Here Comes the Bride

Dear Belén, I’m so happy you flew with Lúa and Mar to the wedding!

As promised, here are the wedding photos. Sol’s wedding dress is very beautiful!

She can’t stop showing it off!

Didn’t you just love the look on Drake’s face when he saw Sol in the gown for the first time?

It was a beautiful ceremony.

Sol’s egg was a beautiful Flower Girl, even though it is not hatched, yet.

I thought Penelopoe The Witch did a lovely job presiding over the ceremony. I had no idea that Duck Weddings were so unique.

I loved the way Penelope led all of the Ducks in a quack-off as they circled over Drake and Sol, while they made their pledges to each other.

Of course, in duck weddings, the bride kisses the groom, and it was a beauty of a kiss.

Here’s the photo from prior to the ceremony, when the Wedding Party posed for a photograph. Click on it to see the full splendor!

From left to right: Mr. Wapojif (groom & DJ), Benji (Best Man) Drake, Sol, Mar (Maid of Honor) Lúa (Maid of Honor)

Close ups of Wedding Party

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I know you were just as excited as I was, when after the ceremony, Sol threw the bouquet.

I remember how  happy we were when Ms. Zulu caught it.

Ms. Zulu was such a doll, handing out the Wedding Programmes. She’d like to remind everyone to take a souvenir Wedding Programme. (click on Programme to view &/or download)

Here’s a picture of the Wedding Cake, taken before the “INCIDENT”, which necessitated the last minute baking of chocolate cookies.

Wedding designed and shot by Resa – March – June, 2017 – Toronto Canada

Drake, Sol, Mar, Lúa & Penelope The Witch designed and made by Belén Soto from Arcilla y Fuego Belén lives in Vigo, Spain, and you can shop her fabulous creations at Cerámica Belén Soto

Benji – The Best Man

Special thanks to Anarette for bringing Benji and Ms. Zulu to the wedding

Special Thanks from Drake to: Mr. Wapojif, esteemed editor of “Professional Moron” for doubling up as groom and DJ.


Drake offers an explanation: Another duck, who looks just like him, has moved into the neighborhood. The cats hypnotized this “other” duck into craving  Red Velvet cake, due to the dark rich chocolate.

After that, Drake pleads the Fifth.

Well, I hope you like all of the pictures. Before I go, Sol wants to show you her first fitting. Although she thought the purple was a bit dark, she thought it was a gorgeous option.

Love Resa

69 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride

    1. Thank you, Mary! It was love and fun all in one. I am very enamored by much of Belen’s creations.They bring out the young spirit in me.

  1. What a delightful wedding dear Resa. Without your expertise and hard work this wedding of Sol & Drake would just be a registry office affair. I love the programme of the day. I didn’t get one, or an invite. Shame really as I now have to return my unused ducks …umm … tux. Well done my friend as it brought a tear to my eye. Bwawawa in happiness.
    Love to you my hard working friend. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Dear Ralph,
      It seems only 2 humans actually attended the wedding, Belén & me.
      All of the other guests were assorted ducks, 2 dogs and 1 cheese.
      Actually, I saw a couple of swans in attendance. They both expressed interest in having me design their wedding gowns, but I had to take a pass. I explained to them that your gown is taking up all my time. I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of quack, making gowns for the world.
      Much love, Resa xoxoxo ❤

      1. Hi dear Resa,😊
        That’s what the world needs is gowns. 👗Swap a gun for a gown. Apply Resa 0800 quackityquack (I wonder if there is such a number *gulp*)🦆🦆🦆🦆
        Love Ralph xoxoxo ❤ 💃

  2. Dear Resa, what a beautiful ceremony … and what a great party, the DJ’s choice was a great success!
    Now, back at home, when I see the photos, I can not stop thinking about all the work you’ve invested in that spectacular dress and the idyllic stage that you improvised in your interior garden.
    Thanks Resa, thank you for fulfilling the dream of two travelling ducks who start a new adventure together.
    After my nervous tears during the whole ceremony, this proud Spanish mom has irritated eyes, Mar and Lúa are not better … it’s time to wash the ties and start the diet.
    The guests were all so elegant, Benji was one of the most admired … is a star and Ms Zulu is a lucky girl … but otherwise, none of the guests could jump so high.
    Drake’s clear and concise explanations of the incident prove his innocence, the security camera confirms his version of the facts, there is no doubt … despite some guests murmuring during the party.
    Thank you dear friend for your complicity, without your effort and dedication none of this would have been possible.
    Your friend says goodbye and sends a big hug 😉

    1. Dear Belén,

      It was a fab wedding! Designing Sol’s gown was a real joy. As you know, I love designing gowns.
      It is the first wedding I have designed!
      Your Drake and Sol are very special creations. They warm my heart every day I see them nesting in my plants.
      True, Ms. Zulu could jump the highest for Sol’s bouquet, but some of the girl ducks flew up very quickly, but they flew much too high.
      I see you are right about the security camera proving Drake’s story true. That “other” duck looks exactly like Drake. I wonder where the ceramicist lives who made him? Is she from Spain, as well?
      So far the cats have admitted to nothing. They just sit around cleaning themselves and purring. This does look guilty. However, cats usually look guilty.
      I know there were murmurings among the guests, but Mr. Wapojif did well, making the music louder.
      Sol and Drake have taken the egg to Niagra Falls for the honeymoon. It is a duck’s paradise there.
      I’ll let you know everything when they get back.
      Much love, many hugs and more kisses,

