You’ve Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind) w/ Sundance Song

A new Indigenous inspired mural, by Philip Cote, graces my hood; the Village of Roncesvalles.

A new to me song, by Buffy Saint Marie & throat singer Tanya Tagaq, graces my spirit. You Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind) is the most powerful song I’ve ever heard.


You could listen while perusing the rest of the mural, but I doubt you will be able to take your focus off of the intense performances.

Here are some of the murals hi-lights.

Philip Cote says about the mural “I am here doing a Sundance song to honour the ancestors and recognize where I come from”

Roncesvalles was originally settled by Colonel Walter O’Hara in 1850. O’Hara (Irish), a soldier in the British army was captured by the French in the Roncesvalles Gorge in Spain; hence the name Roncesvalles.

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Pics taken by Resa – October & November 2018 & July 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Philip Cote

Buffy, a multi-media artist, rose to prominence  in the late  60’s, with the  folk  music  movement.  However, once she began using her voice to support native causes, her songs were  censored in  the USA, and yanked from playlists.

 Someone said (paraphrasing) It’s amazing how afraid powerful men in suits are, of a girl with a guitar.

75 thoughts on “You’ve Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind) w/ Sundance Song

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  1. I can see it now, I am going to have to buy in, WP is forcing me with ads! I personally prefer the free sites, but …. gonna have to go for it. Love ya! BTW, thanks for the info on St. Marie, loved it.

    1. Ahh, I know. I pay for no ads on my sites, except Queen’s end. Qe will be slowly fused with GLAM… now that it is including all art. Then I will delete it.
      Anyway.. been working on the new AG post. It’s a fine line between entertaining and informing.
      As of now, opening with At Last and closing with Billie Holiday.

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          OH, I want you to know that from now on, when I do the character Rene Rosso, I will copyright both of us. You have been inspirational, and your ongoing interest in the character is helping round her out.
          The sketches are still my copyright, but the character is ours! xo

  2. Timothy Price

    Wonderful mural. The art is very different from our Pueblo Indians and Navajo. Great song. This reminds me of many years ago when I was managing a nation-wide housing study for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), my Navajo evaluators didn’t like some of the accommodations I had booked in Montana and North Dakota in little towns near the Canadian Border. The next trip where they had houses near the Canadian border to evaluate, I put them in hotels in Canada. They liked the Canadian accommodations much better. They told me they were surprised that when they ran into Canadian Indians, they could understand each other’s native languages pretty well. I wasn’t surprised, since the Navajo came from the north before settling in what is now northern New Mexico, northern Arizona and southern Utah.

    1. I like your re encounter of your BIA days. I think it is very neat that they could understand each others language. I also see that the art could/would be very different. There are many different styles within Canada. Definitely, the west coast totems are unique to that area. There are differences between prairie tribes, east coast and Inuit. I love it all!
      That song!! I can’t stop listening to it. I’m using moving to it, as part of my morning routine now. I want to run with the Spirit of the Wind!

      1. Timothy Price

        All the arts are very cool. I like the idea of the sand paintings that are made and then destroyed before sundown. I this day an age when we document everything, the idea of making art that has to only last in one’s memory is intriguing. Does your morning routine include stretching with your kitties?

        1. LOL! They hate my morning routine, because I do it before I feed them. Their morning routine involves me singing to them while I pet them and kiss them. They’re sooo cute!

          1. Timothy Price

            Laurie has a long involved morning routine of exercises and stretches that Najar does with her. I thought maybe your kitties got involved in your routine. Our cats are free feeders, so I don’t give them canned food in the morning, but I divide a can of food between them every afternoon as a reward for coming inside for the night.

            1. Aww, that’s so cute. Laurie and Najar must be best buddies. Kitty love!
              Well, you have to get them inside somehow! My cats never go outside. I live on a major street, and getting hit by a streetcar, or any of the many vehicles is not going to happen to my babies.

              1. Timothy Price

                I would not let the kitties out if we lived in the city. They are really good about coming when I call them. I figure the canned kitty food is a nice treat for their obedience (don’t let them know I used the “O” word), since they probably feel like they are just humoring me by coming when I call them.

        2. Yes…the sand paintings are fascinating. When I started my Art Gowns, I took them apart after documenting them. I wanted them to be like music more. Once it’s played it’s gone forever. You may have a recording, but the actual music is gone into the universe.
          Anyway, it drove certain people close to me…nuts. Out of 23 Art Gowns, 7 are in 1 piece, about 6 are in several pieces. The rest are gone forever. I’ll probably dismantle 4 of the ones that are in pieces, and reclaim the fabric.

