Murales de Montréal – Merci JMR

A Big Thank You to Jean Marc Robert for sending in these pics from Montreal!

“The first one (Woman in purple, some yellow in the background is at the intersection of Hope and Sussex street, a bit north of René Lévesques and east of Atwater.”

“The second one, woman and child on a bench overlooked by business suit man with robot head is I think….on St-Mathieu street between Tupper and Ste Catherine.”

“The third one, is quite beautiful.  I was told by a delivery man from UPS that it is quite recent. He notices & likes murals, and told me of the Leonard Cohen mural just north of this one. This is on Crescent street between Ste Catherine and de Maisonneuve.”

“I was on the sidewalk, and it was difficult to photograph. I did not notice the perspective in the mural. When shot, so we don’t see the alley, it was almost as though it was just another building. Ok not quite like that, but I thought it integrated well with the surrounding, not the same style but seems to be part of it.”

All photos © Jean Marc Robert


91 thoughts on “Murales de Montréal – Merci JMR

  1. Oh, Resa, you have a wonderful source of mural photos from JM. These are all beautiful. The purple woman is someone to fall in love with, isn’t she? And the ominous robot man reminds me of life in the US. My fav, I think, is the wonderful street scene. I get such a kick out of the ones that play with my perception and make me dizzy! Lol. Thanks, Jean Marc, for sharing with Resa, and by extension, with all of us.

    1. LOVE the purple woman!
      Robot big brother…..????
      Jean Marc is a gem for sending these in. Have you seen his art? His style is breathtaking.

      1. I have seen his work on his blog. The portfolio by year is a great browse. He’s a wonderful source of murals too. Another part of Canada showing up on your blog. I heard Rebecca say that Vancouver’s festival is soon. 🙂

    1. The first is my fave, too. However, all arts tend to be subjective.
      Seems most everyone has a fave. Many like the last one.
      Happy you got to see this.
      On another note, I looked up some sheet music. I want to incorporate it actually into some Art Gowns drawings….gowns made partially out of written music.
      Not sure why, but I think you can read music? If so you would get the song immediately.
      Well, let’s see if I can pull it off!

        1. Pfft.. I know you will! Hey, I need to get to my Art Gowns blog. I’m working on a post with the amazingly talented Charlotte Hoather. So, I will visit you from there. Also, I have the email connected to this comment. If I may, I would like to send you a drawing with the first 2 bars of the music notation. My N says – how do you know this is the music for that song? He’s right. I got it on line, where everything should be checked up on.

          1. Charlotte is great – her’s was one of the first blogs I started following many years ago.

            If you send me an email, send it to trent -at- trentsworld -dot- com. I do go through the other, but so much junk comes in that I miss a lot.

    1. Yes… I’m quite envious! Lol!
      I know it’s not a competition. Once I get out of my hood… maybe not soon, as masks are optional on the TTC, I’ll really be able to capture some great art. Fortunately I live in a not so good area of the city, wherein street art flourishes.

  2. These are mural treasures indeed JMR and Resa. I especially appreciate JMR’s way of capturing murals – the positioning of the lens is flawless and captures the spirit that the artist intended. Spectacular.

    1. I agree about JMR’s photography.
      He’s threatened to go out and find more!
      YAY! Well, we will see. It’s always a big treat when someone sends in street art or a mural!
      Spectacular is a perfect word for many of the murals in Montreal!

    1. I’m so happy JMR sent these in to me! He’s a gem. Have you seen his art? His style is unique. It takes him forever to finish a painting. However, once he does ….. WOW!

    1. Happy weekend Janet!
      OMG…I just freed you from my SPAM prison! Eek! It’s nuts who ends up in there. Good thing I check regularly! xx

      1. I had 222 spams yesterday after not checking for a few days. Sigh. I don’t think there were any legit comments there. I don’t think so, but can’t check each one of that woman’s. Sigh. Thanks for freeing me. 😁

        1. No sweat! Being in someone’s SPAM can really disrupt the blogging experience. It catches on in the Askimet filter. I’ve had to have WP get me out of messes a coupe of times.
          Anyway, I’ll be by tomorrow! xo

  3. Hi Resa, these murals are getting so unbelievably realistic I do wonder if people sometime get confused and walk into the artworks by accident. These are getting to the standard of the great Matte Painting artists like Albert Whitlock who worked with Hitchcock and painted matte scenes for films such as “The Birds” and the more impressive docklands area paintings from “Marnie”. Thanks to you and JMR once more for the share.

  4. These are beautiful, I especially love the wall art on Crescent street between Ste Catherine and de Maisonneuve. It’s amazing. Thank you dear Resa and a big thank you to JMR as well.

  5. Those are splendid! Enjoy your Sunday dear Resa.


    1. I’m thrilled JMR sent these in. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a submission. Now, he has sent 2.

  6. Wow! How can I not have seen any of them? I really need to go walking about Montreal more often, apparently! Thank you Jean-Marc and Resa for sharing his pics!

    1. Ah, I was wondering if you knew these. I’ve had other submissions from Montreal, but not recently until the ones from JMR. Lotsa art where you live. ⚡️💥

    1. Interesting! Although things are so crazy right now in Toronto, the average home price is $1,044,138. You can get a fixer upper semi for $800,000.00.

      I’m drowning in tv shows.
      I’ve got to get to my Art Gowns blog, so I’ll visit you from there. I want to catch you up on my EMMY stuff! xxoo

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