Leonard Cohen

Thank you to Jean Marc Robert – Art et Technique for sending me pics of this wonderful Leonard Cohen mural found in Montreal!

I have wanted this in my collection since the moment I laid eyes on a photo of it.

JMR also took pics of other art, which will be posted anon(ish).

JMR – “As for the one of Leonard Cohen, first I passed by without noticing it, being on the side of the street close to it, and it is up above surroundings. I guess if you look up you would see part of it. So I walked to de Maisonneuve street to see it and then come back to take pics on the other side, I did took also the Nick – Auf der Maur street sign, he was a long time city councillor. I think of the same area where lived Cohen, but not sure.”

I’m so thrilled, I just had to draw Boogapony Holly, as Suzanne. “She’s wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters”

Boogapony Holly character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since January 16, 2018

THANK YOU – Jean Marc Robert

124 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen

  1. Resa – I understand why you wanted this mural in your collection. Simply beautiful!! I remember listening to Suzanne over and over and over again when I first discovered this song in the early 1970’s. Leonard Cohen had a remarkable life – he was a gift to our world and his legacy continues to inspire. Thank you for this post – it made my day.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca!
      Suzanne is such beautiful poetry. It’s crazy that LC got ripped off for the rights.
      He may be the greatest poet of the last century.
      I found an album of his greatest hits, some he sang to music, some he recited w/o music.
      I drew “Suzanne” while listening. It was a fab experience.
      I only wish he could see it! {{hugs}}

  2. So often in life we forget to look up… too embroiled in the daily routines we have that we dream less often and nearly miss stunning images like these. Thanks to both of you for sharing and to Jean Marc Robert…thank you for looking up!

    1. True!
      We do forget to look up. I’d say we are too busy looking at our smart phones (stupid phones in actuality).

      My next post will be the Star Wars one, in a few days.
      Okay, I’m off to read your new post!

      1. Hi Resa, I’m looking forward to your next post with great interest!
        And to be fair mobile phones do have some uses…I needed one to order a new battery charger to get me back online, so…they aren’t all evil!

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  4. Thank you Resa for your beautiful post, nice drawing, I love it, light, colorful, flowing, and listening to Suzanne, make for a nice saturday afternoon, smooth, watching a storm coming on Montreal….thanks again!

    1. You’re welcome, JMR! Thank you for the pics of this fabulous LC mural.
      Suzanne is a special poem/song. I did part of the drawing while listening to LC’s greatest hits- some to music, some just recited.
      We are having storms here, too. As long as the electricity stays on, I like the storms.
      Okay, take care, and in a few more posts, I will do another guest post with the rest of the pics you sent!
      YAY! xo

      1. Thanks Resa, yes still stormy here today, been lucky so far, some areas north of Montreal had it very bad, the next person who try to argue with me that climate changes are exaggerated no I won’t get into a fight…not my style..but I may use some strong words…:D but me too I like thunderstorm, snowstorm, I guess I am not quite normal…I already did know that…:), LC is very inspiring to draw, music we like always bring the best of us, at least for me it does, will wait for your posts, then I will make some on my two sites and link back to yours, the older pics I think you did used them, I will probably do something with it, if ever you want to use them you probably have them, if not I will put them on the exchange drive, so to the next time Resa and thanks again for putting my humble photographs in good light on your site, till next time xoxo

  5. This is so amazing, Resa. Thank you so sharing it and the video, you know how much I adore this song by Leonard Cohen, an absolute musical genius. This wall art could not be more perfect, and without a doubt your sketch of Boogapony in her Salvation Army rags and feathers is Perfectly beautiful. Thank you my dear, I adore you and LC ( hats off to the Wall artist).

    1. Yes! Hats off to the wall artist!
      What a feat.
      I drew part of Boogapony while listening to LC’s greatest hits. Most were with music, but he did recite some.
      It was a wonderful happening for me.
      Love Suzanne since the first time I heard it.
      LC could be the greatest poet of the 20th century.
      How perfect was Boogapony for the model?
      Adore you!!!! xoxoxoxo
      OH… thanks to JMR for sending these pics in!

