Princess Blue Holly

After I did the comic book post, I was inspired to create Super Hero – Princess Blue Holly

For my first try I used the water colour crayons that Gigi turned me onto. It really has a nice comic book look.

Holly, Gigi, and I especially liked Poison Ivy & Cat Woman. I made the comment that Poison Ivy looked like  Holly, what with the red hair and all. One thing led to another.

Princess Blue Holly is based on the plant by that name (and Holly from House of Heart). Her super powers come from reading up about the plant. Above is my first rough up.

Of course she needs an alter ego, so I created Rene Rosso, torch singer. She wears gowns to perform in.

I painted it to look like silver lame. I used pencil, silver acrylic, water colour pen and an extra fine marker for lips and lashes.

I also did a gown using the water colour crayons. It seems more congruous with the opening image of Princess Blue Holly.

Princess Blue Holly & drawings © Resa McConaghy

There’s so much more to know: how she got her super powers, how she transforms, how she finds villains, how she deals with them, her super healing powers for good guys, etc. I’m working on all that, and one day Princess Blue Holly will be back with new sketches.

85 thoughts on “Princess Blue Holly

  1. The sketches and watercolors in your work are outstanding and truly beautiful.

    The one with the redhead and black dress reminded me of something
    the ‘Black Widow’ would wear during her undercover mission. Love this so much. 🙂

    1. I’m very happy you love these, Charlie! I get great joy in drawing these.
      A redhead in a black dress is a fetching beauty, even before one has a good look.

      Love your poetry, Charlie! Sometimes your poems are redheads in black dresses! 😀

  2. Ah! Resa I love this so much. Princess Blue Holly is fantastic, she is really feeling her super powers tonight, she is learning more and more about her plant powers and it’s pretty awesome!
    Rene Rosso is grabbing a bite to eat at the moment, but the night is coming on so I expect her to be transforming and heading out to fight evil in all it’s nasty forms. She love villains, she eats them for breakfast! You’ve done such a fabulous job, you are truly a gifted designer, these gowns and all that goes with (love the eye and the holly plants dangling from her boots and arms). The lame is killer! Thanks for linking HoH, I will be over at a later date to pingback. Fabulous post lady!

    1. Love that you love this!
      It’s so much fun creating PBH! We shall keep this going!
      Lots to think about, and lots to draw. I need to draw a villain. OH, I think it should be a female villain. Someone who goes out and does the dirty work for evil men.
      ??? What do you think?
      Anyway, I’m abut 70% done the new Art Gown, so will focus on that, in my spare time. Hahaha, spare time! TY or being my muse and model!!!

      1. Ok, at the risk of being egged. I think PBH and her cohorts need to go after the evil element that is unleashing their harsh and dangerous laws against women and as a side note the poor excuses for women who are enabling them. PBH is on a role ! ♥️

        1. You bet ya!
          I’m thinking of a nemesis who represents all of the element you speak of, belongs to their society.
          I’m thinking female, as I don’t draw men very well, yet!
          She would be corporate/political.
          Ahh, egging, the good old days! Well, those days are over. 😀 ❦❦

            1. Got the mail. Yes, she is a perfect example! I’ll think on that…how to draw it and not get in trouble. Although sarcasm through art is as old as the hills.
              Okay, now for errands! xx

  3. ” She wears gowns to perform in.”
    But, of course she must ‘wear gowns’, Resa… What need of you would she have, otherwise! Hahah.
    You are having a lot of fun, I can tell… ❤

  4. Resa, this is wonderful. I just love it and it’s Holly for sure. As always, a fantastic job and I wish we could see her in action or at the very least, hear her sing. It’s perfect. ❤

    1. Working on that! It means I have to draw more than 1 person in a sketch. I will try! Lol!
      I think I can do it if the villain is a female. ❤ ❤

  5. Absolutely love it. Can’t wait to check the comments and see what she thinks.
    Great job. (I will keep the water colour crayons in mind for my current drawing/painting experiments.) (What kinda paper do you use?)

    1. I use a paper that is for water colours and acrylics. It is not pure white, and is semi-toothy. I’ll send the brand name later! Actually, there is more than one brand.
      It’s a multimedia paper, but mostly for water colours and acrylics. 😀

      1. I just boght a 160g paper. Not white. Not my ideal for pencil (which I use a lot) but ok. I can even use it to print a sketch and work several options. But even with that weight it still curls a bit after painting with water colours. Strange. So since I do a bit of book binding, I press it!

    1. EGADS! She’ll shred into your skin, whipping you with her long red hair studded with spiked holly leaves. Then she’ll poison the wounds with the juice from the berries.
      Of course she needs villains, so I’m all for it! 😀 😀

  6. Second time around, Resa! Princess Blue Holly reminds me to engage my personal superpowers. We forget the energy and strength that comes from within. Your ability to speak to our need to live amazing lives is truly remarkable, Resa. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    1. Your comments are never shallow, and are thought provoking.
      I’m glad I have a gift. I never looked at it that way…talent would be the word. I spent my working life applying that talent to other peoples’ projects…film, music, commercials…
      Perhaps, now that I am using my talent for me, for what I want to say and do, it could be a gift. Thank you so much for making me feel I have an offering!

      1. A couple of weeks ago I read a quote by Mary Oliver that reminded me that we MUST take the time to give voice to our creative spirit. Thank you for giving and sharing your time! “The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” Mary Oliver

        1. Headed back to my new Art Gown, for an hour! (70% done)
          Tonight, musicians will be jamming below me, and I’ll be drawing and painting to their music.
          The quote is a very valuable one! Thank you!!!!!

  7. Hyperion

    Our talented muse, PBH is indeed super and a hero. Love the art Resa, it’s so expressive, one can feel the good energy coming from each image. Thanks for steering me over here. You ladies are a championship tag team match up. Those bag guys and gals are about to get the people’s elbow, Kaa-BONG!

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