belen! Looking forward to the new addition, whatever long it takes 🙂
    A Merry Christmas and Duckmas and all the other holidays to you all, and a wonderful New 2019!

    1. So glad you came for a visit! Yes, there is much joy around here with all the Christmas and Duckmas celebrations. Of course, there’s also the New Years quack off at midnight. It’s always a rousing event.
      Drake is hoping to take Chocolatier Classes in 2019. This is all very exciting!
      The best in 2019, to you, Inese! 😀 x

    1. So glad you came to the party! WP does bring a lot of very neat people together. I’m just toying 😀 around with fabrics for my next Art Gown. I got the yardages for peanuts from an upholstery/home decorating shop that retired. Very exciting!
      I wish you all the happiness in 2019, it’s great to have a vintage toy land to wander over to! x 🙂 x

  9. Resa, what an adorable post — you gave me such a smile! Happy Duckmas!
    Sol is indeed a beautiful bride, especially in that gown. A delightful feathered family. 😀
    The Mystic Lake gown is gorgeous. Happy holiday hugs, my chuckaboo!

    1. Christmas tea? That sounds, erm, interesting, sort of. Do you decorate the tea pot? Do you have cake? Are others invited? Is there a colour scheme? Is there a Tea Tree?
      It’s always wonderful to learn about other traditions!

      1. No, my tea pot is as white as snow. I should paint it, I guess. But no, I don’t have much cake. No one else is invited. The colour scheme is pink. I do have tea tree oil in my bathroom, if that counts?

    1. Yes, everything is alive! They run around the apartment, with the cats, in the middle of the night. They always wake me up, so I yell out their names in the dark, and tell them to stop! 😀 Little B*@@#?$ 😀

    1. It was fantastic over here! Hope all was wonderful for you! New Years is around the corner. Hard to believe it will be 2019!!! 💥🍷☄️🍷💖🍷💥

  10. Merry Duckmas from all of us here at headquarters! And such eggciting news; a boy egg! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Benji still remembers the wedding so well. We are pretty sure that Ms. Zulu is smiling from the rainbow bridge. B & A

    1. Merry Duckmas, Dogmas and Christmas… and a Happy New Year!
      Lol, yes, it is eggciting news! Big hugs to you and Benji, and rainbow hugs to Ms. Zulu. She’s one gorgeous gal. ❦❦❦

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