      1. Since Boogapony loves Suzanne so much it’s definitely only right for her to be dressed in rags and feathers created by your unsurpassed artistic gift. I remember we discussed how brilliant this song is, sends chills right through me! LC is the best modern poet, his songs are filled with the most beautiful, the most intriguing verses written imho. Absolutely a big thank you going out to JMR for capturing this awesome wall art and sending it on to you for all to share in. Thank you dear Meece, love you!

        1. Ahh, yes, I know. Boogapony was THE choice for the drawing.
          It’s crazy that LC got ripped off for the rights, for “Suzanne”.
          Anyway if you remember, before we created Boogapony, I tried drawing Suzanne. You were the model. This is definitely my best Suzanne. It seems easier for me to draw the characters we create, (even though you are the model for all).
          I suppose all the drawing in the last few years has made me better.
          Hey Boogapony is 4 years, 4 months old.
          She’s such a fabulous character! I love drawing her. I thought her Route 66 trip was quite cool.

          1. She’s definitely a flower child who loves biking down RT 66🌸 your artistic talents have blossomed into absolute perfection. Of course being a designer you have an innate ability to create the most gorgeous gowns and outfits perfect for any occasion! Not to mention a wild imagination that is spectacular. It seems the first thing we discussed was Suzanne and the brilliant moving verses that only the most gifted poet could call his own. That it was stolen is a crime. … “ tea and oranges that come all the way from China”. So beautiful! Thank you for this, every facet, the wall art of LC, the gorgeous sketch of BP in her Salvation Army rags, and the timeless Suzanne. xoxoxo

            1. Boogapony is a dream of my early self.
              I was a kid. There was a Discotheque on Portage Ave. in Winnipeg, “The Hungry Eye”.
              It was on the second floor of a two story building. There were 2 full length windows. In each window was a Go-Go dancer… mini skirts, white Go-Go boots, long hair, black eye-liner and pink lipstick that was so pale it was almost white.

              I would sit on the curb across the street, listen to the music and watch the dancers.
              I knew that when I grew up, I was going to be a Go-Go dancer.

              Fast forward… I met you. We talked about LC, our love of his poetry, of the era, etc. Then we invented Boogapony.
              In some odd way, you made my childhood dream come true.

              Between the 2 of us, we have made Boogapony an era symbol, perhaps a not well known icon.

              She is our Go-Go Girl. She will go where we can take her. I loved the Boogapony Hendrix post. It’s one of my very faves.

              Did you see the orange in her hand?
              I put it there special for you & LC. He would have fallen in love with you when he read your poetry.

              Adore you!!! xoxxoxoo

              1. Ahhh, yes … being a Go Go dancer would have been a blast! A Playboy Bunny 🐰 maybe. Lots of money but no rude men!! No Hefner either. The Club in Miami. Or hop in our hip VW flower van and head out to Haight Ashbury, hang out at poetry slams. Bring Tweed. Adore you my partner in crime 👯‍♀️🚐👢👢xoxoxo

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  7. I shared my pic of this beauty of a mural on Marc’s blog last year 🙂 And shame on Jean Marc for the error in Nick Auf de Maur’s name! But I’ll let it slide…
    I so love this song, too.

    1. LOL!!! ⚡️💥
      Perhaps it was that evil auto-correct. Ya know like Poe’s Raven… never Maur, never Maur!
      It’s a wonderful mural!
      I wonder if I saw it on Marc’s blog? It is a well shared mural. I’ve seen it lots, but never in real life.

    2. Oops sorry, please Resa could you correct this please…I tried for a few hours now to commit Seppuku to amend myself, but I don’t have a blade and tried with the mouse, not very effective..:) Should have checked what I wrote more carefully and I cannot even use the excuse that english is not my first language, the error is in the name, so please and thanks for noticing.

