Joy & Peace to All – from: Drake, Sol, Lluvia & Resa

When Drake arrived from Belén Soto‘s in Vigo, Spain, to live with me, he was a punk duck, all cocky and figured he was going to make a successful  career as a chocolatier.

Then a very pretty young duck, her name is Sol, won a duck mating challenge. She bravely flew to Toronto, with her egg, against all weather odds.

Sol & her egg arrived in time for Christmas, or as ducks know it, Duckmas!

It was love at first sight for both Drake & Sol. Drake borrowed the money for the engagement ring, from me. Sol accepted his proposal, and they chose a June wedding date.

It was a lush wedding. Sol was the most beautiful bride, ever! I designed her gown. Now, I’ve designed some gorgeous gowns, but this is my piece de resistance.

Although Lluvia had not hatched, she was the Flower Girl

However, Lluvia hatched shortly after, and the young duck family celebrated their first Duckmas together. It was here they announced a new egg, a boy egg.

The family still watches over the boy egg. As we all know, it can take days, weeks or years for a ceramic egg to hatch.

We also wish everyone a 💥 Very Happy New Year 💥 where you reach for the stars and find some.

Photo of Paige in Mystic Lake © Stephanie Tudin

Sol wants all to know that the Art Gown Mystic Lake © Resa McConaghy – was dedicated to her mom, Belén Soto.

Ceramic Ducks © Belén Soto

The story of Drake & Sol © Belén Soto & Resa

Duck outfits and staging by: Resa



This fabulous artist has been guided by the most amazing teacher. Belén you and your students are the best!

Arcilla y fuego

Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Escultura cerámica Sueños de piedra

Escultura cerámica Sueños de piedra

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Escultura cerámica Sueños de piedra

Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto

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