      1. Thank you for making our dreams come true, it was a complicated dream to realize and only you could do it.
        Cats never tell anything, they have signed a confidentiality agreement, Drake things …
        Your brilliant idea of placing a large picture of the cake on the bride and groom’s table and the second serving of delicious chocolate cookies, fulfilled their function, the good atmosphere kingdom during the party.
        Hugs and kisses!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Me gustaría compartir con vosotros el precioso reportaje fotografico realizado durante la boda de Sol y Drake en Toronto, especial atención al vestido de novia, creacion de una maravillosa diseñadora Canadiense, gracias Resa!!
    I would like to share with you the beautiful photographic report made during the wedding of Sol and Drake in Toronto, special attention to the wedding dress, creation of a wonderful Canadian designer, thanks Resa !!

    1. Yes, Mr. Moron was an epic DJ! He came with his own light show. I’m not sure, but I think it might have been a modified flame thrower. I can hardly wait for him to come by and grab a Programme! 😀 😀 😀

  4. What a great wedding it was! I’m so happy that Ms. Zulu and Benji were invited. They are still woofing my head off. Nothing is left out. Especially Ms. Zulu catching the bouquet and Drake with his nose in the wedding cake are stories to be told over and over again. The photos are wonderful and of course how could I forget, the dress, it is gorgeous, so beautifully worn by the bride! We are wishing the happy couple all the best! The ZAB team.,

    1. It looks like the happy couple will be defying the laws of seasonal duck mating. This is due to their ceramic natures.
      We are all thrilled that Benji and Ms. Zulu had a great time. They were very popular!
      Drake maintains that the guilty duck caught on camera is a look alike who was hypnotized by the cats. The cats are saying nothing, just licking and purring.
      Well, we made chocolate cookies that went over very well!.
      Much love and many hugs to the ZAB team!
      Drake & Sol

      1. WOL :D. Drake, between us, it is wise to stick to a story; it may stick. As long as the cats are saying nothing you will be fine. Have a pawbulous honeymoon. Ms. Zulu and Benji

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    1. Welcome, welcome!
      Benji and Ms. Zulu were huge hits at the wedding, very popular among all of the ducks.
      I look forward to checking out your blog!

    1. Thank you, Charlie!
      They are adorable little ceramic creatures. 😀
      Sometimes I need to escape the craziness of this world, and go into my creative world.
      Here, the crazy world may think I am the inane, but as you and I know, we are the beautiful people.
      Hippies had the best idea. They were just too, stoned to help the world pull it together. The evil that lives among us killed John Lennon. John and many artists of the day did not stand a chance
      What is it Shakespeare said in his play “Julius Caesar”?
      “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

        1. I agree with you, darling Charlie, evil is a virus!
          Shakespeare may seem foreign to most now, but his words hold many truths still prevalent and evident. Many of the bygone poets and writers echo our modern fears and concerns.

    1. There’s nothing like a wedding to beat the hum drum of life! ⭐
      Thank you Aquileana, and there’s a very huge hug flying at you. Hold on! It could knock you over!

  6. Benji looks positively proud to be there! I would have been, too. Heck, I might go and marry my sofa with my oven to enjoy such a joyous union myself.

    Interviewing a cat tomorrow, anyway, so that shall be fun.

    1. Well, your Gravatar looked pretty sharp in its red bow tie. Did you see how nice?
      Everyone enjoyed your music!!!!
      Sofa and oven….. brilliant! I suppose their offspring would be a heating pad?
      A cat, finally! Oh, I so hope you love each other!!! ♡

    1. Dearest Brenda!
      You didn’t really miss the party, you came, and I’m so glad you did! xx
      Yes, the footage of Drake NOT eating the cake. Well, he’s maintaining the “other” duck theory.
      Sol is so in love, she believes him! 😀
      And her gown is a masterpiece, even if I did make it! LOL
      Speaking of gowns, I’m well into the Art Gown to dedicate to Ralph. A bit slow going, what with Drake and Sol’s wedding and now real people are getting married. Also, the barbeques are endless. However, as I said I’m well into the gown.
      The Fairy Art Gown, dedicated to you will be the next one. I’ve got a couple of ideas in the back of my head, Of course, I’ll be mailing you for some inspiration when this one is done.

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun doing this. There was no rush, just an enjoyable half hour or hour here and there. Guess I’ve never really grown up all the way. 😀

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    1. Thank you! I adore my Drake family! They nest on my mantle,and stimulate my imagination. I think that’s a wonderful thing! 😀 Cheers!

    1. IKR!
      Thank you! I will o another Ducks post. It seems I got quite behind with many things, including blogging. C19 spun me round.
      I’m worried about Belen!
      I’ll write her, again.

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