      1. Lol!
        No worries, I made it exactly as it’s written on the sign.
        Please do not stress! You are amazing in that you speak 2 languages.
        Even though we have 2 official languages in Canada, not many speak both. xx

        1. Thanks Resa, ah languages, I don’t know if these are considered languages, oil, acrylic, pastel…and sometimes photo, and no spelling errors, just mishaps sometimes 🙂 xoxo

    1. It’s a wonderful mural. Imagine painting at that scale!
      I love “Suzanne”!
      So, it was as dark as the day can be yesterday, with a big storm rolling in.
      I used my lights that you sent. I think the pic of the drawing came out pretty good.
      I’ve got a neat drawing on the go, inspired by your Irises. I’m just thinking if I want all colours of Iris, or stick with one.
      I’ll be trying the gels when I shoot Shey’s gown. I should go sew for an hour! Then I can blog some more.

      1. Timothy Price

        That is a great drawing. The lights are serving you well. I am so happy. I’m be interested to see what you come up with on Green with Envy.

  8. So nice of JMR to send you that beautiful mural and I ADORE your Suzanne Boogapony Holly!!!!!!

    1. I can’t thank JMR enough. I’ve wanted this in my collection for a long time.
      I drew a lot of Suzanne Boogapony Holly while listening to LC. He’s so good, and it was such an enjoyable experience!
      🌺✏️🎼🧽 – I know Hera’s with you! 🌺✏️🎼🧽🌺✏️🎼🧽🌺✏️🎼🧽🌺✏️🎼🧽🌺✏️🎼🧽🌺✏️🎼🧽🌺✏️🎼🧽

  9. Wow – I am always amazed by these murals. Thanks for sharing this one – I just went down the rabbit hole reading about Leonard Cohen. I didn’t realize he also wrote books!

    1. BCM, you are welcome. I love sharing the murals.
      LC was a prolific writer. Of course he’s known mostly for his poetry, especially his poetry set to music.
      It’s so wonderful living in a place that encourages outdoor art!

  10. What a wonderful (and very large) mural of Leonard. I loved “Suzanne” when I was in high school and college…and still do, just don’t listen to it as much. The only other mural of this size I’ve ever seen was one of LaBron James in downtown Cleveland. 🙂 Not sure if it’s still there, though. Love the gown, too!

    1. I’d like to see it in real life. Nonetheless, I am thrilled it is in my collection! You can send me email from my “Submissions” page, or to the email attached to my comments when I comment on your blog!

  11. It is beatiful to honor in Montreal such a composer singer
    Without any doubt Rene will be happy to be compared to Suzanne.
    I wonder, Resa, how the artist did to success this immense portrait on a so high building.?
    Love ❤

    1. I have seen these artists paint. They just have the sense, the gift and they stand back a lot and look. ❤️

      Rene is my Suzanne! xo

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  15. Tank you ever so much for the art and song. I needed Suzanne to bring peace back to my soul. Done.
    (Not to mention Holly in rags and feathers… Loved that too)

    1. Diana, it is a stunning mural, and I’m thrilled to have it in my collection.
      Thank you re: the drawing. This was a fun one. I did it while listening to LC! xx

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    1. Thank you Cindy! Yeah, Boogapony Holly is a fave of mine to draw. We made her up joking around one day in comments. Seems we have come up with some fun characters! xx

  17. Resa, I know I’m late but this is such a marvelous post that I had to comment anyway. The mural is amazing. Thanks for the video. I’ve always loved the song Suzanne, and I’ve heard a few people singing it — but not Cohen. I never realized that he wrote it. I love you sketch too. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Teagan, I’m thrilled you got to see this post.
      Cohen was a fabulous poet, using music to recite/sing to/with.
      The sketch was fun to do. I listened to LC’s greatest hits while I drew it! {{{Hugs}}}

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