Kiev, Chernobyl & Pripyat – en Graffe

My pal Alex Morris sent us pics of murals & graf from the Ukraine. The first four are all in, and around, Kiev city centre.

“While I were wending me merry away around Kiev I noticed some fancy graffiti and all that. Sending you some of the best over.”

“However, an unexpected work trip arose in September 2021. And so with a day off on Sunday 12th September, we booked into a day tour and headed to the location of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.”

Chernobyl is a region permanently stuck in the past, that also provides an important message for the future.”

WOW! There it is guys, Chernobyl! Omg, it’s got a mural on it.

All of which can only lead onto the local town of Pripyat, which was built to house local power plant workers and their families.”

“The mass evacuation of the city was delayed whilst authorities denied the reality of the situation, eventually evacuating the city in a matter of hours.”

“Visitors can only stay in Pripyat for a short while and you’re not allowed to touch anything, otherwise you risk contaminating yourself”.

“In fact, there are radiation checks when you leave the Exclusion Zone to ensure you’ve not done anything stupid.”

“Some people do break into the Exclusion Zone and have to treks for days in the woods to reach Pripyat, which exposes them to a lot of radiation. But some of them may be the ones completing the graffiti. I couldn’t find any details on whether it was allowed by the government or not. But it’s there to behold.”

Photos taken by Alex Morris – September, 2021


Alex’s post on visiting Chernobyl, Pripyat & Kiev is fabulous! Click on over and check it out!

There is no end to taggers on this planet. Yet, somehow it’s comforting to me to know that. Not sure why. Perhaps it speaks to commonality of humanity.

A work of art, yet so far away it’s difficult to make out. Nonetheless it’s neat to see a Kiev street! Interesting parking.

Tallinn, Estonia – Street Art

This blue elk is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks to a very dear friend of mine, who travelled to Tallinn late last year. I got these fab pics.

The area I am showing is the old industrial area. All types of artists have moved in, and the area is gentrifying. This is the main square, of that area. Notice a couple of men at a magazine stand far right, but first a couple of closer ups.

Here’s the magazine stand. There is a wonderful owl over it.

The wings of the world are below. You stand in the centre, and have your photo taken. You’ll look like an angel.

I call them “wings of the world”, because they are in many, many cities around the world. I know where there are 3 sets of wings in Toronto, and I can walk to them all.

Turn the wings corner, and find yourself in a graf writing paradise!

More street art.

Tallinn City’s population is 427,000. The city centre is a mix of fabulous old world, and modern architecture.

Below is L’opéra national “Estonia”

© Guillaume Speurt – click on pic to go to his Flicker page

Thank you for checking out the street art in Tallinn with me!

Photos (except L’opéra national “Estonia”) © N. Orenstein

Blue Tit & Arnie in Blue

Direct from Manchester, UK; courtesy of Alex Morris via Professional Moron is this fabulous wall art of a Blue Tit,  by Sarah Yates.

“This piece was commissioned in 2011 by Converse as part of the Wall to Wall project. Sarah Yates is an illustrator focusing on topics of environmental awareness. She is well known for mixing graffiti with graphic design and taking inspiration from nature, especially from birds, which are her favourite subjects, as we can see in this large-scale mural depicting a large blue tit.”

As a thank you to Alex, I present this garage door art of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I find the piece quite humorous, indeed.

If you have ever been to the Professional Moron blog, you will see that humour reigns supreme, which makes this the most apt thank you.

Of course it’s not all fun, much of which can involve Arnie & other famous personalities. Alex does fab book reviews, movie reviews and game reviews.

🌼Humungous thank you’s to Alex for the Blue Tit!🌼

Photos of the Blue Tit © Alex Morris

Arnie pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

Arnie Artist:

Maritime Murals

Kelly from Maritime Mac did an article on Sussex, New Brunswick.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Turns out it’s the Mural Capital of Atlantic Canada.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

It’s so great that she discovered these largely historical murals.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Click on the pic below & see the entire post on Sussex.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Kelly’s blog is filled with wonderful pics & insights about Canada’s Maritime provinces.

If you’ve ever considered visiting Canada’s Atlantic provinces, you should browse  her blog.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

You will also find a very interesting trip to Africa that she reports on.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

Check out the carousel of mural pics to discover the name of artists, and/or historical relevance.

Photo © Kelly MacKay

⭐️ Thank You Kelly! ⭐️

Sussex New Brunswick- Don’t Just Pass Through



From Mexico City!

A friend sent me some graffiti pics from Mexico City!

