Marty McFly Disappearing Photo

It’s a Back To The Future thing.

This art appeared on a wall on Queen St. W. just before the parking lot beside it was turfed to build a tall building.

As Marty McFly’s pics disappeared because time erased them. Elicser’s art disappeared, as the building beside this wall went up.

I don’t know if that message is what Elicser had intended. It’s what I saw.

Iona, Tona, Jona… as:

Pics taken by Resa, January 17, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Elicsr Elliot

41 thoughts on “Marty McFly Disappearing Photo

    1. Thanks Dave! I can’t seem to post the murals fast enough. I have quite a backlog. I actually have a mural that might cause a kerfuffle. I will be curious to know what you think. I’ll let you know when I post it!

    1. Me too! I feel like watching the movie. I love watching old movies! Do you ever watch B&W movies from the 30’s and 40’s? Have you ever seen Dinner At Eight with Jean Harlow and Wallace Beery? ♥️😊💕
      Seriously, we need gown emoji!!!!!

      1. I’m such a huge fan of old movies. I watch TCM all the time. Yes I’ve seen Dinner At Eight more than once. Love it love noir! I even watch silent movies. If you get a chance watch Hurricane, silent but the special effects will
        Knock you out from so long ago! 💕❤️🤗

        1. I think I’ve seen that one, but will look for it again. Last silent I saw was about a prince and a peasant girl. I can’t remember the title, but it was a long film in its day.
          Now you remind me of Sunset Boulevard, which I’m sure you’ve seen. It’s a fabulous performance of reality/fantasy. Gloria was a silent star, and the movie was partly about that.
          It seems Hollywood oft turns its back, especially on women, when we are old. I feel that.
          Jeff Bridges is an anomaly, as is Helen Mirren….. so far.
          I can think of more male survivors than women.

          1. I have seen Sunset Blvd so many times! Yes, Hollywood turns it back on women actresses over .,.well, as they get older. That’s such a waste of talent. I love Mirren, Streep is another marvelous actress. Dame Judy Dench rocks too. One often seed older men actors co starring as leading men with 20 year olds. Patriarchy.

            1. Agree! A very deep subject, close to my heart.
              Working on that special pic. My Marty McFly pic….. in a sense. I have 2 choices so far. Need a sunny day, for another try on a red bg.. x ❦❦❦❦🍷❦❦❦❦

    1. Yeah, it is a pretty great work of art. As often happens, I didn’t know what I’d found until I saw the shots on my computer.
      These works can be so large in real life, you miss the obvious!

  1. That’s a great hunch there, Resa.. I could see how this artist’s intention was possibly to highlight this.. One could only imagine he knew of the coming building!
    Anyway; it’s fortunate you found it ‘in time’… 🙂

  2. I think you’re right and that’s the message, if so, this is a beautiful metaphor …
    The mural is very nice, maybe a little sad, but this brings even more beauty to the work.
    Good work Resa, the art has to be interpreted by the public and we will not always find a single interpretation …
    Hugs!! … and a kiss for our young flying duck 😉

    1. Belén,
      yeah, the artist employed his message both in the actual painted depiction, and in the performance and eventual reality. I find this painting speaks. 😀 😀
      Lluvia sends baby kisses to you! She has become curious about chocolate. xoxo

      1. It is true, it is a work that speaks, a great work!!
        Drake has already talked about the “Spanish diet of chocolate”?? … four times each day to be able to fly with energy … as long as your weight does not stop you from taking flight 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Carolee Croft

    I love movie-inspired art! Haven’t actually seen Back to the Future, though I’ve seen the sequel Back to the Future 3 I think where they go back to the wild west. It was awesome.

    1. I’ve seen them all, but it’s been awhile, so I get them muddled up, somehow! I always enjoyed Michael J. Fox’s work. I miss him from the entertainment landscape. I got to work with Christopher Llyod once. He was very cool!

  4. Oh, Back to the Future! Actually I would love more street artists share their take on the movies 🙂
    Our festival is over and I linked my post to your blog. Come and see our gems 🙂 xx

  5. That is a statement and then some, even when it was going to be covered it inspired creativity and that is a good thing. That you captured it for all to see is good but if you really want to mess with people, you could (if you were feeling playful) delete the blog post after a bit so people wonder if it did actually fade away, or they just imagined it.

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