Kingsway Royal – Fin

The last part of Kingsway Royal includes a York County coat of arms.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

It is on the bridge over the river where this man fishes.

Artist: Emilia Jajus
Artist: Emilia Jajus

Beyond the bridge is bucolic imagery of the area.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

Many renditions of this type of home is still found in well kept order in this area. It is dark in the underpass, so they have these lights to help us see. I thought the way the capture of the light mixing with the tree is interesting.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

Playing beside the house, and peeking around a tree are 2 children. The tree is on a corner of the underpass. the boy is on one side.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

The girl is on the other side.

Artist: Emilia Jajus
Artist: Emilia Jajus
Artist: Emilia Jajus

Robert Home Smith was a real person who was important to this area.

Artist: Emilia Jajus

Pics taken by Resa – June 3, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Emilia Jajus

23 thoughts on “Kingsway Royal – Fin

  1. I think this is among my favorite series of wall art Resa. You’ve done an amazing job capturing this artist’s work and he’ is amazing too. A brilliant mind to go with his gift of art. I love love it 😍💜❣️

    1. I agree, this is a wonderful mural! BEST… the artist is a woman. I never heard of her in the street art world, before. Most of the graf artists are men, but women are coming on to the woodwork, brick work, cement and garage doors of Toronto.
      H***! Let’s have another toast to art! 🍷🍷🍷Okay a few toasts! 😀 😀 xx ❤

  2. I love the kids peeking around the tree. And the artist is a woman. Well, that’s even more fabulous. Beautiful photographs, Resa. You did a fantastic job, showing us all the wonderful details. Thank you.

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