Add to the Global Graf Cart

I’m not monkeying around. I want your pics of Street Art to document on GLaM!

Photo © Sherrie Yager
Photo © Sherrie Yager

Whether it’s a tasty bit,

Call #1

A famous piece in a famous place,

Artist: Santiago Rubino - Photo @ Norman Orenstein
Artist: Santiago Rubino- Wynwood Doors – Photo @ Norman Orenstein

Writing on a wall


Or an all out Mural

Artists: Mandy van Leuwen, Michael St. Hilaire
Artists: Mandy van Leuwen, Michael St. Hilaire
Artist: Larry Rich
Artist: Larry Rich

I’d luv to see & present them all!


TO SUBMIT PHOTOS OF STREET ART TO “Graffiti Lux and Murals”, please read Submit.

All photos not credited taken by: Resa – 2012 -2014

26 thoughts on “Add to the Global Graf Cart

    1. Thank you! I hope if there is some street art where you live, you’ll send a shot this way!
      Also, your animation is really fabulous. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks JM! You live in Montreal, and I know there is amazing street art there.
      I hope you will send me a pic, sometimes! You take great photos. 🙂 😎

    1. You can just copy and paste the email address into your email.
      I didn’t think it would be hot! I clicked on it and got one of those odd open with boxes.
      In my G-lines page, it is not hot. It is there to copy and paste!

    1. “lol” 😀 That’s me! My hair is nice and long. Sherrie brushed it in the back before she shot it! What a great pic with the shadow and all!
      I just know you’re going to find more street art! 🙂

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