SATH – Visual Communicator


Artist: Sath

“The wall with the judge was painted in the village of Son Servera, and it talks about the freedom of speech. A Spanish rapper was condemned to jail just for the lyrics of his songs… ridiculous.”

Artist: Sath

The wall “Congreso De Los Imputados” is about politics.

Artist: Sath

“At the entrance of the Spanish parliament (congreso de los diputados): I changed the word diputados for imputados, (that means imputed). There are 2 lions, so I painted 1 of them (changing the ball for a prisoner ball), to criticize the government and the corruption.”

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

“I also attached the image of the last wall with my project “Som-Riu”. This week I’m gonna start another “Som-Riu” project in another village.”

SOM – RIU is a participatory mural project to aid people with intellectual disabilities. Learn more! Visit a previous GLaM post: SOM – RIU. 


Artist: Sath

Sath’s sense of humor is precious, whatever he decides to say with it.

“By the way, this wall painting is the new Spanish gastrobar Broken Eggs by the Galician Chef Jacobo Astray, in Ekkamai. Great selection of wines, craft beers, amazing food and service. All for affordable prices! Buen provecho!”

The CANVAS below is titled: UNI-CORN

Artist: Sath


Artist: Sath

For the live painting shows, I paint in front of the public during music festivals. They can get tickets to win the painting with a raffle at the end”.

Sath paints B.B.King

I asked Sath about the above shot.

 “The organization in that case was called “renou col-lectiu” that in Catalan language means “collective noise”.

All art © SATH

All photos © via SATH

Sath hails from Mallorca (Spain). He uses spray & acrylic paint to create colorful pieces, slightly surreal.  He uses figurative elements, & impossible situations or actions, but he never neglects the message.

Check out Sath’s Website!

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Sath sent me a FaceBook link to a short sweet video of himself painting the wall below. I can’t seem to embed the video. It’s not on YouTube, but if you click on the pic below, it will take you to the video. If you do not have a FB account (like me) just click on “Not Now”. You will be able to view it!

48 thoughts on “SATH – Visual Communicator

  1. Absolutely amazing. So beautiful and political, on all fronts. I can’t believe the rapper is in jail. The insanity never goes away. This was truly a fantastic post and like whitefeatherfloating, above, I loved the elephant and octopus. The unicorn too. But each one was incredible in it’s own right. Bravo

    1. Yeah, the insanity seems to be a permanent fixture! I adore Sath’s art, and as I have had the good fortune to meet him, I can honestly say I adore him, too!

        1. Ohh yeah! Sath loves the poetry you’ve been inspired to write from his painting. He is quite proud of that. You are special to both of us. Lol! We are fans of your work, too!

      1. Carolee Croft

        You’re the first person to get back to me with a review. I was a bit worried a greyhound shifter was too ridiculous to be reviewed but I’m so glad you liked it. xoxo

          1. Carolee Croft

            Yes, I already have most of books 2 and 3 planned. Thank you so much for your interest in the strange world of the hounds 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. I love this amazing series of art, esp the unicorn…that’s really special, and BB King. You have captured the beauty of this artist’s work perfectly, thank you for sharing it with us. Sending love and wishes for a wonderful Saturday. ❤

    1. Sath is a wonderful artist, and person! So happy you enjoyed this! Saturday has been amazing. So, Sunday is on deck, and you have a heck .. of a Sunday! ❤

    1. Sath really is fab! There were glitches with the FaceBook links, but I think fixed it. Sath said he saw 3 or 4 links! Hopefully they are all gone, except the link embedded in the pic of him painting.
      I got a BLACK MIRROR gift set from NETFLIX. I sent you pics in mail!!!

      1. I clicked on two links and they work well (I don’t think you have included more; so 👌 ok). Excellent about you Getting Black Mirror last season. I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Although it is a bit dark… but so deep and so many things to ponder (“The Future is bright”—> that’s BM’a motto. A bit sarcastic… is brightness a good thing at the end; bright has to do with technology, of course and the logo of the show is literally a broken cell screen) …I will check email right away) hugs 😘💗

  3. Incredible artist and artworks! Still remember those wonderful murals with children. I saw the video; he makes it look so easy. You are very lucky to have known such a gifted, humane artist.

    1. Hello Sidran!
      You are correct. I’m honored to know Sath. He really is a lovely person, and it shows in his art. He is leaving his very special marks on earth.
      I see him like….make art, not war!

    1. Oh, thank you Lonely Author!
      This blog is very conducive to my physical, emotional and mental health.
      It’s a beloved hobby, not a job. So, I get to walk and explore the city and find art. I get to share the art. I get to meet artists who share back.
      Artists… be you poets, painters, musicians or any creator is where my love lies. Hope all is well with you! -Resa

    1. Thank you, Daniel!
      B.B. King story.
      My sister (may she RIP) was a bar &/or restaurant manager for her entire career.
      She was working in the club room at the Fort Gary Hotel, an older prestigious place in Winnipeg.
      She was a stickler for “no freebies”.
      One night she saw the door person letting some people in for free. She put her foot down and insisted they pay the cover charge, or buzz off!
      Someone relented, and paid for everyone in the group.
      Later that evening, when the band was playing, she realized she had made the band pay to get into their own gig.
      It was B.B. King. B.B. and had personally paid for himself and his band. She never quite got over it! LOL!!!!

      1. Wonderful story Resa, thank you for sharing that. I always love stories like this. One of these days I am looking forward to being able to share stories with you. Like the time my girlfriend and I slept in the hotel room right below Elton John in 1984, in Baton Rouge and he sent us a bottle of champagne. because the busboy told him we were on our honeymoon 😉

  4. It’s an interesting question do this rappers lyrics promote the idea of violence and if so is that incitement? I couldn’t find his lyrics online, from a cursory search, sadly. There is another complaint against the same rapper, it was reported he told people at his concert ‘Kill a f**king Civil Guard (police) officer tonight.’

    1. Complaints can be made up or real. A complaint about something someone said… well, I have a lot of complaints about many things a certain supreme leader south of my border has said that are causing wild unrest. Many of these things are in print.
      Where are the rapper’s lyrics? Suppressed?
      I refuse to take anything I read on line, as gospel. I have seen things I know, changed, or reported incorrectly. History can be changed, probably always has been.
      So, I can’t speak to this particular situation in Spain.
      I do know that modern urban graffiti began as criticisms of governments, messages to the people. It has evolved into a palatable form of art, referred to as street art, but still contains messages, often.
      An artist has spoken their mind through art. I like that.

      1. I doubt they would be suppressed, I am just struggling to find a lyrics site that I can translate. Perhaps he is isn’t famous enough, although now he has this jail sentence he will surely get popular. The cynic in me wonders if this is really clever marketing, a few years in jail equals bigger record sales and a hero’s welcome afterwards with those that believe in your message.

        Trump is an unlikeable man and I think he says ridiculous things because he loves winding people up. The press doesn’t help, they haven’t always been accurate and I speak from a neutral view. Whatever you think of the man (or in fact anybody), if the media start to play loose with the facts or make things up they should be held to task, irrespective of who it is or what the subject is concerning but I see less of that these days about so many things. I find the only way to read about a news story is to read a number of different sources and then look into what the media left out, decide from there.

        It is interesting to read about how graffiti and more ‘traditional’ (for want of a better word) art has always used it as a way to get a message across, sometimes subtly hidden in plain sight and sometimes blatant. It’s an eye opening subject to tackle.

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