Panda Love

These Pandas are found in Chinatown, Ottawa.

Pan #1

I fell in love at first sight.

Pan #2

Pan #1b

Pan #2b

Pan #1c

Pan #2c

They are the bookends to a center of people running. Running for causes is hugely popular in Ottawa.

Pan #3

Luv the reflection …

Pan #5

…& Luv the Lotus!

Pan #7

Pics taken by Resa, May 14, 2016

Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me, but their work is beautifully reflected.

Pan #4

Pan #6

Pan #9

33 thoughts on “Panda Love

    1. Yeah, and I’m glad I’ve been able to find a few more interesting murals and street art. Not a lot of time to blog and post though between work and sleep. 🙂 xoxoxo

      1. Enjoy your new chapter, Resa. As Forest Gump’s mom always said.. Life’s just like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get! Yay, for sweet surprises.. ❤

  1. Lovely set of teeth, oh, and the pandas have as well ! 😉
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend dear Resa and that the weather is kind for you. Hot and sunny here. Yay !
    Big hug. Ralph coxoxoc ❤ #<

    1. Yeah, it’s right up Marina’s alley!
      I used to get upset with all the murals painted in parking lots. Now, it is an exciting prospect. 🙂

    1. I got very excited when I found this mural. When I find animal murals, I always think of the blogging pals I’ve made who are true nature lovers and respecters of all life. 😀 You are one!

    1. They are adorable! It’s hard to believe they are bears, and could be deadly to humans. I suppose I’m a bit crazy, but I’ve always thought if I ever met up with a big wild animal…. we’d be friends.xo 😀

  2. You have to love Panda’s, we used to have bears get up on our porch and get into the hummingbird feeders at night when we lived up in the mountains, when the kids were little. We would wake them to watch the bears. Fierce and wonderful creatures. The artist did a great job here, as did the camera operator capturing the artwork. 😉

  3. What loveable animals pandas are and wonderfully reflected in the art here. The people running is a nice touch as well, two totally different yet equally good murals. x

    1. Oh, Ste J , I am exhausted. I want to blog but work is relentless. Just did 9- 14 hr. days in a row. I miss you & all my pals. Will have a couple of hours on Friday… which is my Sunday. I’ll come visit you. -Resa xo

      1. I was going to email you the other day but didn’t want you to feel under any pressure to email back. That’s some harsh working days and you are greatly missed here but you are doing great. I hope Friday is a relaxing day for you…

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