          1. Timothy Price

            That’s how it is with a lot of the flamenco I’ve played over the years. It was played once and now rings across the universe, where possibly someone in a distant space can catch the vibes and be inspired. I wonder how much of our musical inspirations come from extraterrestrial, universal vibes?

  3. Just fantastic and so colourful. I love this style so much. When I was making art in England I did a series of paintings on wood (floorboards, table tops, panels, even an 8 foot wooden crucifix!) all based on Aboriginal designs. Was a lot of fun researching and making them. Mine were more pattern based as opposed to the animals you’ve shown. Great to see so many different types of our animal friends here! Thanks as always for sharing :)x

    1. IKR! I get to pass by it almost every day. It’s a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood.
      Your art in England sounds fascinating. Did you save any pics of it? 😀 x

  4. What a powerful song, though when I read the description “throat singer” I immediately thought of a Mongolian throat warbler/singer! And that mural again is outstanding…sadly there’s nothing like it in the outer reaches of the UK where I live so thanks for sharing.

    1. Ah, outer reaches, that’s why you don’t have a lot of street art. Although in London there’s a lot of fantastic works.
      Happy you like the song. I’ve become a bit addicted to it. It’s part of my morning routine, now.
      Anyway, I love sharing.

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  6. Terrific song and terrific murals. I remember Buffy St Marie had some commercial success. In addition to being blacklisted, her records suffered the same fate as most all the folksingers and people of the “movement”, the bargain bin at the record store.

    1. True enough about Folk Music fading from the landscape. All music does, eventually. Then it moves to the “classics” Mode.
      Well, I adore this song, and I adore your renditions of many “classics”

      1. True everything passes and people forget, and most the 60s beat was coopted, but the current marketing methods of music industry narrows what most people hear.

  7. You were right about not being able to take my focus off of that performance!!!! But I did enjoy each one separately ALOT!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! Love this post so much, Resa! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! 🙂 😍😘🤗 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I’m hooked on that song!
      The throat singer is fascinating. The drummer has a special passion. The guitar is so true, and Buffy is magic!
      Sunday is good, and I’ll be drawing shortly. I have 1 more sketch to do for my special Art Gowns post. 🙂 😍😘🤗 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      Have the best week!

  8. WOW! Like Marina, all I can say is you are absolutely right. Could not take my eyes off the video. I didn’t know this song, so thank you very much. I will be sharing the sh*t out of it;-)

    As for the mural, wonderful, Sorceress!

    1. Can’t get enough of that Fairy Dust!!
      Can’t get enough of that song, either.
      Yeah share it. It’s got such a great spirit. Everyone should hear it!!!

  9. At the age of 78, Buffy Saints-Marie continues to amaze and inspire the world and new generations with her words. We live in a world of activism, of pushing the boundaries, of angry voices. When you run with the Spirit of the Wind, you are at peace with yourself, you seek and build compassionate communities/. I love Buffy’s words: “When somebody says, ‘Oh, Buffy, you’re such a warrior for peace’, I stop them and say, ‘No, I’m not really a warrior for peace. What I promote is alternative conflict resolution’. Life continues to be an amazing adventure with opportunities to create positive outcomes for all. Every act of kindness, of running with the spirit of the wind makes a difference. This past week, I was excited by the St. Albert’s unanimous vote to ban conversion therapy (my brother is on the council)

    1. A wonderful comment, Rebecca!
      Buffy is amazing!
      I’ve seen a few reports on the ban of conversion therapy. Good on your brother! Actually, I thought it was already banned. I do know someone who was harmed by it. Finally, in their 50’s the person is blooming.
      Okay, off to check out the link!

  10. Great mural. I remember Buffy from the 60’s but I didn’t know that she had been silenced by the men in suits and assumed she had just slipped off the radar as so may did at that time. Being so young, I had no understanding of what her songs were actually about at that time though.

        1. I checked out the doco. A very interesting lady and a great ambassador for her people. I really did not know that she wrote ‘Universal Soldier’ and like most people I thought / assumed that Donovan had written it – it’s only take me 50+ years to find that out! I also did not know that she had written hits for Joe Cocker and Elvis too.

          1. I’m so glad you watched. She has gone very underrated in her career. Now, at 78, she is getting more credit. At least Canada has bestowed honours upon her.

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  12. What a performance! I have never heard this song before.
    The work of Philip Cote is stunning. Love to see these artists together on your blog.

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