Photo © Michael Sangregorio
Photo © Michael Sangregori
Photo © Michael Sangregorio
Photo © Michael Sangregorio
Photo © Michael Sangregorio


Pics taken March, 2018

Mexico City, Mexico

Artists are unknown at this time.

Michael does not have a WP blog, but he and Fabio have a restaurant in Toronto. It’s called Local Kitchen and Wine Bar. Click on the logo and check it out. You’ll want to eat there!

Mall Mural – Green Hills, Australia

Carolyn Page has sent us an Australian nature mural & a joyful study of its nature, just in time for the Vernal Equinox.

Photo © Carolyn Page

Carolyn says, ” It is above a travelator and smacks of all things Australian.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“I’d love to highlight a few of the images such as our delightful Kookaburra; an Auzzie Icon.”

Public Domain
Photo © Carolyn Page

“Our beautiful Parrots, of which there are many and varied with beautiful colours; include this beauty.”

Susan Flashman @

“Our Wattle Trees in bloom look glorious lining our major highways during late winter to early spring.”

Public Domain

“The wall art image doesn’t show their true high yellow colour, but, I was so pleased to see them highlighted as Australiana.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“They are the little round bubble-like images below the Koala.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“Then there’s the Banksia; a native plant so attractive in flower:”

Public Domain

“Australia just isn’t Oz without the Eucalyptus Tree’s Gumnuts acclaimed within author, Illustrator and cartoonist, Mae Gibbs’ children books, including ‘Meet Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’, her lovable bush characters.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“Once again the wall art composition doesn’t highlight their true essence. However, the Eucalyptus Tree’s Gumnuts are, once again, iconic to Australia:”

Public Domain

“This little fellow is hard to see in the wall art, however, he is there hiding as usual. The Australian Possum is a nocturnal creature, though; he can be heard (if not seen) during the day scampering amongst the trees.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“(Not to be confused with the Opossum, the Possum lives in trees and keeps very much to himself. He can be ‘tamed’ to a degree with enticing titbits to eat.)”

Public Domain

“Next is a little Golden Bell Frog frog.”

Photo © Carolyn Page

“He too is almost hiding. You can just see him in the lower right hand corner!”

Public Domain
Photo © Carolyn Page

“And last, but not least, is our cuddly Koala. He really is the cutest thing!”

Photo: RickyD @

⭐️  Thank you Carolyn! ⭐️

Visit Carolyn’s blog  ABC of Spirit Talk and discover more about her!

Check out ABC’s sidebar for Animal Reflections.

“Here is an impression of our ‘future’ Mall Indoor/Outdoor Garden Restaurant Area. I’m so impressed… :)It seems Green Hill will be double celebrating the arrival of spring this year!”

São Paulo, from Carolee

Perhaps these 2 hummingbirds are on love? Well I’m in love with them!

Photo @ Carolee Croft

The previous São Paulo post had hummingbirds, as well. However, they are different paintings that appear to be by the same artist.

Photo © Carolee Croft

Luv, luv this bit!

Photo © Carolee Croft

Below is a piece from a globally famous street artist, Eduardo Kobra.

Artist: Kobra – Photo © Carolee Croft

I adore the humor revealed in the series of photos Carolee took of this apparent King.

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft

Brazilian artist Paulo Ito s very political with his work. A mural he did of a starving child eating a soccer ball during the The World Cup went viral. Click on the pic below to read a news article on it!

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft

Carolee says: “Also, in the picture of the mouse and the emperor, it’s kind of hard to see in the photo but the threads in the emperor’s coat are actually real!”

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft
Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft
Artist: @spiders_bigbig_spiders – Photo © Carolee Croft
Photo © Carolee Croft

“I often walked down this alley when I lived in Sao Paulo. It fostered art installations, capoeira performances, concerts, children playing, people walking their dogs.”

Photo © Carolee Croft


Carolee Croft is a Canadian writer who had been living in São Paulo, Brazil. She has now returned to Edmonton, Canada. She has just released a new novel Ariella’s Rebellion.

Carolee writes novels that are in her own words “I hope not too naughty for your audience”. I find that a tad endearing coming from an admitted fan of Spongebob. You can find her books on  Carolee’s Books on Amazon

“The purple-haired sailor was always visible from my window. I will miss her and Brazil!”

Blow up the next 2 pics and see the purple haired sailor better!

“The 3D art is from an alley that’s located at the site of an underground river, Agua Preto, and hosts a community of artists and an environmental group that would like to see the river resurfaced.”