Mini-Mural Destroyed in 5 Days



I watched the artist paint this mini-mural on a corrugated roll-up door, over a 4 day period.

He was older, not one of the younger artists that I am familiar with.

The butterflies were my faves.

However, I adored all of it.

Flowers, hummingbirds and all round beauty were 1 block away for me to enjoy everyday.

I took pics of it 2 days after it was finished.

4 days after that, I took my niece to see it. It had been destroyed.

Pics taken by Resa – September 30 & October 6, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

84 thoughts on “Mini-Mural Destroyed in 5 Days

      1. I am sure that you will get around to replying to Natascha one day dear Resa. Well, it has taken me a week to reply to your comment ! Slap my wrist ! xoxoxo ❤

  1. I am so happy you photographed it before it was destroyed. How mean of another artist to detroy the work of another. It’s so beautiful and delightful, all the lovely butterflies. So sweet.

    1. I agree, although I can’t bear to use the word “art” to describe the throw up on top of the art.
      The artist must feel sick to his stomach, but I have captured it. I haven’t had time, but I’ll go by the store and tell them about the post, and give them the link to give the artist.

    1. Yes, it was a mean character. Your use of the word character has slapped me in the intellect!
      I have assumed that a male did this. It could have been a female. Thank you, Irina. 😀

    1. Oh Cindy,
      It’s just so stupid. Someone has a big ugly problem, and they are trying to spread it onto us.
      Love and hope has a difficult time in this world.
      Resa xo

    1. Envy is a very good word to describe this. DUH! That’s who it is, duh. Duh loves his vandalism. He thinks he’s smart to destroy. Therein lies his duh art. xoxo

  2. Sad to see something so pretty and inspired by nature dumped on like this. Feel really bad for the artist when he/she sees this has been done 😦 Hope they continue to shine and keep on celebrating love and nature. As others have said brilliant you captured the images. X.

    1. I feel for the artist, too. I intend to share this link with the store that hired him. I hope he sees this post, and know how much his work is appreciated.X

    1. If they catch the idiot, it will be by accident. It is incumbent upon property owners to report the crime, with photos of the throw up. Also, if you have security cameras, footage of the perp in action, that should be included. It will be when they are in the act of vandalism, if the police see it and take them in. They do the same throw up, tag all the time, so if there are complaint examples on file &/or footage, they can be charged with vandalism.
      BETTER is; if the talented street artists with cred, catch the vandalism in the act. They do a lot to re-educate the perps.

  3. So sad…. 🤨🧐😫 this is what We could call Vandalism… it lasted a few days… maybe a metaphor to refer to the butterflies themselves…. hugs to you, dear Re 😘

    1. Yes, it is definitely vandalism. 🤨Art is art, even if it is unintentional. Your comment about the butterflies is beautiful. Life is filled with metaphors.
      Many hugs dear Aq! 🦄💜😘

  4. The quote that came to mind was by Susan Sontag: “All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.” I am so happy that you were able to capture the beauty of the mural and share is with us. In so doing you have given this amazing artwork life by embedding the mural in our memories. For this moment, the mural becomes part of our storyline. Hugs!!!

    1. I adore this comment. Susan’s wonderful quote set off an intellectual thought of wisdom and beauty from you. Love it! I’m happy I captured this mini-mural , as well. I will make an attempt to send the link to this post to the artist. I’ll have to go to the store to do that. Hugs!!!!

    1. Me too! ❤ ❤ I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the artist. I watched him paint, as I walked by. The store people were out there with him, at times. Everyone was happy. They could see I was happy, and it really was a great community feeling.
      We shall prevail!
      I hope he sees this post! 💐

  5. So sad, Resa, because they are gorgeous. I can’t even choose a favorite, but the hummingbirds remind me of my mom who passed away. Just lovely and glad you were able to share with us. xo

      1. She actually was, Resa, not only on the outside, but also on the inside. 🙂 She and Dad are truly missed. Thanks again for the lovely reminder, and have a good Tuesday. xo

  6. An enchanting garden! I pity the vandal who seems to inhabit a joyless world. The hummingbirds are not going to stop flying. Claps and cheers to the artist and you!

  7. It was a beautiful mural, so happy … an image of spring, a gift for the eyes.
    I don’t understand who has inside the head the person who attempts against a work of art like this, it is very sad, I think it is related to the impossibility of creating something so beautiful … with the artistic failure of the author of the signature and the triumph of the beauty of the author of the mural.
    Sorry, it’s a very nice post but also sad, thanks for immortalizing the original, I put myself in the place of the artist and what I feel is angry.

    1. Anger is easy to understand. I was heartbroken, and disgusted. The quality of the throw up, which is the ugly blobby paint on top of the beauty paint, is sub-par, even for throw ups. LOL… You call it “artistic failure”. It is. Kisses back to you! xxx

  8. What a gorgeous piece of art. My first reaction was to feel sorry for the person who desecrated it – he must have hate in his heart. May that be wiped clean sometime, somehow, so he can open his eyes and soul to the beauty surrounding him. And this artist’s work is still enjoyable by so many, thanks to your photos of it.

      1. Oh, nooo, he mustn’t stop. It’s like those of us who write and become brave enough to share our work and then get bombed with a bad review. Read it, digest it, then throw it away and keep on going. xo

  9. This makes me very sad, that someone felt the need to destroy beauty. I guess this just speaks volumes of the mindlessness about.. I hope they feel proud of themselves… it just shows what kind of vibration they are at. While the original painter was trying to spread, love of nature.
    A shame your niece got to saw the destruction .. Good you took those images beforehand.
    Love to you..
    Sue x

    1. I’m glad to have shared the beauty of this piece with my friends.
      Art on the street lives dangerously.
      Teagan, I live in a very urban area. There are many homeless. They are … annoying because they sleep, urinate and worse on our doorsteps. In some way they are like art that has been fouled.
      I wish ……………………….

    1. I know.
      Actually, later somebody removed the ill paint job, revealing the art, again. Unfortunately, the rich colours of the new paint and fresh lustre went with it.

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