Waterford Walls 2018

You like street art? Wait until you see this! Thank you, Inese!

Making memories

Waterford Walls

Once again the streets of Waterford became an art gallery as the Waterford Walls festival brought in another 48 works that transformed the look of the city. I had a few days to catch a glimpse of some artists, and enjoyed the completed work when I returned from my trip.

Youri Cansell, aka Mantra (France), is famous for his nature-themed works, but for this festival he painted an image of street artist. What a thoughtful gift! I hope it has a long life – it is already loved here. You see a gentleman in my picture enjoy mimicking the painted artist. The work is sponsored by Ambassador of France in Ireland.

Here are some links to my previous Waterford Walls posts : 2015, 2016, 2017. Ah, and some more 🙂 Now I will take you around our ‘art gallery’.

Kevin Bohan  is a full time artist and…

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34 thoughts on “Waterford Walls 2018

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    1. You’re welcome Amy! The artists always look good. Some just look better. However, the taggers and throw uppers make everything ugly. Inese kindly calls it doodling. LOL! 🌹💚

  2. Amazing!!! … street art and the city come together on this occasion.
    It’s a wonderful collection of works of art, I do not know which one I like the most … I see great works here.
    Hugs, dear friend of art 🙂

    1. I’m very happy you got to see this fabulous art! Hugs back to you!!!
      The ducks are out for a sunset swim in Lake Ontario. They say it is very refreshing. 😀

      1. It sounds very refreshing … I like to know that the family is very happy ❤
        I love to swim, Drake and I enjoyed long baths on the beach, Drake swam faster than me … he has the energy of chocolate 😉

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