Black & White Fright Night

This sweet imaginary creature speaks loudly about this mural.

Here it is in its entirety.

The bunny fox? is in the lower left corner. I’ll move up & down towards the right, featuring my fave bits.

 OH WELL! Everything cant be a fave.

The Playboy Bunny on Meth Death?

Super Hype Shit

The rest are in a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pics taken by Resa – April 28, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s)

A reflection

33 thoughts on “Black & White Fright Night

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  2. It’s not often you see a whole mural in black/grey and white, it’s unusual. I really love this, its
    really great. I love the bunny with the patch and button eyes most. So sweet! xx

    1. I like the bunny…thing, best, too!
      You’re right about the B&W being unusual for street art, although I have found the odd piece here and there over the years!
      I’m obviously answering from Art Gowns. I’m trying to catch up on comments, and visits. Also working a post that is taking forever!

      So, I came up with the idea that PBH should be in a band during her non super times. A rock band would look too close to her PBH image, so that evolved to a torch singer with piano accompaniment… or a blues standards chanteuse with a jazz band.
      Of course she wear gowns to the gigs, so I would get to draw more gowns.
      Actually, I had thought of a nurse, but it’s more fun drawing gowns.
      LOL xoxo

      1. A great idea to comment from Arts , saves time and it’s fine! PBH is going to spectacular. No nurse please , so boring! I like the torch singer , I like all thes plans! xoxoxo

  3. Fancy coming across this at Halloween! 👺
    In fact, Resa, I’m wondering what the inspiration was for the artist’s work.
    I can’t choose a fave; it is all my fave! 😎

    1. True, the thought …Halloween… did pop into my mind when I laid eyes on it!
      I’m not wild about the piece as a whole, but I adore many of the individual elements. 😀 xo❦xo

  4. There’s a newer one in Wpg just like this only much, much larger. It’s on the New West Hotel building on Main (the one Grandpa used to run). It covers the entire building. I wonder if it’s the same artist…

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